Ireland wastes 22,000 coffee cups per hour

Ireland wastes 22,000 coffee cups per hour

Commonly known as the coffee cup, these disposable take-away cups are available in restaurants, shops and cafes throughout Ireland. This container behind me represents
the volume of single-use coffee cups, disposed of every hour in Ireland. Coffee cups are currently not on Ireland’s Recycling List, which means a lot of waste is
created to satisfy those caffeine urges. But, do people know that? How many take-away coffees
do you think you get every week? Certainly about 8. Would it surprise you if I told you
that they can’t be recycled? Oh, I thought they could! Oh no, I wasn’t aware of that. How many take-away coffee cups do you think
are disposed of in Ireland every hour? I couldn’t tell you, maybe thousands? How about 22,000 every hour? Oh my God! It’s a bit of a disgrace really. Are you aware that coffee cups are not
currently on Ireland’s Recycling List? No, I had no idea! No, why is that? Good question. Why are coffee cups not on Ireland’s Recycling List? I’m having coffee with physicist Dr. Shane Bergin, to find out exactly why coffee cups are not currently on Ireland’s Recycling List. This coffee cup is made of paper, why is it not on Ireland’s Recycling List? Cups like this can’t go into the recycling because there’s plastic on the
inside that’s fused to the paper. You can, of course, put the lid into the recycling, it’s a rigid plastic, but the rest of it cannot. Another reason might be that
you’d have coffee residue in the cup, and so if you throw that into your recycling waste, you contaminate, potentially, a whole
batch of good recycling material. What about this cup? This has a recycling logo on it. There’s loads of them like this, so what that means is that the paper sleeve on the outside, it’s recyclable. But this is just a regular coffee cup with the plastic inside, it can’t go into the recycling bin. Let me get to this cup then. This one says it’s compostable, how does that work? Compostable doesn’t mean recyclable,
it has to go into a compost bin, and it has to go into one that will be
collected by a commercial waste company. So it needs to go away to be broken down. We still love our teas and coffees, so what are we to do? The best option is to use a ceramic cup. Take those 5 minutes to sit down
and enjoy your hot beverage. Don’t have time for that? Then bring your own reusable cup. Once it is used more than 15 times… a reusable cup is more sustainable than a disposable cup. If you have to have your coffee on the go, then make sure the cup goes in the general waste bin, but hang onto the rigid plastic lid, and the cardboard sleeve, and pop them into the recycling bin when you get home.

7 thoughts on “Ireland wastes 22,000 coffee cups per hour

  1. Good initiative. But want to change consumer behaviour? Put on a hefty 70c levy on disposables cups, just like plastic bags in supermarkets. Then businesses will find a solution and people will respond. Otherwise disposables will still go on and increase.

  2. Dude, here the people doesnt even bother to walk to the bin! They throw out on car window, throwing away in the forest, on the street, they dont even care. What kind of disgusting creature doing this? I see too many in Ireland. Way much then i ever seen in the world. And i been in many place.

  3. Omg I feel disappointed that I'm from Ireland… make your own coffee bring your flask people.. find time.. slow down people of the world 🙂 it's like 24 hours aren't enough for people anymore today.. and I'm sure this is true for all of the industrialised world today

  4. A fairly regular coffee drinker, used to only use disposable cups, then got myself a reusable cup, insulated cup that keeps the coffee hot for much, much longer, now always use it, coffee shops have no problem making my coffee in it, they even top my Flat-White coffee up to the top, so I get extra for free 👍🏼

  5. This a great initiative and a very good message for all residents of Ireland. Would it be an issue if I post a small segment of this video with the video link in my next vlog to highlight this great campaign? Ill look forward to a positive response soon. (Y)

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