Kahve Çatlağı Örgü Örneği

Kahve Çatlağı Örgü Örneği

Hello friends, Today we’ll work on
coffee chip sample. I began working on the sample. So you can see how it looks when you knit. The sample goes by knitting twice
and purling 3 times. Of course I purled 3 times but you can do more
if you want. Now let’s begin the sample. I purled twice. Now it’s time to knit 3 times
for the coffee chip. I take the 3rd stitch I’ll knit Slip it over the other two
and leave it. There are 2 stitches left. I knit once. Decrease. Knit 1 more time. Purl twice. Again. I take the 3rd stitch from the left Slip it over the other two and leave it. Knit once. Decrease. Knit once more. Purl twice. I took the 3rd stitch. Slipped it over the other 2
and left it. Knit once,decrease, knit once more. We build the sample on 3 stitches. We do this for the front side, We’ll knit the back side,
by knitting and purling as they are. See, I have 2 stitches left, I knit one of them, decrease, knit my 3rd stitch, finally purled twice. I knit and purl the stitches in the back as they are. I purl the ones I increased. Knit twice Increase one stitch 2 Purl 3 times. Now we’ve come to the front row. Sample is not made at each row. You need to go back and forth. Knit and purl as they are. I purled twice. Knitted 3 times.. Purled twice. Knitted 3 times. We’ll build the sample once in 2 rows. Now I’ll knit here. Let’s build a model again. We don’t do anything
on the back side. We’ll knit and purl as they are until the end of the row. Guys, I’ve recently started
my Youtube channel Please send me support. And likes. And please subscribe.. If you have requests or suggestions
let me know. I’ll try to consider them to my
best abilities. Yes, now we’ve come to the front side. Now I purled twice. We build a sample again. Took my 3rd stitch, Slipped it over the two. See I now have 2 stitches left. I knitted once. Decreasing, and knitting once more. Purling twice, again. 1,2,3. The sample goes on
like this. We build the sample on the front side,
nothing different at the back. We knit and purl as they are. And build a sample every two rows. I wish you good luck.

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  1. cok güzel gosteriyosun suyolu yelek modelide gosterirmisin kanaliniza abone oldum💓kanala yeni gordum

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