Make your own tea for STRESS and WRINKLES with backyard plants

Make your own tea for STRESS and WRINKLES with backyard plants

100 thoughts on “Make your own tea for STRESS and WRINKLES with backyard plants

  1. Hi Markus, I have read 2 of your books and also have the DVD set with Gary Tibbo. My question is will boiling the pine needles kill the living enzymes? ? Also which of your books have the most information re hair loss ?? thank you !!

  2. Thank you Markus! I am SO doing this! I would LOVE to pick from the wild with the pine. Any thoughts/advice on Australian pine trees though… otherwise I'll most likely be heading to a health food store or Market as you recommended. Thank you!! 🙂 X

  3. I'm on the East Coast and there are no Asian markets nearby and if you know of any that are reputable can you please let us know? Thanks=) Do you have a bookie wookie or a webpage?

  4. HI MARKUS ,I LOVE YOUR LIFSTYLE ,i want to beginn row food but i do not how .pls could you help me how can i start.thank you very much

  5. +Markus Rothkranz Hi, I'm new here but so ready!!! I'm shocked. Will anything help my deep scarring in my face from cystic acne? I'm 30 I've been trying to get rid of the holes for years. Now I'm a mommy & She noticed I don't want to embarrass her ever . I already embarres myself. I hardly leave the house. (Ance pretty clear but the marks / scars are unbearable to live with.

  6. I think it is a good idea, but would not cook the ingredients for 20 minutes. Bringing it to a boil kills the vitamin C, and cooking it that long would kill all beneficial ingredients. I think that I would use 1/3 of that amount of each item that he did, or less, cut them up with a knife on a cutting board, then use water that was almost to a boiling point, and let steep 6 minutes.  Use a small plate over one's coffee cup to catch the chemicals going up in steam, as that also costs one valuable ingredients in herbal tea.  Lemon balm is another easy grow invasive herb, that is an antiviral, which might help the taste of this.

  7. Hello Markus
    I just Started watching your videos and Honestly I am Impressed.
    I have a question for you though!!
    did you study these yourself or have you been studying in an institution ?

  8. Another really outstanding video Markus!  I finally have some pine needles!  Going to make your original recipe today…  I was wondering if you could juice pine needles, so I searched and came across this video; I want to try it, what do you think, is there any reason why I should not drink raw pine needle juice?

  9. Wow!!! What an amazing video! I can't wait to try this! I have already been using licorice root extract because I put it into my homemade eyes cream to reduce my dark circles. I will look for this type of licorice next time I am at my local Asian supermarket. Thanks Markus! 🙂

  10. Honestly, who the heck has huge pots o' rosemary just happening out the backdoor? Just say the truth and say "grow some" and go from there.

  11. This is the first of your videos I've ever come across, and I loved it! Thanks Markus, I'll be watching more.

  12. Can the licorice root ever cause stomach cramps and diarrhea? Something sweet in Aveda's tea does it to me, and I think that's it.

  13. Hi Marcus,
    What do you thing of a fruit called graviola. I read about it as a cancer and about 70 other internal diseases healer. Can you please make a video about it if you get to try this fruit. I bought the tea and the caps of it to give my mom because she has breast cancer. I hope it really helps as a lot of people who tried it.

  14. which one of your books go into details about herb preparation like what herb needs to be dried out so that the toxic constituents can dissipate ???

  15. Markus, I've been making this tea for a few months now. I've just learned that vitamin c is destroyed by heat. If we are boiling this, isn't the vitamin c being destroyed? Should I just grind the pine needles and put them in my smoothie instead? Please advise? Thanks!

  16. Hi markus, I made my own pine needle powder from drying out pine needles. If you had to guess, about how many mg of vitamin C would be in a tablespoon of this powder? A guess would be fine.

  17. Hi. Thanks for sharing this video!!! I have been trying to get off caffeine. This is a Godsend!! A great solution. Lots of Love Susan

  18. Wow, great info, Markus. I knew about licorice root but didn't realize pine needles had those benefits. I live across the street from a park with pine trees. (I think they're pine trees lol.)

  19. Markus, can you and Cara keep making videos like these? Ones about finding and using local wild plants.. they are some of my favorite videos of yours.

  20. Thanks! I remember chewing a licorice wooden stick as a child in Smithsonian, pretty tasty that way. I wonder if the pine and rosemary could be ground for something like a sauce.

  21. Another concern i recently learned from another you Tuber is ALL shipments through the u.S. postal service are radiated, which means that ant herbs we order that come in the mail will lose its useful properties, thus we end up wasting our money whether it's fresh or in capsules. It's also the same with herbs shipped in from other countries. UPS doesn't radiate shipments within the U.S. so what we can't find locally we need to make sure it is UPS shipped and not USPS.

  22. Markus, we are your fans! However, did you change your approach to Vit C and "other beautiful" elements which we could get from the tea? We are raw foodists, and willing to learn, even more, however everywhere we look it says: Vit C and B are lost from food after heating them above 40 C. Could you give us your point of view now, after 6-7 years, when you recorded this video? Love and Peace <3

  23. You are the best of best. I am building a website, I tell everyone about you, but when I get my web site done I can earn money also by telling everyone about u. Fantastic.

  24. Hi Markus! I bought licorice root and just noticed it was sprayed with Sulfer Dioxide. Would you still make it in a tea?

  25. Quick question: if cooking food at temperatures higher than 118 degrees F kills the nutrients, should we be concerned about boiling these ingredients? Should we watch the temperature and reduce to simmer as soon as the water hits 118 degrees? Just curious…

  26. Have tried this and come up with one idea! If you cut the needles with a scissor before you boil them, it will be even more effective because the oil form the needles get out into the water easier! Thanks Markus! 🙂

  27. Dear Markus, with all due respect from Siberia. I would like you to clarify one monent. Our Russian herbalists say that we can not take lacorice for more than 3 days, especially for men. What would you say?

  28. Thank you so much dearest sweeties💐
    You're such an inspiration 🙏😇
    Stay Blessings always 🕉💖

  29. I really need to assemble these ingredients!
    We've become so In-Doctor-Nated to want for expensive pills, potions and lotions when what we really need is literally starting us in the face and anyone can afford it!

  30. Markus… your skin looks better now in 2018 than in this video from 2011!! You must be doing something different today than what you were doing in 2011?!

  31. I wish we had an Asian Market the closest is about a hour away. We do have an Indian Market but told me nothing is organic.

  32. i believe i see a pine tree in the parking lot by the church i go to. But i don't know if i should pick the pine needles from this tree because alot of cars drive by it and am concerned about the toxins that might be absorbed into the herb. Do you know if it will still be okay to consume?

  33. Markus, I'm going to go to my Asian store tomorrow. I'm still reading your book. I'm on page 59. I have been taking notes and reading and watching your videos as they come up in your book all day today. I'm studying HARD to know what I need to accomplish in order to get healthier!!! 🙂 Again thank you! I dearly appreciate your shared wisdom! I'm excited to get even more healthier! I was going at it slow…and I cut out meat now for around 3 months. Now I am excited and I'm making a drastic change in my diet for the good. I'm ready to feel the best I have in my life!

  34. Hi Marcus. Does the heat from boiling not kill the nutritional value (life force) as it does food? Obviously over 45° when boiling. Also love you guys. Appreciate all your advice and implement it every day. Bought the uncooked book. Amazing!

  35. Thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge i luv the energy and honesty that exudes from within u youre always so happy so inspiring 🌹🌹

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