Not So Berry: A Little Bit Mint\\ Sims 4 Let’s Play\\ Maia has a big announcement!

Not So Berry: A Little Bit Mint\ Sims 4 Let’s Play\ Maia has a big announcement!

hello everybody welcome to the channel I
am NoobsieGames aka Noobsie today we have another episode of not so very a little
bit mins so lots of things happened off camera while I was streaming which if
you’re interested in seeing what all happens the Evod is still up on my
twitch channel currently um which I’m still under some noob see over there
because I can’t change my name yet available for a couple weeks still if
you want me to actually post it here on YouTube let me know down in the comments
below and I can absolutely get that downloaded and upload it here as well so
ok moving on we have let’s see here we go we’ve got my hair she ended up
getting another promotion so she is officially level 7 and the scientist
career I don’t think we got any further really with logic oh wait yes we did we
did okay so she is 31% completed on level 8 for that and mischief we’ve
still got some work to do and it looks like we still need to pull
off three more pranks and get that mischief skill level to six so we’ll be
working on that um I’m gonna pause this real quick
let’s see Dean here has started his career as a freelance photographer so he
got his first gig done the other day so that was pretty exciting for him and
also actually I didn’t mean to come back downstairs but it’s fine um my decided
when she came home from work one day last I think a couple days ago in-game
that she wanted to ask Dean to try for a baby now I didn’t instigate any of this
it just happened and I was like oh my gosh that’s just absolutely precious
so here we are pregnant third trimester she is due to have the
baby any time now and I have not cheated to see how many she’s having I have not
checked to see what the gender is so it’s gonna be a big surprise to me as
well as you guys so yeah I didn’t mean to get this far in the LP I’m stream but
it just kind of happened so yeah so that’s what’s been going on with them um
of course you guys already saw that you know they had the romance festival last
episode so they’re officially a couple um they haven’t done anything else as
far as nobody’s proposed or anything like that because they just started
dating so you know I’m not too worried about that right now
so um but yeah so I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna hit play on this and now that
I have actually dad you guys caught up on what’s going on I’m gonna go ahead
and cut here and okay he was mostly didn’t get okay anyways I’m gonna
cut here we’ll be back when they wake up right so it looks like and Dean is the
first one awake today and it just happens to be New Year’s Eve so yay for
the ads as you can see ice off the tree up butts up that’s fine I leave mine up
after her until New Year’s in real life anyway so we are going to take down the
Christmas decorations on the outside of the house so we’re gonna redecorate so although they don’t do you know I should
put the other ones up Oh for my it I have to be somebody save me please for
the love of God let me go pee and not be myself I should go she gonna make it
please do please do okay it’s so gross when they pee themselves
like really why don’t you sleep so long you knew you had to pee come on now all
right so I’m gonna check to see if they have food because if not I’m gonna have
Dean make her some after he cleans out the spoiled food um which I feel been a
bad support guys got stood on people ooh so um and he’s gonna be contagious for
like the next Jeana is fantastic oh you know what I wonder hmm maybe we should
get some shots of her while she’s pregnant that would be cute my shoes
like super pregnant so I’m really hoping that it’s just one baby and not two so
good lord Tom why are you here again seriously
this man I swear to god you guys you missed it he was doing unpleasant things
to himself outside the window in my stream last night oh my god while they
were sitting here eating dinner he was watching them and and doing things now
my adult viewers will know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that he was
doing things I’m sure so especially if you were there at the streams I mean the
first time I made sense cuz yes it happened twice last night because my and
Ian were actually doing things themselves they were whoo-hooing
and tom was outside the window and got pretty excited about it so hopeful yeah
and then the second time like I said it was while they were eating dinner I’m
like seriously well they’re eating dinner come on so anyway so now what I
say that it’s New Years Eve I’m wondering maybe we should have them go
out and do something I’m not sure what though
because I need to think of something that they can do with her being at risk
of having the child while they’re gone um I should I haven’t eat – because he’s
gonna get hungry if I don’t um oh really that’s all I had was tofu dogs okay I
mean sure I guess that works whatever um I would need to get him another gig too
and I feel bad because he has the spellcaster aspiration I did not give
that to him that’s what he came with and I’m like oh I just I don’t want anything
to do with that for this LP so I’m yeah oh they’re so adorable like honestly
they really are I’m gonna be so sad when mint generation is all for her I don’t
want it to end but unfortunately we all know what’s going to so all right let’s
see about doing some things here what do we got to do again party spirits drink
dance play music and make resolutions countdown to midnight okay all right we
can do that so wait I thought we had to do like interactions – let me see yeah they can leave below horns and
stuff and I think it counts for this okay I’m going to assume it does we’re
gonna give him some medication so that he’s not feeling totally crappy body okay I don’t know what the deal is with
the counter but okay once we’re not okay came around this angle all right
honestly I know what I’m doing I promise I really do
all right oh I wonder if she’s gonna be cuz this is going up so I’m wondering if
she’s going to be giving birth soon I hope so you guys I’m so excited like
honestly see if he wants to feel the baby I can’t
wait to see this kid it’s gonna be adorable
I saw her tom peeping just will not go away every time I look in the background
I see him in the windows look at this like seriously Tom get a life man like
this is all he does he is outside their window constantly
oh hello wine bottles okay hey does she is she gonna ask him to
fill the baby oh he’s brushing his teeth okay
well fair enough I mean he has the one to knock her over with morning breath
I’m sure all right so this oh yeah she’s been exposed okay all right well I guess
she’s gonna go do that um let’s see about getting him another gig though cuz
I feel like you should probably be working on that
oh let’s see what do we have her choices jazz for Jami is a spring collection Oh
secrets and samolians um fun and flirty ooh
swimwear and Estella land-grab fashions who’s Estella I don’t know what that is
um I see this one every day excitement LLC promotes excitement through
relaxation because what is more exciting than an opportunity to relax the client
requests a photo of a simin fashionable everyday we’re in a relaxed pose mean
sure we can do that okay take a photo of multiple Sims and a relaxed pose wearing
everyday outfits okay so we need to hire like some more
people okay I’m not really burst in this career because I haven’t done anything
with it for the most part because I heard for
the longest time that it was bugged so alright I don’t know how many people do
we need to get it and see there’s a higher one two three maybe we’ll do that
hold on hold on hold on how do we do a group a group Wow are you going out to
my own no how do we do a group photo um so you take picture with really okay there we go all right so we are back I finally got
the pictures taken so yeah it took me a minute and we’re good now so he just
sent it to get approved by the client so hopefully they’ll be good with it um oh
okay I guess they’re gonna go do their thing
well uh everybody’s just kinda hanging around here okay then
sounds like a plan maybe we’ll see hey Dean would love to have you join
Paragons what do you think know Thank You Sergio I think he has a thing for
Dean I don’t know if they had something going on before him in mind I got
together or what but I start Nicole’s like all the time and some some like
weird texts and everything and I’m not really sure what was going on so yeah okay he wants to be friendly with her
okay oh they’re being pretty friendly with each other right now okay this is
still I don’t know this is going up and I’m not sure if that means that she’s
getting closer maybe I don’t know I don’t know I’m really hoping cuz I would
really like for her to actually have the child right now like during this video
so I might end up having to cut some of it out or cut it down so that you know
we can make that happen so because I want to be able to continue
doing things with it and I would like to be able to continue streaming it as well
so oh wow they’re just um okay oh and right
on time there’s mr. tom peeping I don’t know what he’s gonna see from my window
but um much doing out here buddy you’re so gross like honestl Agee can you
please stop okay let’s see the client has approved your photo what a fantastic
shot of proof photos arrived in the mail in the next one or two days so check
your mailbox then post the photo online to fashions Instagram okay yeah cuz they
clearly do not have any mail right now so yeah can you go find something else
to do honestly he’s so creepy I think they should have named him like
Tom creeping or something oh let’s see hey what’s up Maya I noticed your name
has been all the buzz lately how do you feel about catching up I mean we were
always friends before you made it big right seriously like you’re just
coworkers okay and you just walked right into the house while they’re doing their
thing okay that’s that’s not awkward at all all right then um you know we’re
gonna stop this okay cuz oh yeah we need to just not and then you ma’am I need to put clothes
back on with your pregnant self okay I’m there we go sorry I had to cut out a
little portion because um things were not pixelated the way they were supposed
to be for her and yeah we don’t need that all right so I don’t I keep
checking the mailbox but there’s like nothing here okay we’re gonna clean
everything up what is this he wants to buy a hot tub okay okay so
we got that take care of it I think what we’re gonna do is um I’m just gonna like
kind of fast forward until she goes into labor because it’s gotta happen today
like I’m thinking probably in the next few some hours so yeah so that’s what
we’re gonna do so we’ll be right back all right you
guys it’s Maya just went into labor I’m so excited oh my gosh okay
so Cameron why are you being away right now okay so I will see you guys back
when we are at the hospital okay I get to find out what she’s having
and if she’s having just one let’s hope for just one because I can’t handle like
triplets or twins seem I learned that a who is a medical intern at cotton got it
oh that’s a lovely name for a he looks like he’s having a good old
time with that machine okay yeah she needs that can you put that back in
please there you go well she had a boy all
right all right so wait I’m confused okay they just had one
it just placed two for some reason okay all right so welcome to the world baby
chase Moffitt oh and he’s like oh good job honey I’m so proud of you apparently he’s still sick too
oh my gosh okay the happy little baby oh that’s wonderful
I’m so excited for them little bomb that it wasn’t a girl oh okay but that’s okay
all right so we’re gonna have the happy little family go home so that they can
get chase fed and everything and get everything situated so yeah but
hopefully you guys enjoyed the episode and if you did make sure you get a
thumbs up there and also if it’s your first time here and you’re not
subscribed already feel free to hit that subscribe button would love to have you
join us make sure you click the bell for notifications as well that way you can
see when I upload following me on Twitter would be helpful also because
I’m pretty active over there and that’s we’re gonna find any and all of my
channel updates for YouTube and for twitch as well because like I was saying
in the beginning of the video I do stream three to four nights a week do
Sims for paladins overwatch possibly some Red Dead Redemption online um but
yeah so are you guys I’m gonna head out of here so you have an awesome day and I
will see you all next time bye so you

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