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  1. A couple of years ago, I read about a new way to handle corpses. The Swedes were experimenting on freeze-drying bodies, before vibrating them to dust. Any chance of a program on this method? Especially since it sounds cleaner (or greener) than cremation, and involves no chemicals, only liquid nitrogen.

  2. Do you think you could make a "take you guys to work" type video? Like record your work day (Not like show the bodies or anything since thats probably disrespectful to the family lol) I think itd be cool

  3. I was wondering if you could help answer a question for me. My grandmother passed away about two years ago. Before my grandmother passed she told us that she had made payments to to the cemetery make sure everything was taken care of so we wouldn't be bothered or hassled. She had a wall Vault and a grave plot which we ended up putting her on top of her mother. Making the cemetery Arrangements which I was not a part of. My mother was told that additional payments needed to be made. Of course dealing with the passing of a mother you know she didn't ask any questions. Sometime later she got in contact with the cemetery to find out what exactly my grandmother had paid for. Lo and behold the cemetery threw up their arms and went I'm sorry that information was taken so long ago we don't have that information anymore.. when my mother told me this I was like. What the [email protected]?#.
    Cemeteries in my belief make arrangements for people long before the actual event is about to occur. Aren't these type of businesses required by law to keep this information available all time?

  4. If you're looking for another topic have you ever heard about the Hardin Cemetery disaster? I had just graduated from high school nearby when it happened. A few of us were near the river looking for a place to drink (underage in Missouri, y'all) and we found bits of what was a casket and found a bone. The event has stuck with me ever since.

  5. Have you checked out all the love your fans are giving you on a recent Simon Whistlers' Today I found Out Community Page where he asked for the best small channel out there ? You have a whole lot of your fans mentioning you , your awesomeness and their admiration for you and how you truly deserve more subscribers which you really do

  6. This was awesome. Not only are you great with kids, but I love how bright these kids are, especially the girl in red. She seems to be the recipient of some great parenting, like they can talk honestly and truthful about anything with her and she understands that it is a good thing because it will increase her knowledge about the world around her. Very cool.

  7. I have been struggling with suicidal thoughts for a couple of years, I came across your channel by accident and you made me understand that death comes to everyone anyway, and that sooner or later it will find me before I do it and that … maybe. .. maybe I can wait until that moment.

  8. I love that my mom was always honest to me about death. She encouraged my curiosity and made sure I didn't fear death. As an adult I have a good relationship with my mortality because of that and I'm grateful.

  9. Ive already told all the people that would be making the arrangements from my husband to my parents and even step parents that i want to be a tree

  10. I try to have these little talks with my child and she is more like==Mom really I can't talk about it.

  11. Love this videos. Such great questions that I would want to know! It was adorable and made me smile. When does your book come out?

  12. What lovely young ladies! So curious and receptive! I've talked to my 13 and 10 year old cousins about after death preparations. At the time I was in town for the funeral of our grandfather and they were curious as to everything that was going to happen.

  13. OMG, I love these kids. And these questions, and these answers. Also, I have to say that anyone who would name their daughter "Fauna" sounds like the sort of person who would end up having a pretty awesome kid.

  14. I SO enjoy watchin your videos! Your personality is just so likeable and approachable and I'd love to be able to meet u, alive preferably…🤭😂💯💯

  15. Fauna seems like a very intelligent 8 year old. Im very impressed with her questions and the way she speaks!

  16. 'Please enjoy some cake whilst I talk about prison bodies' 😂😂😂😂 I can't stop cracking up 😂😂😂 Another great video Caitlin!

  17. When my daughter was 4 she had many questions about death and what each organ does in the body. I have many medical books and we would look at the diagrams and talk about what each Organ does. She had a project at school where the kids take construction paper and pour paint in the center then fold it in half and open it and decribe what they think it looks like. They presented these on parent/teacher night. My daughter used red paper and white paint and proudly stood before everyone holding up her masterpiece and announced to everyone that when she looked at it she saw lungs and then told everyone where they are in the body and what their function is. I was proud, other parents were either impressed or laughing because it was just too cute but, the grumpy old teacher took me aside and told me it was inappropriate and concerning that a 4 year-old sees lungs when looking at an art project and all the other kids saw butterflies and shapes. I let the teacher know I would be more concerned if my child saw the same things as other kids. After all she is an individual with a wonderful imagination and the ability to learn more than what one teacher thinks a 4 year-old should be learning.

  18. I think it's endearing the way she talks to them like little adults. It's surprising how common this behavior is among child-free people (including myself). A lot of us don't seem to know how to treat kids as anything else than small sized adults, which may be part of the reason why we're not (that) attracted to the idea of having kids. We find them nice and all, but not necessarily cute and fragile, and precious, so we don't get this urge to care for and raise them. There's also the issue that I'd feel uncomfortable disciplining someone I see as a small version of an adult.

  19. And of course she brought girls on, because girls are tough and can handle nuanced concepts like death. While eating pastries!

  20. Fauna is just everything

    I like to think I hate all children, then you meet a really cool one like her and you realize you just don’t like shitty people, and sometimes children are the shittiest of people. I mean it’s not their fault or anything but they are p:

  21. I freaking love this! I know I'm late but f'real… I laughed so much in the face of death today, I might just live forever!

  22. Fauna is so intelligent and reminds me so much of my daughter… I love her view on parents being honest with their children about life and death which is something I strive to do (probably why my 11 year old is a liberal feminist LOL)!

  23. This is strangely the cutest video ever. These kids already have such a knowledge of death. I feel when I was young a lot of dead facts were kept from me. I feel I wouldn't have grow up with an overwhelming fear of death if I learnt about the true facts of death from a young age.
    Which brings to me say, your channel has helped a lot with my fears of deaths/ funerals in general.
    Thank you 🖤🖤

  24. I absolutely love this. So glad you invited death positive kids on for tea in the afternoon (especially love that they are death positive girls )

  25. Why do i keep coming back to this channel? I am thinking of my end of life arrangements. this channel has answered so many questions and dispelled many myths and fears.

  26. Omg please do more of these! GIRL chillin with cool kids and talking about death AND at a tea party ?? this is the YouTube content I signed up for 😁😁 #fangsNbangs

  27. This video is adorable and god damn it my new favorite is surrealist head but you finally mentioned tree burial! Do you have another video on this or can you put it on your list of videos to make? I have been trying to find more resources about this!

  28. You’re really good at talking to kids, and I’m sure it helped that these little girls were so amazing! Wonderful video 😊

  29. Just bought "Will my Cat Eat My Eyeballs?" To read while i'm on vacation next week! Got some weird looks from my local bookstore, but meh!

  30. Is that why a lot of bigger people are big because they have a lot of bacteria inside of them? From the water in their bodies?

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