Nespresso Citiz – How to Video – Programming Coffee Sizes

Nespresso Citiz – How to Video – Programming Coffee Sizes

[Music] your machine is pre-programmed to obtain the best in cup result predefined settings our espresso 40 milliliters and an go 110 milliliters you can reprogram your machine according to your tastes to do so ensure your machine is on and the water tank is filled with fresh drinking water open the lever completely and insert the capsule close the lever now press and hold the selected coffee button the machine starts brewing when the desired volume is reached release the button your desired water volume is now stored thank you for watching this tutorial should you need more information please visit Nespresso comm [Music]

One thought on “Nespresso Citiz – How to Video – Programming Coffee Sizes

  1. My Citiz stopped making my specific size cup of espresso. I did everything except reprogram it (since I didn't know you could.) This video helped big time!!!

  2. Love this machine, it produces excellent expresso and love the frother.>>> You can use the pressurized baskets if you don't want to work to hard on the grind or you can really dial it in to get a perfect God shot with the single wall non pressurized baskets. I do wish that it came with an optional parnerello to make the frothing a little easier for those that don't know how to use a frother. That bieng said it just takes a little practice to learn the technique. Produces a nice dry Puck once you get the grind right. All in all I like the machine and look forward to years of service as it seems well built. Grinder produces a good fine expresso grind as well

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