NEW Cocaine Energy Drink Product Review. Cocaine BLACK energy drink! Most caffeinated energy drink!

NEW Cocaine Energy Drink Product Review. Cocaine BLACK energy drink! Most caffeinated energy drink!

Hey everybody, Caffeine Man here. Today,
I’m excited to say I’m going over the brand new flavor of Cocaine Energy Drink,
Cocaine Black. If you didn’t know, they actually have a mild version and a spicy
version and now they’re adding to their arsenal with black. And given it’s name,
Cocaine packs one heck of a punch. And what’s this? This is actually a 12 ounce can and this is an 8 ounce can. So why did they
come out with a 12 ounce can? It’s coming right up. INTRO: C *THUD M *THUD* *Lightning Strike!* Hello again everyone, thank you so much
for joining me today, and be sure to stay until the end of the video because I got
something special for you guys, or you can just fast-forward… no, no, no, don’t do
that! If you are new to my channel and you want to
stay informed on all things caffeine related, feel free to hit the subscribe
button. I post new videos every Tuesday night. If you’re not new to my channel,
you may already know that I did actually do a Cocaine video several months ago.
But, that was for the 8 ounce mild version. Today, I’m going over the brand
new flavor, Cocaine Black. In addition to that, they’re also switching from the 8 oz. can to a 12 oz. can. With all that going on, the switch from 8 oz to 12 oz and the release of the brand new black line, they decided to send me a couple of cans of each so that I can go over it with you. Now don’t tell them this, I was gonna buy these anyway! I’ll take them for free! So why the change from 8 oz to 12 oz? According to Redux Beverages, the popularity of the 8 oz can is plummeting. Due to less 8 ounce cans
being used in the beverage industry. It’s causing an increase in cost, as there are
fewer plants manufacturing the 8 ounce cans. It is so true! Red Bull started the
energy drink craze long ago and they started out with 8 ounce cans. Then as
more energy drinks popped up, they followed suit and did an 8 ounce can as
well. It wasn’t until monster hit the scene
that they came out with a 16 ounce can. And then there was Rockstar and now
there’s Bang, all in a 16 ounce can. And those that don’t come in a 16 ounce can.,
come in a 12 ounce can like Celsius and Aspire. Even Red Bull found a happy medium
with the 12 ounce can. By price point, they can’t compete with their 16 ounce,
because it’s just far too high. But, when they release all their different
flavors and special editions, they’re always in the 12 ounce can because the 8
ounce can is less popular. So when following with the trends, if you’re
going to be purchasing an energy drink and you have your choices of an 8 ounce
can, a 12 ounce can, or a 16 ounce can, which one are you gonna choose? Probably
not the 8 ounces. And if you’re going to be drinking Cocaine Drink, aren’t you happy to be getting more Cocaine Energy Drink? Now, the first time I tried cocaine… Wait that just sounded weird. The first time I tried Cocaine Energy Drink was in 2009. It was the spicy version and the person
that let me try it, didn’t let me know that it was the spicy version. Needless
to say, no doubt about it, I choked. I wasn’t expecting something so spicy! I
don’t think I’ve ever had a spicy drink before, let alone a spicy energy drink.
The spiciness was a little bit too much for me at the time, so I tried the sugar
free option that they had, which had a little less bite to it, and I was a big
fan. I definitely felt an energy boost. They eventually did away with the sugar
free option, because if you’re drinking Cocaine Energy Drink do you really care
about the sugar content of it? But then they came off the mild version. Now, if
you watched my first video you’ll know that this company had tons of problems
when it first started out. There was a whole bunch of controversy over it based
on its name, obviously. If you didn’t see that video, I highly recommend that you
check it out. I’ll include a card above and I’ll include a link down in the
description box as well, in case you want to watch it after this video. I mean, if
you like my content and you like my personality, you’re gonna love this video.
It’s informative, yet fun at the same time… and I’m drinking cocaine energy
drink in it, so you can imagine what’s gonna happen. Besides having fun, I also
go over the trials and tribulations that Redux Beverages had – if you haven’t
guessed it by now, Redux beverages is the name of the company that produces
Cocaine Energy Drink – so feel free to go check out all the legal issues that they
had in my first video. So what changed in the last 12 years since then? Not much! They’re still having a whole bunch of issues just because the name, 12 plus
years later! Go ahead and try to check them out on Facebook. They don’t have a
Facebook page. They did, but it got shut down not once, but twice, because of the
content. It wasn’t even that it was bad content, it was just the name that got it
shut down. Do you guys follow them on Instagram? No? Why not? They don’t have an Instagram account. Did
you check out their company on LinkedIn? Probably not, they’re not on LinkedIn
either. I bet you might have found them on Twitter, right? But they haven’t
tweeted in years. All because of the problems that they have when they try
and register their name, Cocaine. So how are they staying afloat if they don’t
have any social media presence whatsoever??? Well, it’s all from the
original controversy that started when they came out with it. They got a lot of
publicity and even though it was negative publicity, it was still
publicity that got their name out there and they’ve made quite the
name for themselves throughout the industry. Anyone who follows energy
drinks has heard of Cocaine Energy Drink. Now, there are some stores that do carry
it but it’s not widely carried throughout a lot of the mainstream
stores, just because of the name. So besides the controversy, everything else
is just word of mouth. So far they’ve been around for just about 13 years, all
by word of mouth and controversy! I have to say that, that is impressive! So
Congratulations to Redux Beverages for holding strong. So, what’s in this? Certainly not Cocaine! It even has a great warning on the label to let you know there’s no cocaine in it…and I’m not gonna read it to you. I’m gonna make you go to my first video so that you know what the warning says. Watch my
first video people! Support Caffeine Man! This has 100% of your Vitamin C, 300% of your Vitamin B six, and 800% of your Vitamin B12. It’s got 750 milligrams of taurine in it, 50 milligrams of l-carnitine, 250 milligrams of d-ribose annnnnnd 280 mgs of caffeine! Cocaine! also rather than being sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, like some of the
other energy drinks out there, Cocaine Energy Drink is sweetened with dextrose,
which is a simple sugar, and some sucralose. Dextrose is absorbed
immediately by the cells, therefore it doesn’t require the liver to break it
down. This liver process is what causes most people to have a sugar crash after
drinking a sugary energy drink, so even though this has sugar in it, it uses
dextrose, therefore you won’t have any sugar crash. Now, some of you might be
saying, “Wait a second. Didn’t the 8-ounce can have 280 milligrams of caffeine in it? This is a bigger can, it should have more caffeine in it!” Well, simply put the
company didn’t feel that I needed to add any more caffeine to this beverage. It
could be dangerous, and even though its named Cocaine, they are still concerned
about people’s safety. Now, what about Bang and Reign? Don’t they
have 300 milligrams of caffeine? Well, yeah, but those are 16 ounce
cans, this is a 12 ounce can, and the way you measure is by how many milligrams
per ounce .So, let’s see how these companies compared with milligrams per
ounce. An 8 ounce can of redbull has 80mgs of caffeine. That comes out to
10 milligrams per ounce. Now when you look at the Monster 16 ounce can, you’re
gonna see that it has a 160mgs of caffeine. that also
comes out to 10 milligrams per ounce. I like simple math!
Bang and Reign have 300 milligrams in there 16 ounce can, and I used my
calculator for this one, which comes out to just about 19 milligrams of caffeine
per ounce. So, is Cocaine still leader of the pack with
280 in a 12oz can? My calculator says that it
comes out to 23mgs of caffeine per ounce. Still the leader caffeine out of all the energy drinks! Cocaine!!! Now, right before we get into this taste test I wanted to give you guys some good news. I’m trying to trick those people that
skip to the end of try and get the good information. You’re getting it first because
you stayed for the whole video and didn’t skip to the end. I have a coupon code for
you guys to save some money! Which leads to the question of how much do these
things cost? Now if you watch my first video, you’ll see that on Amazon these
things cost TWICE the amount than they did on the actual Redux Beverages
website, so I told you guys don’t go to Amazon; go to Redux Beverages directly
and buy it from them, because even though they still charge
you for shipping, and you might have Amazon Prime for free, you were still
gonna be paying more at Amazon then you would with shipping from Redux Beverages. But as of right now, the making of this video, these 12oz cans aren’t even on Amazon yet. And when they do come the Amazon, I’m sure they’re gonna be just as overpriced as they were before. So I say
go direct to the stores. Go to W W W Drink Cocaine dot com. I’m not gonna put a link down in
the description box because YouTube has been very picky with their links lately,
going to external websites, but you can remember W W W Drink Cocaine dot com so go there
and when you go to checkout, enter coupon code “caffeine”. That’s right simply
“caffeine” and you will see 5% off your entire purchase not including shipping. I know, I know, five percent isn’t a lot but I’m still a small channel and I’m doing my best to get you guys something. Plus it’s five percent off something you know you want to try anyway. A 12-pack is gonna go for 19.95, not including shipping. Now, you want a little
Caffeine Man tip right here? I recommend you get two cases, because they can put
two in a box, so the shipping is gonna be cheaper overall. I would recommend
getting a case of the Black and a case of the Spicy. And here’s an extra
Caffeine Man tip! The way I do it is, I convince the guys at work to go in with
me. I mean, come on, tell them, “I got this energy drink named Cocaine that you need to try.” Who’s not gonna jump in the first time on that? And then once they try it, they’re gonna love it and they’re gonna wanna buy more! The more people you get at work to go in on the case with you, the cheaper it is for all you! So let’s get right into this and try some Cocaine Energy Drink! I’m gonna start off with a mild version. Although I already went over it once
before, so you know I like it, I’m curious it has the same taste based on the new
formula from going from 280 milligrams at 8 ounces to 280 milligrams and 12
ounces. I don’t think it’s gonna make a difference but I’m trying it out anyway
because I want an excuse to try it out! I’m also curious if it’s still lightly
carbonated. I mentioned that my first video. I’m a fan of lightly carbonated
beverages because I don’t like stuff that makes me Burpy. I mean, really, who
likes burping? I actually went to college with a girl who prided herself on her burps. I think she’s still single too, though. Anyway! Let’s drink some Cocaine. Oh, Yeah, just as good as I remember. I switched over to the spicy for a while, but I did
originally drink the mild. It’s got a good little berry flavor to it, a little
bit of cherry, its still lightly carbonated and 280 milligrams of
caffeine. If you want more details on it go check out my first video. Did you
already check out my first video, well it’s good! Now, I got two more to taste,
so I’m putting this one to the side…even though I’m gonna take one more sip. So I was planning on doing the spicy one next, therefore leaving the grand finale
for the Black, but I know how spicy the spicy one is, so I’m actually gonna try
the Black one out now and leave spicy to the end… that way I don’t burn off my
taste buds. And give you an accurate representation of what the Black tastes
like. Am I the only who gets giddy when they find a new energy
drink? Let me know down in the comments below how you feel when you try out a
new energy drink. I hope I’m not the only crazy one. Whoa! Actually before I even taste it I
smell a little bit of cinnamon in there. I love cinnamon. Oh wow! It’s interesting.
It’s good… but it is very interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything
like this before. I’m not blown away by its flavor. I’m blown away by its
interesting-ness. Is that a word? I’m blown away with curiosity as to
what’s in it, so let’s go in for some more. I’m definitely getting a cinnamon vibe out of it
and I am a HUGE fan of cinnamon. I don’t think I’ve had many drinks that
have cinnamon in it. I mean, I’ve had teas and coffees and chai,
but I haven’t had an energy drink that has cinnamon in it. I’m getting kind of a soda, maybe like a ginger ale kind of feel to it. Let me try it again. You know it’s not ginger ale. It’s a Cola flavor. So you got yourself here a cinnamon Cola.
It’s not spicy, it’s not berry, it’s got a cinnamon flavor. It’s got a hint of
cherry to it, as well, I like to say, but it’s definitely got a Cola feel, so if
you like a cinnamon soda you got yourself a cinnamon soda right here!
That’s exciting to me because I’ve never had cinnamon soda before, PLUS 280 mgs of caffeine. Nice! So it’s amazing that they
actually have three different flavors. They have one that’s a mild berry
version. Who doesn’t like berry. And now they have one that tastes like a dessert,
like cinnamon, and now let’s move on over to the spicy one, and then I’ll get back
to my overall review of all of them, including the black. Alright, here it is! That nasty red can! Let’s try it out. In my first video, I didn’t *laugh* in my first
video I didn’t actually try the Red but I told you a little bit about it. Now you
get to see my reaction. I’m usually pretty focused on the drink, but yehhh. Ahhhh!!! Yeah! Whoof!! That’s good stuff! ah man… it’s just that, first drink. It’s awesome! You guys have
to try… have you not tried this yet??? You have to try this! I mean, if you like
spicy stuff, you get it in your mouth and it tastes like a hot cinnamon fireball,
like those candies – I don’t know I’ll put a picture somewhere around here – then you
swallow and as you swallow it goes down your throat, it starts to burn right
there! Right there…. You see right there? It starts to burn
you right there. That’s just awesome. Some of you might say, “I don’t want my throat
to burn.” You do though! If you like spicy stuff, you like spicy food or you want to
play a trick on one of your co-workers and say ” oh its not that spicy” they’ll drink
this and it’ll hit the back of their throat. It’s gonna be funny. But that’s
the thing have you ever drank a spicy drink before? I haven’t. I mean I’ve had, like, ginger tea and stuff like that. That’s a little bit
spicy, but this is hot spicy. Even though I say it’s kind of like a cinnamon
fireball, it starts off that way but as it starts to hit your throat and goes
down, you’re getting much more of a hot sauce flavor. Now, you’re not getting an
extremely hot sauce flavor because no one wants to drink hot sauce, do they? There probably are some people that want to, but anyway! You know what I’m getting
at! If you haven’t tried this, I recommend you try it at least once in your life.
Live it up a bit. Be adventurous. Drink a spicy energy
drink. It’s named Cocaine. Don’t you want to tell people you tried Cocaine once in
your life? I know I can say it… well it’s Cocaine Energy Drink, I don’t do the
other stuff. My drug addiction is caffeine. Am I allowed to say that? Probably… it’s true. So out of the three flavors
everyone knows that I already like the spicy. I already like the mild but now
I’ve been buying the spicy a lot more on a regular basis because, as I’ve gotten
older, I’ve acquired a higher taste for spicy things. Also helps out with dieting
a little bit. Makes you want to eat less because you have spicy stuff. More
caffeine knowledge for free. Doesn’t happen for everybody but caffeine and
spicy products have been known to suppress appetite. Not for everybody, but
for some people, and even though I like all three of them I’m gonna give you a
ranking of what order I like I’m in. You got mild being third and then for first
and second place, awwww, it is so tough. I mean, if you like something that’s more
dessert-y and cinnamon-y you’re gonna want the black. If you like something spicy, you’re
gonna want that but like I said if you’re gonna order these online you’re
gonna save on shipping if you buy two. I say buy a case of spicy, buy a case of
cinnamon and if you don’t like spicy buy the mild and buy the cinnamon. Either way
I say try the cinnamon out because who’s ever drank a cinnamon Cola? I’m still in
shock by this. I’m having some more. My wife killed me after the last video.
She’s gonna kill me after this one. So don’t forget W W W Drink Cocaine dot com. Use the
promo code “caffeine” at checkout to save 5%. Thanks again for joining me. If you
like this video feel free to hit the subscribe button, feel free to hit the
like button, definitely leave me some comments. I love talking to you guys. I
sometimes talk more of my comments than I do in the video and until my next
video have a great day …. …or night.

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