McDonald’s® | Cold Brew Frozen Coffee | Food Review! ☕🥤❄️

McDonald’s® | Cold Brew Frozen Coffee | Food Review! ☕🥤❄️

welcome to peep this out reviews with Ian K stay frosty so the heat wave continues
here in Southern Cali and I’m here at McDonald’s right now to try and make it
a little bit more bearable by going in there all new cold brew frozen coffee
just looking at all this frozen whipped goodness that’s supposed to feature
smooth cold brew coffee with a little bit of cream and sugar sounds pretty
amazing right now guys so I’m not gonna waste any more time I’m going in right
now it’s the all new cold brew frozen coffee here at McDonald’s mmm Wow mmm smooth rich a little bit of that cream a little bit of light sweetness mmmm wow that is
heavenly a little deadly I gotta say guys that is really tasty
deadly heavenly tasty it’s all of those things and more and truth be told I’ve
always loved cold brew coffee over regular iced coffee I mean nothing
against regular iced coffee it’s just that cold brew is richer it’s
smoother being steeped for at least 10 to 12 hours gives you just a richer
flavor overall from the coffee bean itself compared to regular iced coffee
and considering regular iced coffee is made with just a filtered hot water type
of system this is actually a better way to do it guys you’re getting a lot more
full-bodied flavor because of the time it takes to prepare it it’s actually
mixed with purified water on top of it and then chilled there’s no harsh
grittiness it’s not bitter it’s just a very smooth rich flavor with a little
bit of sweetness on its own without anything extra but I got to say guys the
Mickey D’s version is pretty awesome even with a little bit of sugar thrown
in mmm man that is really nice and yeah it does have a little bit of cream in it
so of course it’s gonna be creamy anyway but you can really taste the difference
in the coffee itself I love getting the iced coffees here at McDonald’s and I
can definitely tell the difference in this one very smooth very rich and I’m
definitely gonna be getting this again mmmm
so on another insanely hot day here in Southern California I’m gonna have to
give the cold brew frozen coffee here at McDonald’s a rock-solid 9 out of 10
while I absolutely love the flavor on this one I think 3 bucks for a size like
this is just a little much this should be a little bit bigger for what you’re
getting here now granted I know the process that goes into this takes a
little bit longer but guys come on I think everybody’s got cold brew at this
point the prices should be just a little bit less especially for this size but hey
of course that’s just my opinion what do you guys think
you guys fans of cold brew in general and if you’ve tried the new versions
over here McDonald’s how do you think they compared to the other guys out
there drop some comments down below and definitely let me know and with that
said this is Ian K closing out another episode of peep this out and like I
always say I’ve got brand new content every single week here on my channel so
while you stay tuned for the next review coming real soon in the meantime stay
frosty so we’ve got another pulverizing week of heat coming our way and I’m only
sorry I waited this long to give this one a shot I wish I actually checked
this one out a little bit sooner but rest assured I am absolutely gonna be
back this coming week to get this one again alright guys until next time I’ll
talk to you soon

36 thoughts on “McDonald’s® | Cold Brew Frozen Coffee | Food Review! ☕🥤❄️

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  2. As a resident of socal myself, this heat definitely calls for a frozen cold brew! Great review as always brother!

  3. I never think about McD's when I wanna get something like this. Usually Dunkin's. This looks/sounds good though.

  4. Nice review looks creamy although I don't drink coffee but still looked like a rereshing cool drink for a coffee lover

  5. I’m a Dunkin’ addict but I do love this too! McD did great! Great review Ian!! Small is $2 here in Phoenix

  6. I love McDonalds blended coffees and ice coffees so the clod brew frozen ice coffee sounds so tasty will try it on the weekends from eating healthy during the week I don't drink coffee as much as I use to just on the weekends

  7. Look forward to your next food review! If you're getting into drink reviews, I'd lobby for Monster Khaos! It's different than other "energy drinks" in that it's mixed with juice.. addictive!

  8. I went to get one today and according to McDonalds it was a seasonal drink 🤬 cmon this was the best drink I had better than Starbucks i think. But nothing compares to Vietnamese coffee specially from. Lee sandwiches 😜

  9. Everyone needs to call McDonald’s headquarters and request that they keep the “Cold brew frozen coffee” on their menu. Here is the number: 800-244-6227

    Press #2, and then when prompted keep answering, “something else” until you are transferred to a representative.

    The rep I spoke with said lots of people are calling to request this product stay on the menu. So, please do your part and give them a call!

  10. I decided to try one when they first came out. After my first sip, I became addicted and bought one 2-3 a week. I was bummed to find out it was discontinued.

  11. I hate coffe but I loved their frozen brewed. Yep, past tense because for some sicko reason their aszes got rid of it😈 got me all addicted to it daily then poof, just like that it's gone! Like wtf was that all about?! Now I'm at home trying to make a copycat version and coming up short🤤

  12. This thing fell off the earth. It was so good, and everyone I suggested to try loved it but it just disappeared amd its like no one but me noticed

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