Kids Try Coffee For The First Time

Kids Try Coffee For The First Time

(child grunts) (light music) – When my parents are making me breakfast, they like make a lot of coffee, a lot. Becaus they’re parents. – Yeah, I once had it from my dad. I drunk it, I was like,
“Hmm, do I like this?” – Coffee stops you from growing. That’s why I don’t want to drink it because then I would be like this little for my whole entire life. Oh no, it’s gonna be gross. – I don’t like the smell. It’s really disgusting. – It smells like broccoli. – Uhm, good. – Ah. – I like it. – [Voiceover] Yeah totally,
spit back in there, spit it out. – It’s almost as bad as asparagus. – Taste like oil. – My god, that’s delicious. Can I take this home? – I’m doing one to 100, it would be zero. – This is better than hot chocolate. – I thought it would actually taste a little better than this.

10 thoughts on “Kids Try Coffee For The First Time

  1. Lol I love this. I’m surprised out of all the kids only 1 likes it. And at first I thought they gave them just straight up black coffee to drink but then I’m like “Nah they probably put cream and sugar in it for them.” I just love their reactions. Too funny. Probably by the time their older they’ll like coffee.

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