I Dyed My Pants With Tea.

I Dyed My Pants With Tea.

Hey everyone. This week I learned how to
dye fabric with tea. That’s right, the tea that you drink you can also use to dye
fabric. It’s a super handy skill to know and will help you in thousands of
different circumstances. Say for instance you need to make an intro video for your
How to Make a Luke Skywalker Helmet video and you only have white pants and
you need them to actually be the beige color of Luke Skywalker’s pants. Get out
your tea and start dyeing. Here’s what I learned. The first thing I did is I found
a big pot. Unfortunately it was still full of animal bits and pieces from
making soup stock. I will suggest that if you throw something out that was sitting
on the stove you check first to make sure it wasn’t actually your dinner. The
next thing I did was check the tag on my pants. You’re supposed to use natural
fibers, however these were part polyester. I decided to live on the wild side and
try it anyways. The directions I was following said to use one tea bag per
cup of water. However, I was planning on using up some old loose tea I had so I
had to figure out how much tea is in a tea bag. Believe it or not it turns out
to be approximately one heaping teaspoon. I threw my pants in the pot to get a vague
idea of how much water I need to cover them up, then I pulled them out and
started filling up my pot with water, making sure to track how many cups of
water I was using. I added two tablespoons of salt for every four cups
of water which supposedly helps set the color. I then filled a tea strainer with
one heaping teaspoon of tea for every cup of water I used. I used 12 cups of
water so with some advanced math I figured out that I would need 12 heaping
teaspoons of tea. I popped the tea and the water turned on the stove and let it
simmer for about an hour. I then turned off the stove, pulled out my tea, wet my
pants and threw them in. I tried to submerge them under the tea but they
just wanted to float to the top so I just made sure to stir them regularly to
try and get as even coverage as possible. I kept them in the tea pot for
about three hours. Obviously the longer you leave them in the darker they get.
When I took them out I rinsed them really well and then let them sit in a
bucket of cold water with a splash of vinegar for 15 minutes. This is also
supposed to set the tea dye so it doesn’t wash out as easily.
Then I rinsed them again and tossed them in the dryer. When I pulled them out I
was super happy because I had tea dyed some pants. I did notice there were some
crazy black stains on my pants that weren’t there before which interestingly
corresponded with a black mark on the bottom of my pot which even more
interestingly corresponded with the place I had set the tea strainer thingy. So
yeah, maybe don’t do exactly what I did or you may regret it. Other than that I
was super happy with how these pants turned out as you can see. Thanks for
watching. Have a great day.

22 thoughts on “I Dyed My Pants With Tea.

  1. If ur not wearing the material, u can also use coffee, for a faster, darker stain… And, u can even throw in some Vanilla extract for some added color and scent. U can even soak paper in coffee and vanilla extract, then air dry, or use oven at super lowest temp, for 5 min at a time! 😉 Primitive people do this all the time, when making dolls, or tags, or curtains! Great tutorial, tho! Love tea staining (or coffee staining, lol!)

  2. I think maybe having the tea in bags would have helped maybe not get those black stains? Maybe if you'd used something like cheese cloth to put the tea in and kind of improvise a tea bag…? Eh… these turned out awesome anyways.

  3. I've tea dyed some gloves and lace before. They turned out pretty ok. But I just threw the whole tea bag in. Don't remember how many I used. Probably not enough. Maybe I should have kept the stuff in the tea longer… ohwell. They severed their purpose!

  4. So… you tea'd your pants? I usually don't do that unless I'm drinking heavily. Or I'm on the tea cups at Disneyland while drinking tea.

    I wonder if you can use spent tea bags so you're not wasting good tea. Or maybe you can use coffee, which is nasty and not a waste at all?

  5. Hurrah… a new vid from Chris! Feeling the urge to send you the makings of a new dinner as you sacrificed yours for the video 😄. Very informative as always… I didn’t know about the salt or vinegar aspects of tea dyeing… I always learn something new from your posts. Loving your wry commentary, it deffo makes me smile, and your honesty when things don’t go 100%. Thanks again Chris… please post another vid soon so I can get my fix 👍🏻😊.

  6. Coffee will give you a redder shade of brown while black tea gives a yellowed tone like you got. Yellow onion skins give a dull yellow. Beet feelings give a soft pink, while grass trimmings give you grass-stain green. The vinegar and salt are unnecessary. Salt is used with Rit dye, while vinegar is only usable with indigo. There's a lot of ritual uselessness about dyes, salt, and vinegar on the web. No science involved, just old wives tales. Been doing this for decades. Yeah, you need to dissolve ingredients not just leave them in a heap, just about any time for anything. Next time try using a free-floating teaball or three.

  7. 1 tea bag = 1 tea spoon of tea leaves = Mind Blown

    I will save so much on beige dye packets when I want to kill bright colours for cosplay and puppet pieces

  8. 何言ってるかわかんないけど本当にこの人すこ((


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