Making AeroPress Coffee With Alan Adler (the inventor) | AEROPRESS MOVIE

Making AeroPress Coffee With Alan Adler (the inventor) | AEROPRESS MOVIE

people first get open the box and take up their arrow press it looks like this we get people who call us on the telephone and ask us what to do of course what you do is you pull it apart so you take a filter put it in the cap put it on the chamber put that on the mug I like to use a clear mug so I can see the flow and we’ll do a pressing of one-and-a-half scoops you can do whatever you like and would you like to come in close on this grind and see about what I’m using if this was an American coffee I would add water to between two and three and I look at the numbers to print it on the outside but I look through the Aeropress at the level of water if I were making an espresso drink like a latte for example I would use water equal to the number of scoops so that’s what I’ll do today sometimes when you add the coffee it’s not level in the chamber and you put the water in and it flows straight through so look in the chamber and if it’s not level just give it a shake like that it’s very easy and then it’s good to add the water very slowly and move the kettle around slightly because if you add the water very quickly sometimes it drills a hole right through the coffee a little bit of drip will go through during this time it doesn’t matter people worry about that they think because they didn’t push it through its weakening the coffee it’s not just let a few drops go through there I stir for about 10 seconds then I insert the plunger and what I like to do is use the weight of my arm to press like this or I can use the weight of two arms but if you press gently you’ll get the quickest pressing and the quickest pressing will be the sweetest if you press hard the coffee will compress and block the flow and the what time will be longer and the coffee will be more bitter now the champ of the plunger is all the way down move the Aeropress normally at this time I would expel it into the trash but I’m going to do it here so you can see what the puck looks like that’s what the used coffee looks like now I move over to the sink that’s the entire cleanup that’s all you need to do I just brush it off under the running water the plunger has pushed all the way through to the point where the seal is free it’s not being pressed and I’ll leave it just like that until the next time I make coffee now at this point we have a one and a half espresso if we wanted to drink American coffee I would add water if we wanted to drink a latte I would add milk and then I put the whole thing in the microwave oven for one minute and that’ll warm it up to a nice drinking temperature now a good temperature to during coffee is of about a hundred and thirty Fahrenheit this is a hundred and seventy five so if I was going to make an American coffee I’d put in about half one seventy-five about half sixty this is about 115 it’s a little cooler than some people like but tastes good to me I never really made peace with the bitterness and coughing and I just really got to love coffee much more when I learned how to brew it without bitterness this way

27 thoughts on “Making AeroPress Coffee With Alan Adler (the inventor) | AEROPRESS MOVIE

  1. I’ve been a coffee geek, with Aeropress, for about 10 years, give or take. I roasted my own beans for 5 of those years, then started buying bags of whole bean coffee and grinding them. I own 3 AP units. One of them now retired because of plastic fatigue represented by striations in the plastic water tube section and a ballooning of the section about midway from the top. That fatigue should be expected after so many cups of coffee per day consumed by me and HERSELF.

    Being a true coffee geek and retired, I make the coffee filters, too.

    Simply stated, the Aeropress makes a consistent cup of quality coffee — morning, noon, and night. Without hassle or worry. My next project is to use the coffee pucks for growing mushrooms in the basement.

  2. If you like Alan Adler and this video, you should check out our documentary:

  3. I love how everybody makes a science out of brewing coffee with the Aeropress. Well, everybody except Alan Adler. The way he just adds hot and cold water to the drink or even the mentioning of the microwave would totally confuse the self-called coffee specialists 😉

  4. Anyone else disturbed by the extra loud swallowing sound? Did they have a microphone in his throat??

    Great coffee from the aeropress, as always.

  5. Being an Over The Road Driver, I love the simplicity of his invention… and the minimalist approach… I use it almost every day for a good cup of coffee in my Truck or my Home!!!

  6. How does the 175 F water temp suggested for the Aeropress square with the general rule of brewing coffee at a water temp between 195 F and 205 F?

  7. I've used an areopress for about 4 years , (prismo attachment last year and a half) and to this day it is still teaching me new things daily .. by far the greatest thing to ever happen to coffee

  8. I was skeptical about his method at first, but I have come to really enjoy what you might call the box stock aeropress brew. it is really fast, clean and efficient to brew using his method.

  9. I just got an aeropress and followed these instructions and ahhhhh a truly delicious cup of coffee in no time and the easiest clean up. Finally an actually easy & flavourful way to brew organic fair trade decaf! I'm very happy.

  10. I'd like to know what he thinks of the inverted method. I guess he doesn't care for it as he doesn't mind some coffee going through before pressing.

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