NEW Young Gushu Pu Erh Tea 2018 – TEA TASTING

NEW Young Gushu Pu Erh Tea 2018 – TEA TASTING

29 thoughts on “NEW Young Gushu Pu Erh Tea 2018 – TEA TASTING

  1. Another good video. Don, can you do a quick video on different methods of tea preparation for busy working person like myself?

  2. Don, I had no idea you were allergic to bananas. So sad you can't do my "cold brew Ruby Black, eat banana, hot brew Ruby Black" combo of deliciousness. Sad face!

  3. Whenever I go to a Chinese Tea shop, they tell me steeped leaves stay fresh in a Yixing clay teapot for at least a day, is it true?

  4. Huuuuge fan of Jingmai tea here!!!
    1:38 Da Ye Zhong cultivar – obviously!
    Now that intrigues me quite a bit right now… Jingmai tea is famous for the fact that it is dominated by the cultivar Zhong Xiao Ye Zhong, (small-medium leaf variety)
    Why "obviously" Da Ye Zhong?? Is there a secret I missed???

  5. Put a limit order!!

    Dang, the last time I ordered 10 secs in was for Jade Star III. Ironically I was having it watching the video and remember how quick it went. I wonder how long this one will stay in stock. Sorry 'Murica, if this one goes. Early East hemisphere gets the worm. )
    Can't wait. Fun tasting.

  6. great… now I had to buy even more tea 🙂 Thanks guys, you opened a new world to me. No more tea bags and less coffee

  7. I really love you guys- but i NEED Lucys’ calm reassuring influence! Not watching anymore videos until Lucy shows up😉😜👍

  8. hi guys, that is not real Gushu. Do not fool! Maybe Ron got fooled by the farmer. That is only Dashu, which means only less than 100 years trees. The price should be times less. No mater you believe or not. I have drunk Gushu Puerh for years.

  9. I love Jingmai! Just finished the last of my Autumn ‘17 gushu from the mountain. Can’t wait to try the new spring stuff! Glad it worked out, Don. BTW, I’m all in on the lower temp brewing; so many more high end notes – at least on the pu-her and blacks I’ve tried so far. And the Spider-Man pour technique means no hot tea on the fingers (which is typical for me when I am pairing tea and scotch).

  10. Ordered 1 pack 😄 I'm very excited about it.. But the shipping costed me 10€ to Slovakia which is like plus another 90% of the price which is a bit expensive 😥 Even tho I still love you guys 😄💕 I'm kinda new to this but very interested

  11. Great video! I just switched on the german subtitles by accident, which was extremely funny – it translated apples with "Augäpfel" (eye balls) and gushu with "GU-Schuhe" (GU-shoes), which is hopefully not what you meant…;-))) Thinking about ordering some…

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