Let’s drive Agrifull 65 (ENG.SUB) [FHD][GoPro]

Let’s drive Agrifull 65 (ENG.SUB) [FHD][GoPro]

Hi everyone, in this video I want to show you how the gearbox and the other commands work on the Agriful 65, let’s begin I’ll save the gearbox for later in case you can’t hear me with the engine on On the right we can find this lever to control the position of the hydraulic lift and this one for the draft control These two buttons control the Lift-o-matic and these two other levers are for the hydraulic distributors This pedal here locks the differential until you release it Here there is this a knob to switch the lights on and for the horn A switch for the turn signals, this one for the hazard lights The ignition key The PTO clutch lever that you engage by lifting it up and disengage by pressing and pulling it down This lever controls the PTO speed: on the left it will turn as fast as the engine, on the right it will turn as fast as the gearbox, neutral in the middle The handbrake lever here This knob controls the raising and lowering speed of the arms and with this one the draft sensibility All right, I’m now going to start it and show you how the gearbox works On the right, there is the range lever: push it down for the fast range, pull it forward for the slow range, right and forward for the gear reducer This is the gear lever: left and up, 1st gear, down for 2nd, 3rd gear here and down for 4th if I pull it to the right and down, I’ll select reverse gear Ok, let’s see how it drives I almost forgot: this is the hand accelerator There you go, if I forgot or said something wrong, let me know in the comment section below I hope you liked the video, subscribe for more!

13 thoughts on “Let’s drive Agrifull 65 (ENG.SUB) [FHD][GoPro]

  1. Bel video unica cosa che ti posso dire è che la frizione della presa di forza funziona al contrario, in su si ferma, in giù gira, è un po' anti sicuro ma è così 😅 forse ti sarai confuso con quella dei New Holland TNF…per il resto nulla da dire, belle gomme al posteriore 💪🏼

  2. porti un video anche sul fiat 300? comunque io ho un fiat 566 ed è molto diverso da questo agriful per quanto riguarda il cambio

  3. Anch'io ho un agriful 70 per la pto o due leve difronte e una sulla sinistra per inestarla devo alzare la leva poi quella a sinistra la porto in avanti e abbasso quella difronte per farla partire

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