Lido 3 Grinder Overview

Lido 3 Grinder Overview

Hey folks. Steve from Prima Coffee here.
Today we’re gonna take a look at the Orphan Espresso LIDO 3 hand grinder. Now
this is a superb piece of equipment. It’s very well made, and for the price point,
it’s probably one of the best starter grinders out there. Now, it is a hand
grinder, so you may need to kind of give up a little bit of convenience that you
might get in an electric grinder, but you really buy into a very high quality grind,
and a grinder that’s pretty much built to last forever. Up top here we have a cast
aluminum grinding mechanism and handle. There’s a little silicone rubber stopper.
We have a nice open funnel into the hopper, which holds about 70 grams of
coffee. This is made of a BPA-free plastic. Down below we also have an
aluminum grinds adjustment, and inside are 48-millimeter Swiss-made steel conical
burrs. And that’s very comparable to a lot of electric home grinders on the market at
this price point. But also, the cut of the burrs is really unique in that it’s got a
fairly aggressive primary cut, and that means that you don’t have to turn super,
super hard or super long to actually get your grinding done. It’s a physical labor,
so it really helps you get your grind done more quickly. Down at the bottom we have
an anti-static plastic grinds catch. Again, this is BPA-free. This just
unscrews nice and easily, and you can see down here is our opening. Now, there are
two bearings in this grinder, which is unique for most hand grinders. There’s a
bearing below the burr and one at the very top. And that means that, unlike many hand
grinders, you’re able to spin this entire chamber freely. And that is a hallmark of
quality, because that means that the entire burr drive train is well-stabilized
and that means that your grind quality is going to be superior to some of the other
hand grinders out there, where they might have a little bit of wobble in the burrs,
and that’s going to throw off your consistency.
This is very, very stable. Again, it spins freely on it’s own, and that means that
the whole burr drive is basically it’s own axle, and it’s dual-stabilized. So in
terms of grind adjustment, this is a step-less grinder. We have a little
demarcation here that indicates where the zero point is. So if I just loosen the
upper ring–there’s two rings. The upper ring is basically what locks in the
setting. The lower ring is what determines the setting. So if I set it to about here,
I’m at about zero, and then I just have to turn it counter-clockwise, and you know,
pick a setting in between. So this grinder is actually capable of, anywhere from
espresso, even Turkish coffee, up to a French Press coarseness. Really, it’s a
fantastic full range grinder. We’ve used it for espresso and it pulled some really
great shots. It’s probably not the best espresso grinder out there, but really,
for the money, you can’t beat it. Especially with the full range
capabilities. So for something like, espresso, I might only go maybe five or
six notches, depending on my machine and my basket. But for something like drip, I
might go all the way up to maybe three-quarters of a full rotation, to a
full-rotation. But again, this is step-less, so you don’t really have to
worry about the notches so much. You can set in between notches or wherever you
want. And to lock in your setting you just use this secondary adjustment ring. You
screw it down and give the whole thing a little bit of a turn to lock it in place.
So now your setting is all set. So if I have my grind set right here–I’ll just
throw in a little bit of beans. Obviously, setting it to a finer setting is gonna
take a little bit more effort and a little bit more time to grind through than a
coarser setting, but again, that aggressive burr set, it’s so, so easy to
use. You can just–it just chews right through
the beans. You have no difficulty at all. Super easy, and in just a few seconds of
grinding you probably got like, 15 grams of a medium-coarse grind. For a 20-gram
espresso dose, you’re probably looking at more like a minute or two of grinding.
Again, it’s not super difficult to do. Now this grinder’s actually made for, kind of,
travel and taking it with you. So it actually has a handle that folds in.
There’s just a little spring-loaded mechanism down here. You just push up on
it and turn the handle inside or out. It again, has this silicone cap. It also
comes with this neoprene carrying sleeve, that also comes with some tools for you.
So you have a little natural bristle brush for cleaning things out. It also comes
with a little hex driver that fits all of the screws and everything in here. It fits
all of those. So you can replace any parts as you need, or just get into it and clean
it out. So the whole grinder will slide right in here. You can zip it up. Zip it
right up, and it’s got a nice little carrying handle, and you’re good to go.
You can throw this right in your luggage, or just carry it with you, if
you’re on the go. You got a nice little travel grinder. So that is the LIDO 3
Grinder by Orphan Espresso. Really a fantastic hand grinder and, honestly, one
of the best entry level grinders on the market today. It’s a really fantastic
piece of equipment, and honestly, we’re super excited to have it in our product
catalog. So thanks for watching.

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  1. do you know if the Lido E-T comes with the conical dosing funnel that screws on top of the grind receptacle once you're done grinding? also, do you know if it comes with a rubber stand/base for keeping it upright on counter-tops?

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