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Hello, Friends! This is me Leneha Junsu.
Welcome back to my channel! Today, we are reviewing innisfree’s Green Tea Seed
Cream. Now, this is limited edition packaging but it is exactly the same
product that you get in 50ml tub but mine is 100 ml. The holiday packaging is really
pretty. I bought it last Christmas. The product
claims that moisture-rich cream is packed with green tea seed and green
complex sourced from pure and magical Jeju Island. Lightweight formula quickly
spreads on skin quenching skin thirst and providing long lasting moisture for
dewy soft skin. The packaging has really high-quality plastic as compared
to their regular tubs. I love the dark green and golden combo. Those golden
letters are engraved on the tub and expiry date is mentioned on bottom. I love
this cute Christmas tree on the lid. Upon opening we have this white lid on
it as well which we don’t find in their regular packaging. Such lids ensure the
prolong product life itself. You guys can see this off white cream and it has a
very faint green tea smell. The texture of this cream is quite thick that’s why
it’s recommended for dehydrated skin. It doesn’t feel sticky or greasy upon
touching. It feels like those light lotions. Now, I have very dry skin and
it’s melting into my skin. My hand looks radiant and moisturized. Here, I am with
my bare face. It’s super dry, I have texture on my face and pimples too
because of cold weather. My cat was very sick and I was not feeling my best here.
So, here I am dotting the cream all over my face for the first time ever. As I’m
massaging it in this cream is sinking into my skin. The fragrance doesn’t
lingers at all, which is good. So, once it has sunk into the skin: it feels super
hydrating. It has calmed down little redness on my face, instantly. My skin
looks radiant too. Isn’t it? Or is it just me? So, after full 3 months you guys can see
my skin has improved. We are in summer now and never ever I broke out because of
this cream. Because, I have dry skin I’m using this in summer too every night.
If, I use this before makeup my skin looks radiant. It has calmed down my
sensitive skin. It is really hydrating, absorbs quickly and it strengthens the skin
barrier as well. After applying this cream there is this thin smooth layer
sitting on top of skin that is creating the moisture barrier but it is not
sticky or greasy. I will recommend this cream to dry skin people. People with
oily skin can use it in winters. The only con I found was that it did nothing
for my pigmentation or blemishes. So, anyways I will rate this cream 4/5 because it does what it claims but if compared to TonyMoly Chok Chok
green tea cream which I reviewed previously: I will be repurchasing that
one as compared to this one. It’s a better cream than this one though. But,
unfortunately Chok Chok cream offers less hydration as compared to Innisfree cream
but still I like that one more. So yeah! This is me Leneha Junsu signing off.

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