I’m cold

I’m cold

I’m cold. Just in case your new here
Hi! I’m Echo.
and I’m actually an American who just moved to England
[cheesy montage music] and then we’ll put a sexy montage right
there The thing is
I moved here from Phoenix, Arizona which is actually one of the hottest cities
in the US and I left in September
at the end of summer I went from Phoenix summer
to England winter what was I thinking? We have this expression in Phoenix
that pops up in casual conversations more often than it probably needs to
“the triple digits” But Echo, what does that mean
Well, Echo, I’ll tell you The city of Phoenix spends almost a third
of the year roughly 107 days
reaching or exceeding 100 degrees fahrenheit get it…. triple digits? So you might be sitting at a bus stop
wearing all black drinking iced coffee
at least, that’s what I do when a random stranger sits down next to you
and what does this random stranger will say to spark a conversation?
“can you believe we’re already up in the triple digits?” and then an adequate generic conversation of mediocre proportions will take place
If you just google “hottest cities in the US”
Phoenix is the first one to pop up We also have the highest average daily temperature
country wide… “average”
Essentially in Phoenix the year goes like this: we have 3 months of good weather, 6 months of summer,
and then 3 months were people actually DIE from the heat
It’s a very good excuse to be inside on the Internet
Timmy! Go outside and play! But mother,
I could die. Fair enough. I think the heat only killed 5 people this
summer 2016
So now that I’ve hopefully drilled into you an understanding of the climate surrounding my desert homeland
I would like to reiterate I’m cold… It’s not cold because it’s cold. It’s cold because of where I come from
Yesterday is was like 61 degrees outside Phoenix winter is like 63
It’s already colder than the winder where I come from
and summer is just now ending this is just the beginning
it gets colder. How is cold… HOW? I’m not ready. I keep making all these plans to be productive
and then when I wake up I just lay there
hiding from the cold
Like it’s gonna get me. I’ve been told that when you live in the
desert for an extended period of time the blood vessels in your skin slowly migrate
towards the surface to get away from your central body heat
that way you cool faster and if that’s true, then my body is physically
acclimated to the desert climate it also means it’s going to take me a while
to adjust duvets are kind of cool
I didn’t know those were a thing that existed so, this is a fun experience for me
I like duvets they’re cool
I was going to write a proper ending to this video with an actual conclusion and everything but instead
I just laid there hiding
from the cold Go find out what temperature it is outside
that’s how many awesome points you get for making it to the end of this video
if it’s night time you can multiply it by 2 Is it cold where you are? Is it hot where you are? I wanna know
can you tell me? in the comment section below
and yes these are Shrek bedsheets
thank you for noticing my hair is a mess and I have no motivation
to do anything because it’s cold BYE! it’s cold… More blankets

100 thoughts on “I’m cold

  1. I live in Bogotá, Colombia and we do not have season, but the city is at 2600 meters over sea level, so all year long is under 20 degrees, and goes under zero during December and January… And rains a lot.

  2. My mom gave birth to my brother in Phoenix but we lived in Scottsdale. My family (except for my mom) has always lived in the Southwest but we moved to Pensacola and then to Alabama a few months later. I still kinda miss it, but Alabama's pretty chill.

  3. I used to live in Phoenix Arizona as well, but I moved to Utah when I was around 7 (I think). I’m more near the mountain part of the state rather than the desert, so it gets much colder much quicker, and winter lasts a lot longer. It’s midway through April; almost summer, and it snowed today. It has been 6 years, and I still miss the warm. At the very least, it’s socially acceptable to have a firepit in your house, so that’s a perk.

  4. haha today it was that temperature where I live and people were in shorts and skirts bc everyone was so happy, there was still snow though

  5. My number of awesome points is 210. It's night time. But I'm in Phoenix and it's hot as fuck at 11:50 at night.

  6. It's 12°C here right now. So that's 53.6°F apparently. So is that 24 awesome points or 106?

  7. Hell ya this video gave me 162 more awesome points, take that, florida, unlike a desert, is humid and the air traps heat so when its 87 in the day its 81 at night.

  8. I live in Massachusetts. The weather is… definitely something. We have a saying, " if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes". Yup, the weather is definitely something

  9. Welcome to London

    The city of uneventful weather and unnecessary politeness

    It's amazing I know

    Yay England

  10. I'm gonna be that annoying person in the comments But where I grew up in Romania we had 40° C in the summer and -20° C in the winter soooooooooo… guess I'm immune to the weather

  11. You would die in Idaho. On average our temp is 30°F and in the winter we get -3°F or so on average:>

  12. I live in Las Vegas which gets to triple fidgets frequently as well and my God it can get hot. Either melt outside or be a social outcast alone ;-;

  13. I live in Canada so… it's 14°c on average in the spring/summer. Then it August it becomes 60°c. 👌

  14. Is it bad that I found this funny? I live in Canada and when I lived in Grande Prairie it was -40 Celsius… -40 FRICKIN DEGREES AND YOU’RE COMPLAINING?!? Sorry… k, Ima leave

  15. Hah, she’s complaining about weather in the low sixties… try Massachusetts’ lowest temperature last year.. it was around 10 degrees… I live in a freezer (I know that there are places colder it’s just that it gets really cold in Massachusetts, and after a few places like Alaska and some mountain-y areas in the US, it’s p cold)

  16. Em, I'm Scottish, so its like. 10 degrees colder here in the summer.

    (ik she moved back to Arizona. I'm talking about England)

  17. i live in toronto (thats in canada) and its august so its currently 21 celsius (69 fahrenheit) AND ITS NOT EVEN THE COLDEST PLACE IN CANADA gahhhhhhh its like negative 30 (23 f) in the winter. like one year it didn't snow for christmas and people realized global warming was real and everyone thought we were dying.

  18. I wasn't born in the desert but I feel as unproductive as you do from the end of summer until late April. I HATE cold… with all the strenght left in me on an belgian "summer" evening like this one where it's 42°F/6°C outside.

  19. Yeah, england sucks. Also people in england don’t talk to each other in bus stops. We’re not sociable. I’m okay with that

  20. You should visit sweden, it’s not actually not that not cold in sweden only in december, in sweden we think 20 c is hot

  21. This video is adorable-
    Thats how i was like in maruie pakistan-
    But yea uk does get pretty cold but because we’ve gotten so used to the cold now that global warming is a thing its boiling and I despise the heat. It makes me sick-

  22. Eh I live in Canada and right now it's kinda warm but in about a day or two it'll get pretty cold
    Well at least for me

  23. I looked up "I'm cold" on Google because I was cold. I went to images because nothing on the "All" tab seemed interesting. I saw the thumbnail for this video, and I gasped in awe because it was ECHO GILLETTE.

  24. i realize this is a few yrs old but i just started watching your vids and i want to participate ^-^ im from FL originally and now i live in OH it is currently 16 degrees out. I can absolutely relate to just laying in bed hiding from the cold lol.

  25. I am British so long live the queen 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 and the temperature is 0

  26. “That one friend who’s always cold”
    Echo: I’m cold
    “YOURE ALWAYS COLD but I’ll be damned if you’re not my friend”

    It’s a vine

  27. Just so you know, this isn’t what all of England is like. I mean it’s all ways cold (even to us) but not that touristy and typical Englishy. Just so you know.

  28. Echo. I dare you to visit where I live. Canada. Right now there's 2 feet of snow and it's -17 Celsius.

    It's April by the way.

  29. I empathize sooo freakin much.

    I don't miss flip flops and asphalt melting together, or what I refer to as "its raining sandpaper mud"(monsoons), but as someone who is almost always cold, I really do not enjoy living in a place that spends 2 3rds of the year below 60 degrees. Basically, I am a lizard, I enjoy laying on warm rocks in direct sunlight for hours on end. Unfortunately I am a petite pale human who lives in a basement and therefor do not retain body heat well and am prone to sunburns once the sun and I stop hiding for the 3 months of summer we get.

    The basement I live in doesn't have heating, leaving me with just a space heater in my room thats usually on its highest setting, and though not on its highest setting its still always on in the summer especially because the house doesnt get a lot of sun due its position and surrounding landscape. I definitely spend most days huddled in blankets wishing I wasnt too cold to be productive.

    So, in case anyone is wondering what the heck I'm talking about, I grew up in Phoenix and now live in the Rocky Mountains area of Montana. We have the equivalent of hobbit meals but it's various forms of winter (snow, ice, freezing wind, slush/sleet, etc) instead of food.

  30. 196 awesome points for me
    I live in the current fourth hottest state yearwide and the second hottest in summer
    Welcome to Texas

    Also known as hell

  31. It gets really hot and really cold in Australia, I hate it. It’s currently 11 degrees C, which is like 51 F. And I’m certain it’ll be like 30 something degrees C (86 F) tomorrow. Why can’t we just pick hot or cold.

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