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It’s quite buttery and then its got the
citrusy edge of the lemon. Mmmh. You know, it’s the sort of chocolate cake… … that a very good home chef would bake. It’s raining here in Mysuru and we are here at the 105-year-old Chittaranjan Princess Palace… … which now houses the Green Hotel. And we are here to experience… … a very special culinary enterprise and this one’s called The Malgudi Coffee Shop. Even as I step into the Green Hotel… … and find my way to The Malgudi Coffee Shop… … I think, I must just let my nose… … take me in the direction of the coffee shop because all that I smell in the air… … is the sweet aroma of something freshly baked. Wow! You know, stepping in here is like
stepping back in time… … and that’s the feeling that you get as
you look around you. High ceilings, ornate lamps, sepia prints,
antique furniture. It just feels like you’ve stepped back in time. So, I’m told that The Malgudi Coffee Shop… … to allow them the opportunity to have a livelihood. And that’s the reason why The Malgudi Coffee Shop was established about 10 years ago. And I’m told they serve up some delicious bakes and that’s what we are here to try. Hello! What’s your name?
– Shoba. Shoba. Alright. So, Shoba what’s the most popular (cake)…? – Lemon Drizzle.
Lemon Drizzle, alright. So, we will definitely try one of the Lemon Drizzle and then what else? What else should we try? – Date and Walnut. Date and Walnut. So we will try the Lemon Drizzle, the Date and Walnut Cake. Alright, so we will also try a slice of the Chocolate Cake. Okay, thank you. So, we’ve just ordered our bakes to go with some Mysore Filter Coffee. I just love the setting here! So, you’re
sitting in a courtyard… … which is open to sky… It’s raining on us right now but then you’ve got these beautiful plants. It’s such a beautiful setting, it feels like you can sit here, probably for a few hours… … you know, with a book, with a friend… … and just be. I just love the setting of this place! – Chocolate Cake. The Chocolate Cake. – Lemon Drizzle.
The Lemon Drizzle. And the… – Date and Walnut.
Date And Walnut. So you bake all this here?
– Yes. So, how long have you been baking? Okay, very good. Thank you. So, I was just speaking to Shoba. So the cakes that she served me here… … she, along with her colleagues… … lady colleagues, they are the ones who bake these cakes and they are the ones who serve it as well. So, she doesn’t have any training, other than the training that she received here at… … Malgudi Coffee Shop to bake these cakes. Oh! They smell divine, they smell so wonderful! Aah! So, I’ve got three cakes here. So this is the
Lemon Drizzle… … the Date and Walnut and the Chocolate Cake. And I’m told that the Lemon Drizzle is… … the most popular. Mmmh! It’s quite buttery and then it’s got the
citrusy edge of the lemon. It’s quite a crumbly cake though. … comforting when you taste that cake. This is the Date and Walnut cake. It slices cleanly all the way through. I like it when a cake holds itself. So, you’ve got the dates, you’ve got the walnut and you’ve got that… … delicious looking, deep brown crust. Mmmh! You can certainly taste the… … flavour of the date in this one. As delicately flavoured… … when it comes to the nutty date flavours. – Mysore filter coffee.
Thank you very much. Mmmh! I can certainly smell the heady
aroma of the coffee. This coffee has some terrific body! You can taste the… … fullness of the coffee… … the lemon drizzle… … and savour it with that coffee. Oh! This feels so good! Time now to taste the Chocolate Cake. So, there aren’t too many things on offer here. So, you just probably have three or four cakes. But what’s special is that each of these cakes has been lovingly baked… … by the ladies out there who run the enterprise… … and the chocolate cake is just one of them. Aah! This chocolate certainly feels dense. You’ve got all that chocolate right here. So, it’s dense and gooey. You know, it’s the sort of chocolate cake that a very good home chef would bake. It’s not fancy, it’s not pretentious. I’m sure there’s no exclusive, imported chocolate. … of women who come from lesser
privileged backgrounds. That’s a gooey chocolate cake. I feel like the chocolate has coated my entire mouth! So, I need some coffee to wash it down. You know, you could get so used to this. Just come here, order one of these cakes,
order a nice, strong… … Mysore Special Filter Coffee which is
quite nice in itself… … and just sit back and relax. What I’m also given to understand is that many of the ingredients that are used here… … whether it’s the coffee, whether it’s the tea… … they come from small farmers. So, they’re also trying to promote the
concept of fair trade. So, I think when you indulge… … in a cake, or a sandwich, or some coffee here at Malgudi Coffee Shop… … you’re not just savouring what’s on the plate… … but you’re also contributing to a larger cause. And I think that’s what makes… … a visit to Malgudi Coffee Shop a must-do when you’re here in Mysuru. If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to subscribe, share and leave a comment. If you’d like to support Food Lovers TV… … do log onto… … and hit the ‘Support Food Lovers’ banner. Links in the description below, happy eating!

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