Luis Sal goes to Tokyo for a fishy morning and Iced Coffee

Luis Sal goes to Tokyo for a fishy morning and Iced Coffee

My name is Luis Sal. It’s the beginning of the year 2020 and I’m in the beautiful city of Tokyo, Japan to show you how the locals have breakfast. In this series, Lavazza and I will take you around the world. To discover how different cultures have breakfast and how they drink their coffee. I’m in the kitchen with this young man from Japan. – I’m Narihito.
– And today he’s going to show us the typical… Traditional Japanese breakfast, like miso soup and grilled fish. So, let’s go to the local market. – So what do we need for the breakfast?
– It’s rice, miso soup and fish. That’s pretty different from what I eat in the morning. And I brought some coffee so I can offer you some coffee. How do you say “clams” in Japanese? So now we’re going to go back home and have breakfast. In the kitchen – We bought some clams and dried fish.
– Let’s do it. I can help you in any way but since you’re a chef, you cook a lot, right? Yeah, my grandmother taught me how to cook it. – You can keep working, I can start making our coffee.
– Please – So you drink coffee?
– Yes, I love coffee. – And do you drink coffee?
– Yes, please. – Do you think that Japanese people like coffee?
– Nowadays – How do you say “coffee”?
– Coffee? I’m going to make you iced coffee. Actually in Japan they started drinking iced coffee in the 1920’s, so 100 years ago. – It’s like tapas. – Tapas? Yes.
– It’s a little bit of each. So thank you, thank you for showing me the typical Japanese breakfast the original, traditional way of having breakfast here.
– You’re welcome. Thank you, so yeah Japan, what an incredible country. I wasn’t expecting to have fish for breakfast, but that’s fine. I don’t even like fish but since I was here to have breakfast, I just ate it. And I actually liked it!

62 thoughts on “Luis Sal goes to Tokyo for a fishy morning and Iced Coffee

  1. Immagina di alzarti un bel giorno in Giappone, scendi dall'appartamento, vai in strada e mentre cammini sbuca Luis dall'acqua

  2. Siamo sicuri che il cuoco giapponese si chiamasse Narihito .. perché secondo me si chiama Giannil’ottimismoèilprofumodellavita !

  3. Il ragazzo che lavora a Lavazza è che gli è venuto in mente di invitare Luis per fare un video del genere; è un genio. Video fighissimo

  4. madonna stavo crepando quando il venditore di pesce ha chiamato Luis "creepy" e ha detto che non è Italiano ma è un alieno xD

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