Innisfree Green Tea cleansing Water review

Innisfree Green Tea cleansing Water  review

[Music] Nancy hi Devon hello Ron my name is vedera and I’m back today with you I’m so sorry that I was late so I had to post my video by today but I was really really busy during this weekend my family arrived and they’ve been hanging out with them and the holy month for Muslims the Ramadan has started and and al fasting so I really was not prepared and it was really tired I was too busy and I didn’t had time just to take a video or just make a review – so today I hope that you guess what I’m going to talk about so this is the first thing that you see me with this hair band so I got this last time when about a 1/2 Korea like I’ve been telling you two months two months ago I went to Korea and I’ve been in men dong and I’ve been shopping for for a bunch of cosmetics like I really love so I got the sexual bite this is it did how hair being near the end here being so I really love them because just like I love the cat I mean it’s like well I do love the cat but not to touch not to play with it just just like the chance to work at so because it has the ear then it’s cute so today I’m going to talk about remove our makeup remover so how do you make remove your makeup so usually I did before this I’ve been using before that’s a be using cleansing oil I’ve been using cleansing oil by two companies which one the first one was as a face shop on the second one oh my god I’ve already forgot her and I’m so sorry just I forgot it so then this time I got the Queen thing water or not the cleansing oil because it’s summer time it’s just like today I have to tip them love not just like coming up seven two months during the summer time and it you are sweating and you fill your face totally so it is like I think just like the I need you’ll eat oily Queens or oily Maddox oily skin care products so I’ve got that and it’s free cleansing water which is green tea and it’s enriched with squeezed green tea from Jeju Island to deliver a bantam water and nourishment deep into your skin I’ve been using this for two months and it’s 300 milliliters which is like this so for two months I have used this much and I think that it will end up until fall wrong again so yeah I really love it because it’s really moisturizing your skin and it smells really good and it also says industry says that it will brighten your skin and it will moisturize your skin which is really good for sensitive skin and oily skin and dry skin I think therefore they’re mostly it’s good for really for dry skin so I’ve also got from Innisfree this notes of a Merrill Pat this one I really love it because it’s tiffany color and it’s this is my second path because ah it’s really good for like pee wiggle I will tell you about this pact about this metal past later and I will make a review on it later but today I’m going to show you and show you and tell you about the Innisfree green tea cleansing water that I’ve got like two months ago so for in order to use this you need cotton pad I usually use two so I don’t know how much you will need so since its cleansing water you might think that it will remove only the BB cream or only the Sun cream well well yeah so but you your guess is wrong because it’s cleansing and it’s removing all the makeup eyeshadow masks rotten and the BB well now on my face I have CC cream and the Sun cream so it won’t move all of it so let me show you how to do it so when you open it it’s just like that you need to press from the top you need to be really careful because if you put push really hard you too palm too much water and it will just go out I mean just like so it will be just waste I don’t want to waste my precious creasing water yes I do really love cosmetics and this like I don’t I hate wasting the cosmetics that I thought because just like I try to buy a really good ones really a well-known brand and it really just like to suggest that by beauty bloggers and an industry by itself is a company that I really love to use so this is it really smell good and it has a smell and it smells like green tea and what else it’s not green color so it’s just plain white well my white is just like transparent so yeah here we go let me show you how to how do I remove my makeup I have really really long day because I wake up today at 6:15 now I feel I woke up early in the morning like a tree in order to get my school which is like food that I get during the Ramadan which so I eat like if it’s breakfast lunch and supper so I get only breakfast and lunch so after removing my makeup you can see my true skin I mean my skin is still sensitive and after several times of cleansing my face and mechanical cleansing and just like all of that stuff rough it off my skin now is so festive and had to I have to be careful with choosing the skincare products that is why I’m using mainly only the class Rx and just only the well-known and just like a good oh well not commit a good suggested by beautiful others only the stuff that I like so here we go so you can see how we removed it remove the makeup I’m so sorry that you were the person to see how much break oh come on right now it’s not really good time a good place but still you never know so mmm I really love this product because it’s moisturizing and it’s not making your face right after using it so it totally remove your makeup even your mascara my masquerade actually is waterproof but still it’s removed it and attend it also remove the tint so which I really like it so it really moves the cushion – oh my god I’m so sorry about this okay yeah so I got this I’ve been telling you I got that product and in it free and which is situated in Hong Kong so it cost in US dollars it cost $13 so yeah mmm sorry sorry guys so yeah thank you for watching my video if you like my video please put your thumbs up and if you like my videos please come it comment comment on my video and I’ll be waiting feedback from you if you like my videos please subscribe to my channel thank you for watching any si mi

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