Morning Coffee Talk with Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot

Morning Coffee Talk with Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot

Marcia: Good morning. Marcia: Are you drinking coffee? Marcia: Coffee. Morning! Marcia: Good morning! [beep sound] Marcia: Good morning. Are you drinking some coffee? Marcia: Mmmmhhh… Talking to birdie! Marcia: Talking to birdie. Marcia: OK God bless you! Marcia: God bless you, sweetie! Good morning! Marcia: Good morning! Marcia: Einstein, what are we going to do today? God bless you! Marcia: OK. Morning… Marcia: Good morning. Sneezing. – God bless you! Marcia: God bless you! What the dog? … Woof, woof. Good girl. Marcia: Awww, good girl. Marcia: Clean it up! What´s a roos? Marcia: Cock-a-doodle-doo! Cock-a-doodle-doo!!! Marcia: Good girl! [telephone sound] Marcia: Telephone! Marcia: What´s a turkey? Gobble, gobble, gobble! Marcia: Good girl! Marcia: Achoo! God bless you! Marcia: Good girl! Marcia: You can have a treat for that. Marcia: Good girl. Talking birdie. Marcia: You talking birdie. Come on, come see me! Up! Marcia: Good job!

100 thoughts on “Morning Coffee Talk with Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot

  1. She is a doll!
    My own 19 yr. old Grey, Conrad,  is sitting on my shoulder watching the video.  
    I know I had tears of joy running down my face and he says, "Daddy watching Birdie!  Conrad watching Birdie!  I love you, Birdie!  Now, whatsa matter, Daddy Michael?"

  2. She talks so clearly. Whenever I hear these birds talk I can't really understand them but Einstein sounds just like you 🙂 does it depend on the bird or is it the way you trained her to talk?

  3. You've an extraordinary bird!!So clever and funny and free all the time!  the only thing…why can't she fly? That's a real pity..

  4. Aww Einstein is so cute! 🙂 I've been thinking about getting an African Grey when I am older when I'll have lots of time to socialize with it. 🙂

  5. I love Einstein she is a very clever little bird, especially when she is telling you your a good girl for getting the sounds

  6.  I love parrots and birds in general. However it is sad when you see him trying to get his wings going. They are meant to be free.

  7. I understand some people's concerns about clipping the wings of birds but it can be a SERIOUS gamble if you choose not to. Birds can fly into/out windows, onto hot cooking surfaces, into walls, into waiting predators, etc. Einstein's flapping and stretching is actually a sign of comfort and social display. These people have most certainly done their birdie research and devote quite a lot of time and $$ to her happiness. She has stands, toys, and a lot of different rooms for stimulation and exercise. I 100% believe Einstein is  very happy with her current state, flying or not, as shown by her chatter, beautiful feathers, and pretty much everything about her life because she is one spoiled baby! 😉 As she should be!

  8. I love your parrot you have inspired me to buy a parrot . I bought a parrot a African grey and his name is Alex and very lovable

  9. Wow Einstein is amazing. I have a grey named Howie, but Howie is a girl. Got her when she was 3 months, now she is 31. I found out about a year ago that I should have a bed for her so she can rest her feet. To my surprise she takes naps on her blanket. Wish Howie talked as clearly as Einstein. You have a lot of patience and it shows. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Einstein your just Soooooooo cute I watch your videos every day cause I completely love your parrot 😉

  11. hi Einstein remember kiwi and snowflake well they got a new friend her name is Bella and she is a yellow headed cockatiel we say hi -Kiwi,Snowflake, and Bella

  12. The parrot I had when I grew up could say :Chico koka kaffe" meaning Chico making coffee" 😀 this bird is so cute and it really sound like a girl cool !

  13. Not coffee even though coffee beans are in their habitats, but barbecue? Are you sure, you've got it right?

  14. So I'm confused is Einstein a girl or boy? Because in your description you mention he's a boy but in the video you call her a girl

  15. Good morning and good night Einstein had to see you before I went to sleep. Maybe I'll dream about you. And do you have some pretty crazy dreams I'll let you know if I do

  16. The whole coffee/caffeine issue is misunderstood with parrots at least. I read a blog by an exotic bird vet who answered this very question and many seem to think that parrots are particularly sensitive to caffeine. They are no more sensitive than humans. It is just that it is easy to forget that the average parrot weighs a fraction of an adult human. Therefore, they can tolerate caffeine at this proportion.I learned this when one morning I was grinding beans and let one accidentally drop on the floor in front of my Grey. She was on it before I could react and chewing to beat the band. I tried to extricate it, but it was too late. I feared for her life, but ultimately, she did get a bit hyper, but felt no ill effects. In fact, it made her a bit of an addict. I then got her decaff beans to eat and she was fine eating several even though even these contain traces of caffeine. She loves coffee beans!

  17. We all do these things for "MY" or " OUR" happiness. we think keeping a bird inside home and feeding him properly , cutting his feathers , locking him in a cage is So good for a bird. But has any bird told that they are happy like that? We human assume what we r doing right now is the best for the Bird. But he is best at its first place, the jungle, natural environment.. We only concern about us..

  18. I enjoy Einstein's, video,s.and love watching these. I didn,t have access to watch them then.The baby is so pretty and smart.Thank you for allowing other,s to be part of Einstein's journey. GOD BLESS YOUR HEART AND SOUL,BEAUTIFUL FAMILY.

  19. What a good polite bird i thought einstine is a boy cause of the name. But mama said good girl what ever dosent really matter

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