Just Gotta Dance Iced Coffee | Costa Rica

Just Gotta Dance Iced Coffee | Costa Rica

Music Coffee! I’m dreaming wide awake
this is the life I make I don’t need a holiday to make me feel this way listen up, take a chance, you can sing you can dance, you can live like its no tomorrow Give it time, yet you’ll find, there’s rule there’s a rhyme
Move along and the rest will follow I want you to know oh yeah We shine like stars Oh yeah, we shine like stars Like stars Like stars did you have to wake up in the morning
and think I want to do a dance number in the kitchen
but you don’t have enough energy well I have a fix for you because today we’re
gonna make this incredible recipe called just gotta dance
iced coffee (off camera) Kids Gotta Dance Or as I like to say in NewJersey
iced caw-fee or as you’d like to say in Brooklyn (off camera) Cawww-feeee we’re gonna make iced coffee
today and it’s really simple because it’s only two ingredients it’s six cups
of strong coffee a 14 ounce can of sweetened condensed milk and ice? Is ice an ingredient Rob? (off camera) I don’t see any ice there’s going to be ice in this recipe so before we pour this in here I just
want to show you my favorite coffee in the world
it’s Britt coffee if you’ve been to Costa Rica you know they sell this everywhere
here and even at the airports I buy oh my gosh I must buy like 30 packages to
take home for Christmas they also sell these really great chocolate covered
nuts that this is chocolate-covered macadamia but they have cashews and they
have chocolate covered fruit and this is also really really good (off camera) I love all the nuts Rob loves all the nuts (off camera) I love nuts so we’re gonna I’m gonna take this home for Christmas that’s what I
use I get a lot of emails asking me what’s my favorite coffee so that’s it
so let’s get started we’re going to pour all of this into the pitcher that’s good and then my sweetened
condensed milk I’m going to take this put it in the refrigerator for about a
half hour and then we’re going to meet back here so we can enjoy just gotta
dance iced caw-fee (off camera) Cawww-feeeee Cawfee Music from my kitchen to yours just gotta
dance iced coffee and Britt chocolates I’m going to do both That’s delicious! That’s a lot Please tell me that was perfect
It was not

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  1. Can you guys make a video of your house and grounds now that it is completed? The time lapse video was not that great. Thanks!!

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