Jennifer Aniston Scares Fans at Central Perk

Jennifer Aniston Scares Fans at Central Perk

It is so exciting to host a talk
show for the very first time. [CHEERING] Ellen, actually, she asked me
to host during my interview with her a couple months ago. I was sitting right
in that chair. So of course, I said, yes,
because we’re friends. I mean, I hadn’t won
my SAG award yet, so– [LAUGHTER] [CHEERING] You know, you can’t say,
no, to Ellen, obviously. I mean, I’ve tried. I’ve tried many times. That’s why I’m sitting here. [LAUGHTER] But you want to know why
Ellen is not here today? This is what she told me. She told me that she
had to go to the DMV. [LAUGHTER] Now, that’s an
obvious lie, right? Seriously, I mean,
come on, the DMV? It’s not even a good lie. So I mean, if I know Ellen,
she’s probably at home, you know, at her mansion,
counting the noses on her Picasso. And, you know, so relatable. [INAUDIBLE] What? We have a video. She actually sent a video. There’s a video. It just came in. Andy. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Andy. Yeah. This just in saying
that Ellen sent a video. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Well, let’s see what this little
liar has to say for herself. Hi, Jen. Here I am at the DMV getting
my driver’s license renewed. I told you I was
going to do that. And I bet you didn’t believe me. Well, here I am. I don’t know why I’m doing this. I’ve been driving without
a license since the ’90s. Anyway, help me out with a– there’s a question on the test– how fast are you legally able
to drive above the speed limit? Do you know? Text me. Let me know. Have fun today. [CHEERING] That’s amazing. That’s commitment. She’s standing in front
of the sign at the DMV. That doesn’t prove anything. [LAUGHTER] Well, actually, it really
does prove it, doesn’t it? She’s there. But anyway, Ellen, to answer
your question, whatever is on the speed limit
sign, I just add 20%. It’s like tipping. [LAUGHTER] All right. Let’s move on today. So you probably
know, Ellen’s show is filmed on the
Warner Bros. lot. And I spent about 10 years
here on a show called Friends. [CHEERING] Yes. [CHEERING] Yay. And the set is
actually still here. It’s part of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. So I thought, while I’m
here, I’ll go take a visit. Let’s see what happened. And welcome to the set of
Friends here at Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood. This is the real set. Just sit right here– Perfect. –all four of you. Who is your favorite Friend? I would say Ross. But look right over
here at this camera, and I’ll take two photos of you. So act super excited,
like you already are. [LAUGHTER] And lights, camera, and latte. Ross? [SCREAMING] Oh, my God! What? Who said Ross? [SCREAMING] Who said Ross? 3, 2, 1, latte. Yay. Hi. Can I get you a little latte? [SCREAMING] Oh, my God! Yeah? Yes! It’s fake. Oh, my God! We have to pretend. Oh, my God. Hi, guys. Lights, camera, and latte. Espresso! [SCREAMING] Oh, my God! [LAUGHS] I know. It’s the cruelest
thing in the world. Lights, camera, and latte. Hi! Oh. [GASPS] What’s happening? Hi. OK. Wow. [LAUGHTER] Hi. Oh, my gosh. [INAUDIBLE] Is this real? Huh? Am I dreaming? No, you’re not dreaming. Oh. Is it really, really you? Is it a mask or anything? No. No? This is all– Oh. Are you real? This is all happening. [INAUDIBLE] So you really film here? I live here. Who’s your favorite Friend? Joey. Lights, camera, action. Joey? [SCREAMING] Joey? [SCREAMING] It’s OK. I love Joey, too. I love Joey, too. Oh, my God! We all love, Joey. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. It’s OK. Oh, my God. Who is your favorite Friend? Phoebe. Same. Monica. Phoebe. And lights, camera, and latte. I’ll pretend I didn’t hear it. [SCREAMING] Oh, my God! What? It’s you! [INTERPOSING VOICES] I was going to say you. We love you! Aw, you are so sweet. Oh, jeez. Hi. [INAUDIBLE] [CLICK] [CHEERING] Oh, wow. Hi. [CHEERING] Hi! Well, now that
you guys are here, you get to watch your
third-favorite Friend. [LAUGHTER] [SCREAMING] Oh, that’s amazing. So anyway, like I said
before, welcome, you guys. It’s going to be fun, I hope. [LAUGHTER] Like I said, I’m on a new
show called The Morning Show– [CHEERING] Thank you. Thank you– which is
why I won the SAG award. Did I mention I won a SAG award? [CHEERING] You know, gosh, I
wish Ellen was here. Because I’d love
to show it to her. Because I know she’s
never won one, and I have. Anyway, what was I
talking about, tWitch? Oh, my SAG award, no, The
Morning Show, The Morning Show. And if you haven’t
seen a clip, here’s a little piece of it for you. After all that I have done and
all that I have given to you– my life, my love, my body– I broke my [BLEEP] vagina with
that big [BLEEP] head of yours. And I had to be surgically
sewn back together. I bet you didn’t
know that, did you? [CHEERING] Ouch. You can watch Morning
Show on Apple TV+. And we will be right back. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel, so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared or
saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer
and also some videos of Ellen and other
celebrities if you’re into that sort of thing. Ah! [BLEEP] God! [BLEEP]

100 thoughts on “Jennifer Aniston Scares Fans at Central Perk

  1. Seeing Adam Sandler pop out of the couch would have been great in this episode,, but Jennifer is such a great Host

  2. I can't believe people scream like that… I'd like to see that screaming girl when she watches this and sees how she reacted. Wonder if she thinks it a normal greeting 🤔

  3. now she looks like Rachel previously she had botox i guess and her face was all swelled up but now its all good again

  4. And Ellen of course! But aside from her(Rachel) I would say phoebes brother!! 😂😂😂 I know he wasn’t even a “friend” but he was so hilarious! Definitely an underrated character!

  5. Let’s be real, those Asian girls looked like they didn’t know who she was and whether or not they should be freaking out because someone popped out from behind the couch

  6. Wow, Jen's s-o beautiful here, no puffy face, no hard voice, she looks young and fresh! So good she looks without the fillers! Jen stay this way please!!

  7. F•R•I•E•N•D•S was obviously before my time and if it wasn’t I was too young to understand but I watched all seasons of it on Netflix in less than 2 months! Huge fan❤️

  8. Who would have thought that it would only be women visiting the set of Friends? I know exactly zero men who liked that show.

  9. Jennifer Aniston was Ellen's first guest on her first show, ever. If you didn't know already 🙂

    Have a nice day Ellen fans!

  10. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……
    She's my crush since forever.!!!!!
    I'd turn into a lesbian only and only for her.
    She's sooooooooooo beautiful!!!!
    I'm dyinngggggg !!!!!!

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