Make Your Own Tea Bags

Make Your Own Tea Bags

Press ‘N Brew empty Tea Bags are an indispensible
item for packaging your custom tea blends. Available in a 50-pack of small 2.5-inch x
2.75-inch tea bags. A very fun and economical way to share any
herbal formulas you create. To begin packaging your teas and herbs, remove
the empty tea bags from the 50-pack. Our tea filter paper is the same tea paper
that is used by the largest tea companies in the United States. In fact, there are only two major suppliers
of tea filter paper in the world. The tea paper is made from a special blend
of thermoplastic fibers, cellulosic fibers, and abaca also known as Manila hemp. Tea bags are compostable, but not biodegradable. They are not bleached by chemicals. Using a spoon or scoop, fill the tea bags
with the teas or herbs of your choice. Do not overfill. Tea bags need to be sealed with heat and pressure. Making certain that no herbs or teas are between
the heat-sensitive seams, simply press with an appropriate heating device such as a curling
iron, heat sealer, or clothing iron set to cotton. Firmly press to seal. Your custom tea is now ready for brewing. Press ‘N’brew Bags are also available
in larger sizes, including 5 inches x 3.75 inches. Perfect for herbal packs, such as lavender. To get started packaging your unique tea blends
and herbal packs, order your Press ‘N’brew Bags today. Be sure to check out the hundreds of other
herbs, spices, teas and herbal supplies available from the Monterey Bay Spice Company’s online
store at

21 thoughts on “Make Your Own Tea Bags

  1. How are they compostable but not biodegradable? I thought you couldn't have one without the other. Anyone?

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  3. I am from Bangladesh, how can I get these empty tea bags from Bangladesh and how much will it cost per thousand

  4. "Thermal plastic fibres". 😐 so off putting. Compostable but not bio-degradable?.. checking all my store bought teabags right away.

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