Kerala Chukku Kappi /Chakkara-Karipetti Kappi/Dry Ginger Coffee .Recipe no 88

Kerala Chukku Kappi /Chakkara-Karipetti Kappi/Dry Ginger Coffee .Recipe no 88

Take 2 small pieces of dry ginger (chukku) You can use the amount of dry ginger accordingly This serves 2 people 3/4 th teaspoon whole pepper 1/4 tsp cumin Seeds We need coffee powder and basil leaves. use fresh basil leaves if you have else use the dry basil leaves We need Jaggery /Chakkara(palm sugar)/ Karipetti. If not use Kalkandam (rock candy).Dont use sugar Grind the dry ginger , Pepper and cumin Seeds in a Mortar and Pestle Close the ingredients with your hand while crushing it Add 2 1/2 cups of water to a sauce pan Around 1/2 glass of water evaporates Keep the heat to high flame Once the water is nicely boiling, add the crushed ingredients . Now on medium heat let it boil. This will help the ingredients to dissolve in water and the flavour is blended to that water Add a pinch of the fresh / dry Basil leaves If you have fresh Basil use “Krishna Tulasi” for this Chukku Kappi This is very good for sore throat and fever Now add the Jaggery/Chakkara Add the spice and chakkara according to your preference and need. If you are in Dubai , You can get the Chakkara from Sunrise.It is called palm sugar Once 1/2 glass evaporates add the coffee powder After adding the coffee powder you need to boil only for 2 mins Now remove from heat. Sieve it and drink it hot Keep Smiling , Keep Inspiring …. Love you All😍

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  1. Hai chechy. Njn epo vacation natil poyapol konduwanna karipetty within one month pookkan tudangi, edenganeyan long timlek store cheyuka enn onn parang tarumo..

  2. Thanks Veena….was looking for this recipe. Caught cold cos of the weather….hoping this will help. Lemme try.

  3. വിണച്ചേച്ചി ചുക്ക് കാപ്പി ഉണ്ടാക്കി

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