Moroccan mint tea // Moroccan whiskey // The real authentic recipe / How to prepare and serve tuareg

Moroccan mint tea // Moroccan whiskey // The real authentic recipe / How to prepare and serve tuareg

hi this is beau under oath and authentic world food I’m in a tiny village in the middle at last in work up when the Sun is going down it gets pretty cold here so it’s the best time for a cup of a nice warm working whiskey no I’m not talking about alcohol of course but about Martin T merkel t is more than just a drink it’s a symbol of hospitality a way how local show their respect to others as well the sweeter the tea is and the higher is the level they pour the tea from put to a glass the bigger respect a show towers the guests the way of preparation and serving the certain amount of tea amount of helps and sugar all these are key success factors for the real Martin whiskey so let’s move to a souk in banana village where they are real tea expensive the tedious is a Chinese green tea gunpowder this was my favorite brand which was pretty strong too first they bring water to a boil then they put 1 tablespoon of tea into a pot and pour just a small amount of boiling water to the pot they swear like trendy tea and set aside for a few seconds meanwhile they can warm up some bread on the charcoal then they describe the water fill the pot with boiling water to the top and put on burning charcoal uncovered as soon as it starts boiling again they cover it with lid and let it boil for about 2 minutes this is very unlike most of green tea preparations around the world as usually the water temperature for green tea is between 60 to 80 degrees of Celsius another important step are the fresh herbs and loads of sugar if it’s cold like now they do not see use named Sheba which is wormwood and it warms you up first they put Sheba into hot water and only later put into the team and look at the amount of sugar or sometimes they use just a few pistols of sheffrin wiggity but isn’t very common as saffron is the most expensive spice in the world or they use lemon verbena which has lemon like flavor or star anise but the most common ones are wormwood lemon verbena and mint of course in the afternoon it got pretty hot so they started to serve tea with mint as mint cools you down first they put mint into the tea then sugar and mix it but nervous spoon as one would expect they mix it by pouring from the pot to the glasses and back a few times firstly to mix it secondly to I write it to cool it down as well and as I said at the beginning the hate from which a prodigy from depends on how the guest is important for them Merkin tea is served in glasses and usually even if you order just tea for one you get two glasses it’s a sign of Merton hospitality and it’s very common that somebody you have never met before invites you for a cup and it’s good to know it’s implied to refuse if you would like to buy Mercanti default glasses or saffron check links in the description as usual written recipe is available on button t word food at home website and if you want to see some work for my food and travel adventures follow me on social media thank you for watching and subscribe if you like the channel

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  1. Hey Bo! What you are doing is so awesome. I'm just wondering how you approach people to stay with them? How does one stay with locals. I totally understand why you do it, it is hard to get a true experience while staying at a hotel. I just found your youtube channel today, and I love it!!

    Keep it up! 🙂

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