Hugh Grant Revisits Notting Hill… and Invites You for Tea // Omaze

Hugh Grant Revisits Notting Hill… and Invites You for Tea // Omaze

So this is the original blue front door from the film Notting Hill. The last time I came through this, there were rather a lot of press people outside. Now there’s no one, because no one cares about me anymore. And this is the Portobello Road, where I did that sad and moving walk through the seasons and, of course, spilt orange juice on Julia Roberts’… uh, you know, front. Shit! Bugger! God! I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. And here’s the bookshop where I sold not very good travel books. Everyone in the world knows who you are. My mother has trouble remembering my name. I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her. Sorry, I should explain. It’s been 20 years since the film came out, and we thought it would be fun to celebrate that for Red Nose Day. So I am inviting you to come to London and tour the sites from the film. We will fly you to the UK with a friend or relative, mother, whatever you want. You’ll have a private tour of Notting Hill with Richard Curtis, who was the writer of the film, seeing all the sites. The blue door, the “last brownie” shop and finishing up with a picnic tea right here with me. An extraordinary, greedy, slap-up English tea entirely made by me. I will hand-feed you and your friend, and sing to you and brush your hair. Then, if you’re not fat enough already, you’ll get a three-course dinner at The Ritz Hotel, just about the swankiest and most expensive hotel in London. That same night, you’ll stay in a beautiful bedroom there and be treated like royalty, just like Julia was when she stayed there with Alec Baldwin. So it’ll be a fantastic day, a wonderful evening, an incredible night and, of course, the best tea you’ve ever had in your life. So all you have to do is go to to donate for your chance to win. And the best part is that every donation supports Red Nose Day and their mission to end child poverty worldwide. So hurry up and come and visit us in Notting Hill world. I can’t wait to meet you.

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  1. I showed this to my mother (who is slightly in love with Hugh Grant) and now she is desperate to win. I’m sad it’s donation driven though because we can’t afford a bigger donation and that would decrease our chances of winning. It’s an incredible charity though, so I can’t grumble too much.

  2. I know what' its like to go hungry as a child. Its not their fault. I used to cry ,watching children dump milk ,sandwiches, and so forth, over the grassy banks of Haliburton Ontario Canada. I was raised to be to polite , and my daughter forfeited 2 Christmases while her $ for presents went to feed the children in Ghana West Africa, and give them a well as well!

  3. I do help kids anyways and will do continue my life time…As being also a fan of him , Im again proud of what he does !…

  4. Having a picnic with Hugh in the middle of Notting Hill would be 100% awkward but fuck it, I'm going to enter anyway.

  5. I arrived in London in 1963 with a friend Geoff. We found a flat in a house not far from Earls Court. I loved London and stayed 6years at the same adress .. Geoff still is in England. He rang me last year and told me that Hugh grant has purchased the house we lived in in the 60,s. Beautiful house.. LOL xxxx

  6. Yessss. I'm doing it! So glad that Hugh Grant is involved in Red Nose Day again! #loveactuallysequel #nottinghill

  7. he is cute, makes me laugh and he a good guy too who will use his celebrity to help make the world a better place. im unnaturally obsessed with him

  8. It doesn’t matter if I don’t win. I will go to London and I swear to God I will have my own pic outside the blue door of that travel book store. Oh .. I love you Hugh Grant !!😍

  9. he s still charming and hasn t lost his super sense of humour > he s one of those bankable actors who are still in

  10. I love this movie, in fact, I adore this movie, have watched it in excess of 24 times, I know all the dialogue, and of course, love Julia Roberts. I think the pairing of Julia with Hugh Grant was a terrific choice. The movie is a romantic, comedic, charming, movie with a beautiful story involving a world class actress meeting just a regular guy, and the blossoming relationship that occurs……I actually travelled to London and visited Notting Hill and the book shop where it was filmed……..I smile every time I watch it and when Julia says the words "INDEFINITELY" near the end, I have tears in my eyes…..followed by Hugh Grant saying…."the readers of Horse & Hound will be delighted"

  11. My ex-wife loved this movie to the bone. We even searched for the bookshop, the market, and the elusive blue door! It's been 20 years, wow! And such a lovely cause to donate to….the readers of Horse and Hound will be absolutely delighted!

  12. Love ya Hugh!! Much love from Melbourne Australia, Nothing Hill my absolute favourite Hugh Grant movie, still remember you came to Melbourne Jam Factory, around 1996 with Liz Hurley to promote "Mickey Blue Eyes". God bless you Hugh and for Red Nose Day 😚😘😍😎

  13. I'd LOVE to meet you too Hugh Grant but I can't afford to donate anything unfortunately. Happy Anniversary Notting Hill. Wish there was a sequel (hint hint)

  14. according to the rules, residents of Belgium, Canada, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, North Korea, Singapore, Sudan, Syria or Thailand are not eligible. Not sure why.

  15. Deliver this to grant…. Notting Hill will always be the best movie I would like to watch again with my love of my life when she will find me

  16. Does that include a flea-flicker, phlebitis pat on the leg with the little girl who's lost in space?

  17. Hugh Grant, you are my best favourite actor ever! You are so charming! Love you forever! I watched Notting Hill so many time, and still watching …..

  18. Åh ville glæde mig og samme min søde kæreste, at møde dig. Vi begge vil nyde at hilse på dig. Vil virkelig være en nydelse og få snakket med dig og opleve dig, der er en kendt anset skuespiller. Men kræver dog en tolk til mødet med dig og andre fra Notting Hill

  19. I watch this movie everyday. It is in my car dvd. Everyday morning when i drive to go office some part of Notting Hill always plays. My favorite – There is no sunshine whe she goes away…

  20. Well, am really sorry seeing this belated video, I absolutely love this movie, I can I surprize you mr Hugh wait and see….but is the offer still valid to drop by? I live in China but born and brought up in Pakistan and worked in MELBOURNE..This movie I taught many times in my class as well. I am awaiting to hear from you in terms of the offer is its still valid

  21. My beloved wife of 31 years this year absolutely adores this film. Down to Hugh Grant really but I'm not jealous. A number of years ago 4 and a 1/2 to be precise, this love of my life was diagnosed with breast cancer it has changed our lives forever but in many ways it has brought us closer together if that is possible. The Marie Keating foundation helped me through a very difficult time in my life and I would ask anybody to contribute to whatever way you can. Martina and I are still going strong but I would be worried if she ended up meeting Hugh Grant. 😃😃

  22. Hugh Grant you may be a one trick pony but you really do that one trick so well you embodied Anglophonic Romcom of the late-1990's/early-2000's!

  23. I never tire of watching this movie. very entertaining and captivating ❤️ excellent actors Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts in remarkable performances.

  24. Love love love love love this movie and Hugh Grant of course 😍 I won't say how many times I've watched it. Oh alright then, probably in excess of 200 times 😵 How that DVD didn't self destruct, I have no idea. Closely followed by Titanic with surround sound blowing the walls out, then 3 weddings and a funeral

  25. Wow…yes time flies and so are you mr.grant…grant my wish to go to your place and act with you and I guarantee when alec baldwin come to hotelroom I will come to you and runaway with you and I will never leave you…lol…u r so good actor even when u show me your past act you do it very well…hope one day we can chat and talk about how notting hill affects all my love relationships…lol

  26. I would love to see you both in movie again..that would be absolutely lovely and why didn't i see this earlier I would have donated…

  27. Soooo much loving memories came to me with this video. Seems everything is still sane in nottinghill and grant's world, despite all other parts of the world.

  28. I always remember this Beautiful movie and their beautiful smile. And he had sex with black whole when he married beautiful actress.

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