25 thoughts on “Laurel & Hardy :Come Clean.(1931)

  1. Poor Linda Loredo who played Laurel's wife in this short had already died before this was released. She was only 24 and had succumbed to peritonitis, following 1 month after an appendix operation.

  2. "Wheres's Stanley " ??
    "He's gone to the beach " !!!!!

  3. Dear God. My loving favorites. Notice the way Oliver gets up, spins his wheels before launching off in a run. It's like he has to build up steam before making the rush. Stan also uses it. They damn well invented it. Look at the Cartoons in the 50s and 60s, you'll see that kind of stunt all the time. Bless their hearts. When Gertrude Astor pops his face, it is sooooo damn funny. He makes that wounded sound.

  4. The best comedies:
    1. Sanford and son
    2. Laurel and Hardy
    3. Married with Children
    4. Three Stogies
    Thank you for the up load keep them coming

  5. This is so Funny I love Olivers looks at the camera! And Stan…And then the farmer came in and shot the travelling salesman!! Hahahahahahaha

  6. comedy, timing, delivery of dialogues, language, mannerisms, content, message,,,,,,, so much to emulate. clean humor beyond generations. greatest actors of all times, relevant forever.

  7. Beautiful Gertrude Astor as Ollie’s wife and Mae Busch as the vamp! ❤️❤️🌹🌹

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