I drink Green tea for 30 day

I drink Green tea for 30 day

Ladies and gentle man this is faiyaz and u
are watching faiyaz haroon I did 30 days green tea challenge
I drink green tea for 30 days and with good diet and good exercise it the best drink for
fat lose. i did the same 4km running and 100 reverse crunches combined with green tea gave
me best results with fat lose but it also gave me one more benefit that clear my throat
tar Just by drinking green tea now when ever i
drink water i get a good sense with a good feeling which u can also get by drinking green
tea every morning i would suggest that if there is any smoker’s watching this video
please try green tea its the best for your health and if u need fat lose that’s also
a good thing to do. One more thing many of u take the green tea at wrong time or with
fasting that doesn’t give u all benefits of green tea u have to take green tea after breakfast
at least 10-15min later also u can take it after dinner or 1 hour before sleep if ur
going to try this then plz like share and subscribe to my channel till then see u in
the next video

68 thoughts on “I drink Green tea for 30 day

  1. I lose 30 kg with only fruits and green tea in two months without any exercise
    Green tea is very infective to fat loss 👌👌💪💪

  2. Dude you look amazing with this videos that you are making keep up the good work .. oh one more thing how about the "spiderman push ups 30 day challenge"

  3. I know this has nothing to do with your videos but you became an inspiration for me, I am skinny and want to gain weight and look muscular…please help

  4. @Faiyaz Haroon bhai yaar green tea ka sath diet kis trah ki matlab ma din ma sirf 1 roti khata hu dupahar ke waqt or raat ka waqt adgi esi diest kafi ha na or green tea K sath kitna fatloss hoga??
    Plx answer

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