Jerry Seinfeld Debuts the First Look at Ellen on ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’

Jerry Seinfeld Debuts the First Look at Ellen on ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’

That is a lot of energy coming
at a person on a daily basis. Every day. No wonder your eyes are
so lit up all the time. You’re getting a lot of juice. I know. You get an amazing crowd. These people are fabulous. I know. They are fabulous. [APPLAUSE] And it really is everyday. I can’t believe
that this has been your whole life for 15 years,
and this is my first time. Well, you were on the east
coast, so I never see you. And you’re always working
and traveling and stuff. Right, right. Or you’re working on cars. Yes. Or getting coffee or something. Yes, we’re getting coffee. But I shot one of your episodes. We had so much fun. I’ve been watching
it this past week. Is it good? It’s so funny. So Ellen and I got
into this conversation. Actually, it was about horses. Do you recall the conversation? No. And I, as on my show, like
to tell people what to do. You know, they tell me what’s
going on in their life. And I go, well, I’ll tell you
what I think you should do. And I said to you,
would you like my advice about Portia getting
another horse? Oh, yes. You remember it now? I remember that now. Yeah. And Ellen did not
want my advice, but she was trying to be nice. So she went, yeah, OK. The way only she
can do it, I can’t do it as funny as she did it. And then we got the giggles. And it was a lot of fun. It was really fun. Yeah. So you’ve seen the
show, hopefully. And if you haven’t, you should. But we’re just walking
and talking in Montecito, where I live. And we go to this
restaurant that I always go to, that you knew
we were going to go to. And literally
everyone– they moved all of the tables
out of the way, except for the
table in the center. And everyone there
is still eating. And we’re sitting in the middle
of the restaurant with cameras everywhere, like we’re some
kind of live dinner play. You knew everyone was
watching and listening to our conversation. But what happens, and
this happens on the show all the time, is at first
they go, oh, my God. This is Jerry Seinfeld
and Ellen DeGeneres. And then, they go
back to eating. They just kind of get– I don’t think they
listened to us. There was a table. I was aware. Because doing this show, I
have to have peripheral vision. I have to know everything
that’s going on. I was watching, but
listening to you intently. But also, there was a table. They were just having
the time– they couldn’t believe their luck. They were obviously tourists. And they wandered
into that restaurant. And they’re like, oh, my
God, and listening to us. And we were cracking
each other up and having a great conversation. They were listening
to every word we said. Yeah. And then, someone had a phone
recording the entire thing, also. Well, we were recording it, too. Everyone’s recording
everything anyway. That’s true. But anyway, now they’re
saying we should show a clip of that episode. OK. Here’s a little clip. The shows not finished yet. But here we are
talking and laughing. Keys are not in the car. See, I told you, you shouldn’t
leave the keys in the car. I didn’t touch them. I didn’t either. You didn’t put them
in your pocket? Maybe I did. I must have, but
I don’t have them. I swear. They’re not in– It was to teach you a lesson. And you should always– [LAUGHTER] I could’ve let that go longer. If you had any balls,
which you don’t– I should have let it
go really, really long. I don’t think it was
going any place funny. Had we gone longer– How’d you get them out? How’d you do it? When you walked around the car– That’s funny. You just said, it wasn’t funny. No, the way you did it is funny. What you did is not funny. [LAUGHTER] So yeah, we get
back in the car– [APPLAUSE] I just couldn’t believe
that I got in the car, and he had just left
the keys in there. And, I mean, it’s a safe town. There’s no crime there. But still, I was– Yes, and it’s a TV show. But not really. People don’t usually steal
cars from sets of TV shows. It was not a set. We were in a parking lot. There were lots of other– anyway, and that was
the car you chose to suggest my personality. Yes, the Toyota FJ 40. It’s kind of a Jeep, but it’s
a Toyota from the early ’70s. And it’s just got that real– you know, it’s just
relatable and real. It just reminded me of you. That was very sweet. I was touched by that. So the concept is you
pick someone up in a car. We talk, and we drive
around for a while. And then, we go have coffee. Now, it’s the middle of the day. I only have like one
cup in the morning. And then, I don’t
have coffee again. We’re sitting
there, and I thought it was just the
title of the show, Comedians In Cars Having Coffee. Oh, my God. The amount of coffee you
drink is not good for you. Yeah, no. It wasn’t good. You really do drink
the entire time. The whole time. I just started drinking coffee. When? Just a few years ago. I never drank it my
entire adult life. Until this series? Is that why– Just before the series. I drank this drink. And I go, this is
a fantastic drink. And it really gets you chatty. [LAUGHTER] So I felt, why don’t I do a show
with comedians drinking coffee, getting chatty? Yeah. And that’s how I
started doing it. But when they come
over with the pot, don’t you think it’s
nice that they go, would you like some more coffee? They don’t say, would
you like more pasta? Would you like more steak? They say, would you
like more coffee? So whenever the guy comes
over, I would say, sure. It seems nice. He never stopped
drinking coffee. And we were there hours. Yeah, hours. And you never peed. You never got up. [LAUGHTER] And you sleep at night? Yes. Yeah, it doesn’t
bother me, really. I was having one right before. That’s crazy. I love coffee, now. Just black, right? No, I add a little
half and half. OK. Or black, I don’t care. I love any kind of coffee. Wow. Why did it take you so long? Why so late in life? I didn’t know about it. You know how comedians
can be very out of it, in certain ways? No. OK. What do you mean comedians
can be out of it? Coffee has been everywhere,
all over the world, forever. Like, you’ve never– You know a lot of
comedians that have major chunks of
dysfunction or ignorance about giant things of life. They just don’t know. Coffee is not a giant thing. Coffee is– I just missed it. I missed it. I didn’t know that it was great. It’s great. It is. It’s a great drink. It’s delicious. Yeah. Yeah. It has a unique quality though,
I think, in conversation. I think coffee makes people
kind of warm up to each other. That’s what I find,
doing the show. I think tequila’s
better for that. [APPLAUSE] All right, we have
to take our break. But tequila and coffee
together, that way– I don’t know. I’ve never had that. I guess you could have that. I don’t know. Anyway, somebody
is mouthing out. Does that exist? Yes. Tequila and coffee? Oh, it exists? So these alcoholic
coffee drinks– these are people that go, I am
going to get trashed and alert, tonight. Yes. I’m going to remember tomorrow. Yes. That’s exactly what it would be. Yeah. I want to be whatever the
opposite of tired and sober is. Yes. That’s what I want to be. Right. I don’t know that mood,
but I guess it happens. No, you’ll find out.

100 thoughts on “Jerry Seinfeld Debuts the First Look at Ellen on ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’

  1. another thing you missed is that you do not make more money than a war criminal president of a rich country.

  2. Interestingly, Seinfeld is now being sued for stealing the idea of the show from the guy who pitched it to him all the way back in 2002. Looks like Seinfeld did not want to give someone else credit (and share the profits). Google it

  3. Jerry is a bit annoying with his constant “comedians don’t know about some things…” he constantly refers to comedians like they are some unique life form….
    And the fact is, he is a mediocre comedian….
    His fame and success came due to Larry David’s unique comedic abilities….Jerry Seinfeld alone does not gain the success that he got

  4. No Ellen, it's coffee and Bailey's Irish Cream. Tequila goes with salt and lime. Not that I'd know mind you.

  5. 4:55 "Why don't I do a show" tells you everything you need to know about this fraud. Wasn't his idea… look it up

  6. it seems like he really genuinely likes Ellen's company…unlike when he's on basically every other talk show

  7. Tequila and coffee – that would be a Mexican coffee.
    That'd be OK, I guess. As long as you don't illegally import it over the border!!

  8. i didn't start drinking coffee until i moved to LA. why does her audience cheer when she talks about drinking?

  9. OMG……His comment about comediens ……WHEW ! .I thought something was wrong wit me brains in me noggin 😳 ! Now I know I'm just a comedien ! I AM SO RELIEVED. !! 😝

  10. This CCGC episode is the most interesting one seeing Jerry totally comfortable with himself speaking with Ellen obviously with lots of mental issues we just discovered about herself and completely still uncomfortable in her own body that her parents gave her.

  11. I STILL like the English dude doing karaoke in the car..instead of some comedian chatting over some coffee…B O R I N G !

  12. Everyone is gone and now only Jerry remains. We have now started noticing things like apartment managers and feel deeply concerned by things we thought very funny prior. Thanks to the CIA

  13. Jerry is getting to that point where he can't just laugh at moments which happen. He has to take the pretentious/patronizing route of explaining what and why what you did is funny. His ego is out of control. Chill Jerry. You make generic, populist comedy which as a result gravitates large sums of money, kind of like the McDonalds of comedy. I love him but when he starts acting like he is some sort of genius it is like 'Know your lane'.

  14. Comedians in car getting coffee is such a warm, laid back show. Random conversation over coffee and people cracking up each other it's so fuzzy. Would recommend 10/10.

  15. I agree, coffee is definitely a wonderful drink for ppl to get and then drink and chat together. It's just a nice conversational setup.

  16. Jerry said years ago to George, " I DON'T HAVE ANY COFFEE IN THE HOUSE, I GET MY COFFEE ON THE OUTSIDE!" We shoulda known.

  17. "The WAY you did it was funny. WHAT you did is NOT funny." LMBO!!!!! 😂 I love Jewish men!!! I love the episode he did with Obama as well. Good times with Jerry. I love him…and Ellen. 😊💋💗 2019

  18. How about a show about people in a room nagging each other to death….. never mind. That already exists. It's called politicians in Congress.

  19. 😍🤣love these two….! Yeah jerry there's patron cafe (tequila with coffee to get to the opposite of sober & tired while trashed lol🤣🤣🤣

  20. Dhjcjhb bhhgggvgggghuhhhgyupoiybvgggbvvghhvgghhhhgcgv nklbghcvvvhugghhuuhhhhhvghv. Bjjyoiuyrwlkjgdsaz. V /?


  21. I never read any comments about Ellen. She is so brilliant and lovely. I think she is awesome. Is it only her talk show audience that have realized this? USA is such a strange place.

  22. Great show. The car is a Toyota Land Cruiser. I drove one in college in late 70s. If any Jeep had cast iron balls the size of watermelons it would be a Land Cruiser.

  23. Patrón Café is a coffee flavored tequila that I know exists, without caffeine. Caffeine/energy drinks that are pre-mixed with alcohol have been banned in the U.S. I assume because of the medical risks. Anyway, pick me up in an hour. I can't drive. -Big Fan

  24. But there were at least 3 full episodes of Seinfeld dedicated to coffee. How did he not know about coffee. Not literally, but never have it before?

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