JUN is Kombucha made with Green Tea and Honey

JUN is Kombucha made with Green Tea and Honey

Hi! Welcome back to Better Done Yourself
today on Better Done Yourself? Jun! Jun is an interesting drink that
has kind of coming to being. there’s some you know as all these things
there’s some kind of it’s shrouded in mystery that you know the to the Tibetan
monks used to drink it and I don’t know but what was shooting for here is
something similar to kombucha that you know you make you take your black tea
sweetened with white sugar fermented with a scoby so you have that symbiotic
culture of bacteria and yeast and then you get something that hopefully is very
probiotic and has a low amount of sugar so what I want to do is make kombucha
but instead of using black tea I’m use green tea instead of using sugar I’m
going to use honey and I think we’re going to get a very
different beverage. from what I’ve read about jun, it I think it could be a
viable option. my wife doesn’t really like kombucha you know it’s too sour
you know the carbonation is there but that the kombucha is just it’s a little too
vinegary a little too yeasty so I’m gonna go out on a limb here and make
some jun. there’s a lot of videos on YouTube that will tell you oh well just
take your kombucha scoby and you can make Jun if you just sort of slowly
replace the black tea with green tea slowly replace the white sugar with with
honey I don’t think that’s gonna work I’ve got my kombucha SCOBY here my
hands are clean right I’ve got a Scoby here’s here’s a Scoby we can use but
this isn’t the scoby that we want this is a Scobie that has been you know
living in a black tea and sugar culture that’s that’s really not where we’re
going with this so I actually broke down and bought this on Amazon it’s a you
know search on Amazon I got some links below if you want to buy one of these
I’ve got a link below if you want to grab one of these they’re pretty inexpensive. I think but this is a Jun Scoby that has basically been raised on living with
honey and green tea so we’re gonna make some
green tea we’re gonna sweeten it with honey we’re gonna put in the starter
here and we’re gonna make jun. So what do you need to make jun? basically it’s
the same as kombucha thinking about the kombucha recipe that we do we do a
gallon of water, 8 teabags and a cup of sugar add this add the scoby wait a week
and then you know do your second format or just drink it that way so with June
pretty much the same thing we can do gallon water a cup of honey and that
will use green tea bags for the for the tea so I’m gonna start with us with a
strong green tea I like the antioxidant properties of the green tea so I want to
take advantage of that I’ve seen recipes where they do 2 green tea bags to
a gallon of water and I don’t I don’t think that’s enough I don’t think that’s
gonna be really enough to do what I want to do so what we’re gonna do is eight
green tea bags we’ll measure out a cup of honey and then a gallon of boiling
water so here let’s get started so basically what we need to do is we need
to make green tea let it cool because we’re gonna use raw honey I want to use
raw honey there’s a lot of enzymes there’s a lot of pollen which is very
immunogenic for you and you it will help with your allergies so there’s a lot of
really good stuff in raw honey try to buy some honey that’s locally raised
some tiny this beekeepers about 10 miles from here which is awesome so I
know that as I’m drinking this honey even if it’s fermented I know that
there’s a lot of stuff in this that is probably making my nose run and making
me sneeze at times so by drinking this in my jun that I’m basically
taking in a lot of stuff in my honey that I can digest slowly and therefore
build up a bit of a resistance to it that so when hay fever comes around and
I’ve been eating a lot of local honey I’m not gonna have as much of a problem
as I did when before I started eating this local honey what I’ve got here is
my gallon pot we’re gonna seems like all these kombucha recipes are about a
gallon so I do and I measured out with with a big cup
so this is this is four cups so or a quart so what I did was I filled up four
four cups of water and boiled it to that I’ll add my eight tea bags and then I’ll
let this brew for about five minutes you know I didn’t even boil this. this water came up to about 180 degrees or so and that’s about all I
really want and don’t want to you know put my green tea in boiling water just
you know hot water just about 180 degrees is really good for green tea so
what do you let this steep for about five minutes will pluck out the teabags
and then we’ll go from there all right so it’s been about five minutes I’ve
been brewing my green tea in a quart of water this is a gallon pot I actually
went ahead and measure this pot out so I’d know exactly how much a gallon it
would be so I’ve got a quart of water and my green tea bags they’ve had a good
chance to steep in there I’m gonna get my tea bags out and then what I want to
do is chill this down and dilute it to a gallon so I’ve got three quarts of ice
water here and then once this is chilled and diluted I can go ahead and add my
honey now I don’t want to add my raw honey to hot tea that’s basically
defeating the point of the raw honey you know I’ve got all that the enzymes and
and you know delicious nutritious things in the raw honey if I dump that into
this boiling water I’m gonna kill half of it so I like to make basically an
iced green tea and then to that I can add my raw honey and III mean I know
this is that there’s ice cubes floating in this so I know it’s not boiling but and then maybe a little slower to
dissolve just because it’s cold tea that I’m dissolving into it but I really I
want to preserve all of those benefits of the of
the raw honey so I just really want to take my time and get that we’re all
honey dissolved in the cold green tea this is a stainless steel pot you can
use metal when you when you make kombucha when you make Jun when you
ferment stuff. buy high quality cookware this is this is high-quality 18/8
stainless steel this is a good stuff the reason why they tell you not to use
metal is because a lot of times you know you buy a cheap pot at a discount store
there’s gonna have aluminum in it it’s gonna come from some far-off country
where they don’t really worry about putting lead into cookware it’s really
all kind of questionable spend your allowance on good quality cookware and
you really don’t have to worry about any of that so that being said I’m not gonna
ferment in this. I’m going to ferment in a glass container this is a one gallon
Anchor Hocking cookie jar anchor hockey makes these these are
awesome I love these i ferment everything in these they’re exactly a
gallon they come with a nice lid well that we’re not gonna use but look for
these I have got a link down below if you want to pick up a couple of years
for your fermenting projects so let’s get our cooled sweetened tea into our
fermenting vessel this time we kind of tipped that back a little bit I’ve got
my Jun Scoby in here that’s got don’t know what to say 10 ounces of
liquid with it so I left a little bit of room for that do what this one came
from fermentaholics.com and I can pick that up on Amazon so you can grab one of
these I’ve got the link down below if you want to do this alright here we are
so as as advertised we’ve got the starter liquid which you always need and
then they give us the little cellulose discs the SCOBY itself and you can see
it’s sort of floating around in there but let’s cut this open and right into a nice cool Jun all
right we’re ready to go so we’ve got this gorgeous glass lid fail do not do
this don’t use this lid say this for when you’re putting cookies in this jar
we need to make sure that we’ve got a nice breathable covering we want to make
sure that we want to keep the fruit flies out keep the dust out keep the cat
out whatever I like to use this is just a tea towel and I’ll drag this on here
and then with a rubber band I can just jump underneath that lip so I’ve got a
good breathable cover and it’s in place so nothing will get in there another
mark the date today is the 17th so I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna put this in
the he know where I ferment in my laundry room so I’m gonna go ahead and
put this in the laundry room for about three days
the nice thing about jun is that it ferments a lot faster than kombucha so
where I’ll usually do my first ferment with a kombucha for about ten days two
weeks this will probably if my calculations are correct will be ready
in about four days so let me put this away to ferment it can actually do a
little cooler – believe it or not even though it’s fermenting honey it will
actually take a lower temperature so I don’t even have to put it on the seed
mat so my gin is is made I’ve got my starter in there and I’m gonna let this
ferment for about four days and then we’ll come back to this whole thing and
give it a taste stay tuned alright welcome back it’s
been about three four days and the jewels been fermenting along nicely I’ve
got a little bit of a Scooby forming I’ve got well here let me show you a
close-up you can see that it’s got a little bit of a Scobie forming but
that’s not a real test I mean you here’s the scoby you can see quite a bit of
foam is developed underneath it so you know the yeast is healthy you can see
these kind of brown clumps under here that’s basically just what’s called
flocculated yeast it’s essentially dead yeast cells we’re not gonna worry about
it at all we’re not anxious about the amount of bubbles I don’t see anything
looks like mold my Scobie hasn’t really formed you can see there’s just kind of
a a hole here but that’s not the test that’s really not what we’re looking for
when we’re judging this June to see if it’s fermented like I said that’s not
the real test the real test is to take a straw excuse a reusable one nudge the
scoby up to the side and then just kind of dip it halfway down in there and get
a little bit I see a lot of people using the start a drink right out of the
fermenter I don’t like to do that I don’t like to you know drink out of that
I’m gonna go a little bit here my city cup and give it a taste
I want a very not very tart but reasonably tart I don’t that that
clawing sick honey taste that we had a couple of days ago but this is
definitely fermented I’ve got a little bit of sugar level which is what I want
because as we move forward in this process we need that a little bit of
honey to keep fermenting and that’s gonna give us the carbonation so I’m
happy with this I’m gonna go ahead with this and bottle this in this step what
we’re gonna do is we’re going to take it out of the primary fermenter for from
the first ferment moving into bottles flavor it and put
some good tight caps on it so what are we going to do here first of all my
hands are very clean I use natural soap I don’t use detergents or anything like
that or antibacterial soaps anything like that is that not only kill the good
bacteria on my hands but potentially put some residues into my into my beverage
here so not a good thing let’s save off for a little Scooby friend let’s get the
mothers goby out of the bottom here this was that one that we purchased remember
so he’s still in good shape for the rest of this I’m just gonna strain it through
I’ve got a nylon strainer and a big gallon pitcher and I think this is gonna
make it a lot easier to get some of that flatulent out and also just put it into
something that with a pour spout now I’m gonna make another batch I’m
gonna leave ya little bit I usually leave myself about an inch in the bottom
of my jar here for the next batch put the scobie’s back in there for the next
batch and didn’t really save a lot out but I wouldn’t really want that in my
bottles not pretty wet I think what I want to do is make two flavors I’ve got
some crystallized ginger this is just you know candy ginger pieces and I’m
just gonna drop a piece in each bottle why one for flavor I want to give it a
little bit of something other than just the gym flavor but also I want these are
there like I said they’re ginger candy they’re crystallized ginger the crystal
is really just powdered sugar that they put on them all around you know
granulated sugar so let’s do stainless steel funnel high-quality stainless
cookware go for it I’ll leave a little bit of headspace I
could have probably filled these I like to fill them right up to the neck here
if you find that you’re getting real big scobie’s forming in your bottled
beverages when you do this less airspace means less Scobie so if
you if you really want to make sure you minimize the chance of growing a Scobie
in your drinking bottle just reduce the amount of airspace you want to leave
some airspace because this is a carbonated beverage so you need that a
little bit of space just for the for the buffer kind of of that pressure building
up and then get two caps these are I think you can recognize where these
bottles came from and their lids that say GTS something on the top you know
what I mean these are good list look the some of them half of the nice
plastic seal and these seal up really nice and just cranked the tops on cuz
you want to this is gonna continue to remember we added that a little bit of
sugar on the ginger and this is gonna ferment that’s what’s going to give us
our carbon carbonate is young so nice plainly lacking those I find they last
for a couple of months in the dishwasher maybe you can hand wash them I don’t
think that you can get the seal cleaned out very well so I found these on Amazon
I got a link to these below these are nice they come with the pheno lytic
plastic cap a nice hard plastic cap and you can pop the inside out and they come
with a little removable part here so you can just put those in and then use these and you can tell they actually seal a
lot better than these to anything so go ahead and then seal up here as you run
in these bottles this could probably use a little bit more now you don’t have to make them all
ginger you can make any flavor you want in fact here I’ve got a whole list of
things that you can use for your flavors and take your pick you can do you know
this ginger another thing I’m gonna do is hibiscus I’ve taken and made just a
little concentrated to viscous tea and chilled it in a bowl of ice water and
then I can strain out the hibiscus flowers and I stirred some honey into
that as well because remember we have to add that a little bit of but well the
brewers go priming sugar ginger in it and then we can fill up a couple more
bottles with their hibiscus Jun so remember we can’t do our flavor step in
the first fermentation and the big jar because we want to keep a pristine Jun
we want our June Scobee honey water and a little bit of green tea that’s all it
goes into the big fermenter when you’re bottling put anything you wanna put
berries in it put like I did I made some biscuits Qi and really the sky’s the
limit make sure you use organic ingredients
make sure that there’s no nothing that’s gonna kill your ferment in them and have
a lot of fun flavoring use them this one it could be a little fuller but all
right there you have it so two flavors does young I’m gonna let this back in
the in my fermenting room and I’ll let this sit for just a couple of days and I
should have carbonated shouldn’t so stay tuned and I’ll be back in just a little
bit with you guys it’ll be two three days all right folks moment of truth we
did it we Darrin first ferment remember in the crock and we fermented our green
tea and honey with our with our June Scobee waited about three four days
waited until we had a little bit of my scooby growth waited until we had a
little bit of acid taste that little tart taste in the in the crock
decanted into the bottles into the bottles with the tight lids I think this
is key I’ve seen a lot of people do in John or doing kombucha doing you know
carbonated fermented beverages on here and they take and put the whole thing
into a canning jar with the two-piece lid you know with the flat and the ring
then it kills me because those jars are designed to let out pressure then
literally I mean when you’re canning you filled the jar up with with you know
your badge put the little pop top on you screw the ring on take the whole thing
and put it into a big pot of boiling water or pressure cooker or something
like that and it literally as that stuff cooks in the jar the pressure goes out
from underneath the lid you know underneath the ring and you’re losing
all your pressure and then as it cools it sucks the lid down and you get a nice
firm seal and it works great for canning that are crap for making the fermented
beverages because they’re letting all that pressure out with a with a lid
designed for holding the pressure in we get carbonation we get that’s what we’re
looking for this is a properly carbonated beverage this is awesome this
is why I do this over some ice and we’ve got a delicious carbonated fermented
beverage this is second fermented good congratulations guys we did it hmm and with the ginger taste in there
this is good stuff not too tart I still got that nice honey flavor I’ve got that
nice ginger to complement it you can taste the green tea in the background
you really don’t get I don’t like green tea I don’t drink green tea just a hot a
cup of green tea I do not like this it really is the champagne of kombucha
thanks for watching you guys enjoy yours done if you have any questions leave a
comment below hey and a shout out to Harry for making me do this this is good
stuff I hope you enjoy it too take care guys see you next week

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