Nespresso Citiz – How to Video – Descaling

Nespresso Citiz – How to Video – Descaling

Before we begin please note that these
scaling your city’s machine will take around 15 minutes Ensure there is no
capsule inside the machine by lifting and closing the lever Also empty the
drip tray and used capsule container Fill the water tank with one unit of
Nespresso descaling liquid and add 500 millilitres of fresh drinking water Place a container of minimum 1 liter under the coffee outlet Turn the machine
on by pushing one of the two buttons And wait for the machine to be fully ready To enter these scaling mode press both espresso and lungo buttons for 3
seconds Both lights blink Now press the lungo button and wait until the water
tank is empty Refill the water tank with the descaling solution collected in the container Start again by placing the container back under the coffee outlet and pressing the lungo button Wait for the water tank to be empty Now rinse the water tank and fill it with fresh drinking water It will then be necessary
to do a rinsing cycle To do so empty the water container Place it back under the coffee outlet and finally press the lungo button Wait for the water tank to
be empty you can now accept the descaling mode To do so Press both the
espresso and the lungo buttons for 3 seconds Your machine is now ready to use Thank you for watching this tutorial should you need more information please

17 thoughts on “Nespresso Citiz – How to Video – Descaling

  1. Hello, I just did a descaling and followed the video, everything went just as explained except….for at the end.
    I pressed both espresso and lungo buttons for 3 secs to exit mode but the buttons just continue to flash.
    I turned off the machine with the side button, then turned back on but both buttons continue to flash.
    Can you advise please.
    Thank you

  2. Have a Turmix Citiz TX 170, followed this guide, now both leds keep flashing slowly. Unpluged – Repluged – same…

  3. I did everything exactly as described. It appears to get into descaling mode but I have to keep pressing the lungo button because it stops.

  4. Is it just mine or every machine makes lots of noise when using it? I descaled it and now its making grinding noises and still super loud.

  5. When I push both buttons for 3 seconds the machine goes off. If I just push the lungo button long enough, it that descaling, too? Otherwise, I don't know how to put it in descaling mode, it's not working.

  6. Hi, how many times am I supposed to perform this descaling cycle? Consider I make a couple of coffees per day.

  7. Thank you so much for this very helpful video. How often should I do this process? And how big of an impact does it have on the taste? Do I have to descale my machine even though my coffee tastes just fine?

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