Korean Rice Cake & Tea Mukbang 나도님의 너도나도 떡 3가지 먹방

Korean Rice Cake & Tea Mukbang 나도님의 너도나도 떡 3가지 먹방

Hello everyone. I’m Donggu.❤️ Today’s menu is rice cake, a traditional Korean dessert. There are so many different kinds of rice cakes in Korea. Today I prepared three flavors of rice cake. vanilla, melon, and chocolate. The shape of the rice cake is Korean traditional
rice cake, but it tastes fusion style. I’ll enjoy it with the warm tea. The weather has gone really cold. Everyone be careful not to catch a cold and be healthy. Thank you. ❤️

45 thoughts on “Korean Rice Cake & Tea Mukbang 나도님의 너도나도 떡 3가지 먹방

  1. 어제 방송도 수고많으셨어요~ 저 떡…우리 리틀푸우랑 먹어보고 말꼬예요~♥♥♥

  2. I wish you good health and you must be the ambassador of Korea to show the culture of Korea in all traditions, whether it is food or history. I respect Korea's history very much for touching on its ancient history.

  3. ทำไมหน้ามันจัง ซับมันก่อนไหม5555

  4. i had some really good ones in korea! even a banana one hehe.. so good! i've had a cold for over 2 weeks :[ it's really cold here too!!! stay warm and healthy~~~

  5. I love the texture of the rice cake, I have not tried it yet with another filling other than sweet beans, I hope to find it soon.

  6. Hey bro…those look delicious and chewy. I would really love to taste them. I love the soft chewy sounds.

    Have a great weekend♡♡♡.

  7. You can find them on Amazon..They have so many great flavors..Just Last month I ordered some Strawberry Mochi Daifuku Ichigo for a great price of $6.63…And I am just ordering 3 pack Size for $ 19.96..The filling in the middle is between a marshmallow and Whipped Cream…They have other flavors of it..But My nephews,Brother,sister mom and me loved the strawberry..maybe next time we will have a different flavor..Great content as always..😊👍👍

  8. 잘보고 잘먹고 갑니다~~^^
    근데 말하기 싫으시면 말을않하셔도 되는데 …. 친구왈 말하기 싫어 그런다고 이야기 하시기 싫어 그러신다고 이야기하더라고요 진짜예요ㅠ

  9. I think these are the new ricecakes that Nado just released, she announced her launch a few days ago. I wish I could try them too they look so delicious

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