Moccamaster Factory Tour (Building Your Favorite Filter Coffee Maker)

Moccamaster Factory Tour (Building Your Favorite Filter Coffee Maker)

What’s up guys, it’s Radek and Ales from European Coffee Trip, we are visiting Netherlands and right behind us, there is a Moccamaster Factory. This is exciting because we’ll be spending the whole day inside of the factory, learning all about the production of the Moccamaster. So take a look! Watch it! Technivorm Moccamaster is the company with such a history. They started already in 1964 so obviously first we came to the people and asked about a history, about the background and what was the beginning of the journey like. Technivorm was founded in 1964 and we started with quite different products than Moccamasters Mr. Smit, actually my father-in-law he was an industrial designer in his younger days and he also was very eager to start his own company and then so in 1964 he came to that point he had developed a coffee grinder It was a blade grinder with a ventilator behind and he definitely want to build it so he did and then there was no coffee maker by the time and in 1968 Douwe Egberts had the first coffee maker. That was a brand from Germany which is not existing anymore. Then Gerard said I can make you a better one and that’s what he did and that’s how it started. Right now, we’ll show you the very first Moccamaster that was built It’s right here, I will show you. It was developed in 1968 and put on the market in 1969 so this is the one and it was actually built and designed by Mr. Smit himself. Really cool, right? The current model of course which probably is known by most of the people as the Moccamaster 741 was launched at 1974. We have had some other models, but this is the evergreen, this is the icon actually which is the core of our company. We know from Scandinavia that it’s even more than four and a half million pieces in daily use, every day and then we count on the rest of the world on the rest of the markets probably it’s up to seven million at least. Well, we hope to build out 10 million’s in this year. So we learned there will be 10 million of Moccamasters made very very soon So now is the right time to check out inside of the factory and see how are they made? Production, of course you have several steps, several stages which come up. It all starts, of course with your suppliers, you select your suppliers, you have a quality control of raw materials you get in. The raw materials will go to either directly to the assembly department or the machinery, how we call it. One of the first thing they have to do in the Moccamaster factory is to create an aluminum housing and that’s happening behind me where they cut the right pieces for that. So this copper element is the one of the most important part of the Moccamaster. It makes sure that you will get a water in the right temperature and stable all over the brewing, so that’s really important. For the right brewing, it’s about contact time and it’s about temperature. You can imagine if the temperature is too low, so it has to be average between 92 and 96 degrees when you overheat your water you will burn the coffee so it will be bitter, when the water is too cold, you will have more sour coffee actually so to achieve the perfect brew you have to have a steady temperature and well, with our full copper brewing element we can achieve it. Copper is expensive, so it’s a more expensive product than aluminium for example but to ensure the best quality of the coffee then copper should be the product to use in that perspective. After producing these technical parts, they will go to the assembly and assembly of course is the biggest work. There we put all the parts together and we have a few steps in this process by which we test the quality of the product we are making. So basically if you look at assembly, it takes about 15 to 20 minutes and then I’m not sure about the total steps involved but I would say, more or less like 20 to 25 minutes to make one machine at the moment, we currently are making around 2100-2200 machines on one day, on average. It’s incredible from how many small parts Moccamasters are built most of them are actually from either build here or sourced from suppliers in Netherlands, Germany or in the Europe so most of it actually comes from Europe. This is so cool. Handmade and in Europe. So we start with the screening, which is basically printing some ink on the column and on the base of the machine Then we go to the next step where the base of the machine is made so with the side handles to make sure that you can lift the machine up, the whole hot plate, where the glass carafe is placed so that can be heated and then we go to a next step which is the preparation and in the preparation we build a column with a boiling element and the cold water container and that part is basically then individually tested before it goes to the next step which is then at the end of a production line itself where then the base and the column are combined, screwed together and all the switches and all the wires are attached. We do a test at the end to make sure that the machine should be working, okay and then we go to a final step, basically the testing of the machine where we test each machine on a high voltage on, if it’s got enough power. So it’s all for sure and safe for the customer to use and then we do a final check which is a visual check to see that there are no scratches or any problems involved. and then it’s packed with all the requirements to make a good cup of coffee and then it is packed and go to a distribution where it’s sent to the customer. If there’s any failure then basically all the parts we are using can be exchanged so then we go to a repair department where each and every machine is tested again what’s going wrong with machine, we change or we exchange basically the part which is wrong, and it’s going back in the process. It’s going back to the different testing again, and then it should be okay, and it goes to the customer. It’s a challenge to if you say okay, we only go for quality that’s a challenge also because when your sales increase, you need to buy more raw materials if your supplier up to to also grow with you. We have to do a lot of effort to keep up the production and a lot of people are involved but we sticked to our philosophy, building good filter coffee makers and that’s what we are good in and we will remain good in it. I think when you ask people who already have one, they say it’s a friend for life It will serve you every morning the coffee you want. So we spent the whole day at Technivorm Moccamaster here in Netherlands, and it was amazing, we learned a lot. Thanks for watching if you liked the video, subscribe, smash the like button and we will see you in the next episode. See you next time. Next week!

19 thoughts on “Moccamaster Factory Tour (Building Your Favorite Filter Coffee Maker)

  1. Loved the video, good work guys! Proud to be a Moccamaster family member and see my grandpa's work shine in your video 😃

  2. Hello Guys, great video and great know-how of TechniVorm thank you!
    We speak a lot of the MoccaMaster but TechniVorm has several products, what do you think of the others? Especially the KBGT741 which as the advantage of the isothermal pot.

  3. Got my KBG741 yesterday.. i live in The Netherlands and did not even know about this lovely brand but i'm a fan now. Got my freshly roasted coffee in from Blanche Dael. And my first 6cups of coffee this morning.. in one word Awsome !6cups in less then 2min or something it was so fast and great taste.. Enjoyed your coverage guys and i'm proud to buy European build and assembled locally i agree with the text on the box from Gerard C. Smit saying life is too short for bad coffee.!

  4. The upgraded shower head still doesn't evenly saturate the coffee beyond brewing half a liter. The pour is very center based. Which is not the best for extraction. You have a big hole in the middle while the coffee on the outside doesnt get as saturated during extraction. Quick stir in the first minute usually solves this issue but this should be improved with design.

  5. Hi guys bit of an update.. Last time i commented i had just got my MoccaMaster in.
    After getting the KBGT741 with glass carafe because my electric MokaPot was overheating my coffe and it tasted bitter. Granted i used normal supermarket coffee still a well known brand dutch brand called "douwe egberts" but unlike most i knew that there is no such thing as fresh coffee when buying it from a supermarket that doesn't roast it for you.. Looking in to what coffee is and how one should / could drink it. i found out that it's best to consume it inside 4weeks after it has bin roasted. obviously anything shorter would be better. The whole story / fable behind grinding it last minute is just meant to confuse us as consumers. No need to have a PhD to understand that after you cook/roast something the clock starts ticking on how long it lasts. only thing i did find is that it's arguably / debatable that not grinned roasted coffee could possibly hold more oils then the grinned variety.
    So i have gone all out hahaha.. from €12 ($15) per kilo coffee (35ounce) i went to double the price around €24 (shipping ads €5 so that's why)
    And now i weigh my coffee. The MoccaMaster is amazing.. The taste / smell of real fresh coffee is amazing..
    only real problem i have is that i probably need to buy the one cup machine because when i'm alone it's to big.. And the one cup machine is the like the same price as the bigger one..
    Also the one shown here has the basket that is suited for less cups.. i only brew 4cups max at one time.. for my wife and me.. the min would be 2cups it's doable but i don't know if the brew time would be correct brewing at those levels..

  6. Everything about this coffee maker is great except the shower head. When you brew half a liter it's okay. But in a full batch 1 – 1.25 liters the pour is center heavy and the outside layer of coffee doesn't get saturated. Wish that piece was redesigned.

  7. Is there an iconic Moccamaster colour? I’m tempted to say orange for obvious reasons. Any suggestions? If it was a car what would be its quintessential colour?

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