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– Today, the best tumbler
deals that money can buy. (upbeat music) Hi, I’m the Youtube
deal guy, Matt Granite. Welcome to your one stop shop for savings. You know me from your local TV station or USA Today or you’re a subscriber. Welcome back. If you’re new, I find
huge deals every day. No companies pay me to talk about them, but I have located the best deal for these insulated, super awesome mugs. Right under this video window, just click the Show More tab. This is a limited time
deal on mugs that will keep your drinks hot or cold longer than anything else we’ve tested. We’re gonna give you the demo in a moment. The first thing that I wanna show you is that even though
this mug is filled with very hot coffee, and this
one is filled with water, I’m gonna shake them
over my head and face. One, no one really cares about my face. But two, I wanna show
you that they do in fact remain leak proof. (water sloshing) I should also realize
that doing this on Youtube is actually gonna make
me lose subscribers. But here’s what I can tell you. They’re BPA free, dishwasher safe with a slip resistant bottom that fits every cup holder we’ve tried it with. A lifetime warranty, and if you’re unfamiliar
with Bubba Brands, they are the number one top rated brand. When it comes to mugs
of all different sizes, this one here has smaller capacity. 15 bucks for one, but what I found 19 bucks for two larger
20 ounce hot and cold tumblers that with a lifetime warranty at $8.50 per mug are great. The more mugs you buy,
the lower that price drops on these double wall, vacuum insulated, stainless steel mugs that
really do keep drinks hotter or colder longer than
any other item we tested. – Alright, Matt, pouring the coffee. Let’s see how this goes. – [Matt] Alright, floor director Rosalynn, this is the hot test. You feeling hot? – Yes, feelin’ really hot. – [Matt] Alright, ready
to take your top off? – I’m ready. Here we go. – [Matt] Now this is what,
4-1/2 hours later or 5? – 5. – [Matt] 5 – Look at that. Look how hot that is. – [Matt] Oh there is
steam coming out, wow. – Yeah, all that steam. So the trick is that I
put scalding hot coffee into this tumbler. – No comment on the coffee, but I will tell you it is hot. Not scalding hot, but
this amount of time later, hot and impressive. – Alright, Matt, now for my cold drink, I’m using a lot of ice. So now for the cold
test, what I can tell you is that look at this after six hours. It’s so cold. – [Matt] Oh wow. Now a
lot of the ice has melted, which I guess is why the
water level is higher. But yeah no, that is impressive. This kept the water colder for longer than any other mug we’ve tested, right? – Yes, any other mug that we tested. It’s really, really cold. This is a great product to have with you. – Now again, if you are
interested in this deal, which is a very limited time deal drop. I don’t know how long
this is gonna last for. It’s located right
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and every link I have for every deal is right there. There you go. You are awesome. Thank you so much for watching. (rock music)

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