Nespresso Lattissima: Cup Size Programming

Welcome to this Nespresso Assistance video on cup size programming. In order to get as close as possible to your personal expectations on the desired volume of your Espresso or Lungo, follow the same programming steps for Lattissima Premium. It functions in the same way as your Lattissima machine. On all automatic Nespresso machines, you’ll find an “Espresso” and a “Lungo” button which are programmable in the same manner as for your machine. Turn on your machine and wait till the buttons stop blinking. Open the lever and insert a Nespresso capsule. Close the lever. To program the desired volume for an Espresso, press and maintain pressure on the “Espresso” button. To program the desired volume for a Lungo, press and maintain pressure on the “Lungo” button. As soon as the cup is filled as you desire, release the button. Your machine is now programmed. From this moment on, with one press on the button, the coffee will automatically flow to the desired volume. You can now continue to enjoy our range of Grand Crus specifically designed to optimise the extraction quality of your machine, and guarantee the ultimate Nespresso coffee quality, cup after cup.

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