Intro to the Artisan 6 – Small Batch Coffee Roaster

Intro to the Artisan 6 – Small Batch Coffee Roaster

Hello this is Ken Lathrop from Coffee Crafters,
and today and I am going to introduce you to our Artisan 6 coffee roaster. If you have ever thought about starting a
coffee roasting business, and gone out and shopped for equipment, you know how
expensive it is. To get just a bottom line roaster that will
do 20 to 30 pounds and hour, the price starts at $16,000
and goes up to about $50,000. So its very expensive. When we designed the Artisan 6 cost was a
major component. So we engineered it so that it was easy to
manufacture, easy to install and easy to maintain. Out complete roasting system, with the roaster,
the bean cooler, and the exhaust system is $4847,
it only takes about 5 minutes to learn how to use this machine. So you don’t have to
worry about not having coffee roasting experience. In fact, most of our customers have little
to no experience roasting when they get started. To give you an idea of how much money you
can make with the machine. Even roasting just an hour a day
if you are doing 25 pounds in an hour. If you are retailing that coffee, that equates
to about a $50,00 a year gross income. So, its very profitable machine, for the amount
of time that you roast with it. So, if you have more questions, or you would
like to go to our website. Go to, and you can give us a call. Again this is Ken Lathrop from Coffee Crafters,
thank you.

2 thoughts on “Intro to the Artisan 6 – Small Batch Coffee Roaster

  1. I've always found the roasting process fascinating but line he says – expensive. Traveling allowed me to see many different roasters, from small shops to Green Mountain's set up in VT.

    I guess it's time to do a bit more research!

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