NYC Strangers Try Teh Botol for the First Time?! (Indonesian Iced Tea)

NYC Strangers Try Teh Botol for the First Time?! (Indonesian Iced Tea)

So today… We have a really special tea from Indonesia Called Teh Botol [literally “tea bottle”] And we want to see what people here would think about it Have you had it? I have had it [Guy:] Did you like it?
[Xiaoma:] I quite like it, yes [Girl:] What is that? Three two one What’s going on everybody? It’s Xiaoma… And… Abraham… Wait, wait, again! Abraham!!! What’s up guys! Oh my god Wow, I am so happy to be here in New York City… …with my buddy Abraham! Look, we are in… Beautiful… Times Square… New York City With people from all around the world! Very exciting, because today You know what? We’ve got… Another… Indonesian special! [Xiaoma:] That’s right guys
[Abraham:] Yes! That is right, that is right So I don’t know if you guys know, but uh… Our last video that we did about… Indomie [Indonesian instant noodles] It just landed us smack dab in the middle of… Indonesian news! Which was really cool So you know what? We were thinking, let’s do another one And umm… I actually went just today Went down to the Indonesian grocery store in Queens [NYC neighborhood] Okay To learn a little bit more about Indonesian food And check it out! And the people there I have to say were super super nice And they gave me a whole introduction to Indonesian food… Wow, that’s super cool! Yeah, and I actually got to try… This dish called nasi pecak? [Actually “nasi pecel”] Pecak? Pedang? Pedang? Yeah, I got to try that for the first time You guys can go check that out on my Instagram at @xiaomanyc To see me eat that amazing dish The woman [in the store] recommended that I try this thing called…Teh Botol Teh Botol, yeah! Teh Botol! And she was like… Man, yo, this Teh Botol stuff… Everybody in Indonesia Drinks…Teh Botol Yes And I tried it! And I was like… I was like… I was like… How was it?! Wow, this is like nothing I’ve ever had before It’s really interesting So guys Check it out! Today… We got… Teh Botol!!! Now look at this You know what, Abraham? Yes sir? Do you drink Teh Botol? Umm, it’s been a while since I drank it I’m gonna try it later I just want to know how it is at the end [of the video] So…let’s see what people think about it first! We’re gonna go find some total strangers who want to try… …Teh Botol And it should be very interesting! This usually in Indonesia is actually in a bottle Yes! Right, but this…for the export market… It’s still called Teh Botol Literally it means “tea bottle” in Indonesian But it’s actually in this cool package It’s really beautiful actually Are you ready? I’m ready, I’m ready, are you ready Abraham? Alright! So today we got… A drink called Teh Botol It’s from Indonesia, it’s iced tea And we want to see what people here would think about it today! Alright, let’s go! Do you like tea? Iced tea? I’m just gonna say, if this shit’s nasty, it’s on camera! Don’t worry! Hopefully will not be nasty to you! Yeah! Very good, see you! What’d you think about the flavor? It’s good, it tastes good! Look at this Abraham! This is New York City! Wow Don’t try that at home, people! Hey do you guys want to try this really cool drink for my YouTube video for free? It’s really good, not a prank? Alright! You wanna try it? Yeah? Cool! If it’s good? It is actually good, yes And so today we have an Indonesian special food Okay And who’s Indonesian? He’s Indonesian Ah! I’m not Indonesian This is called Teh Botol It’s like a tea drink That’s very very popular in Indonesia How does it taste? Uh, it’s a little bit sweet But it’s also kinda smoky… I guess that’s why we should taste it, you know? Right… Okay, you’re right! Bingo! And where are you guys from? Germany! Germany? Cool, alright This in Indonesia is like Coca Cola It’s super super popular, everybody drinks it! Alright! [Abraham:] Like Starbucks! [Girl:] Let’s try it!
[Xiaoma:] Like Starbucks, right! It’s good! Yeah? Yeah! Let me have some! Yeah! Tasty ice-y, but not that… Over sweet, you know? Right, right It’s good! It’s good, it’s like iced tea It smells like… It tastes like… Kinda green tea-ish? Oh, yeah You know what I mean? What’s in there? I think it’s jasmine tea, actually Water, sugar, and jasmine tea I was close, I was so close! Yeah, you were close! Cool! Wow, well thank you guys so much, really appreciate it! Thank you! Alright guys! So today we have a special iced tea from Indonesia Called… Teh Botol What the f**k is that? There’s no straw! Oh sh*t, where’d the straw go?! Sorry about that! Why I gotta do it first?! It don’t taste nasty! It doesn’t taste nasty! Doesn’t taste nasty! No it doesn’t! First of all, I thought it was Coca Cola…! Yo, I really thought it was Coca Cola! [Girl:] It doesn’t taste nasty!
[Xiaoma:] It looks a little bit like Coke, yeah Oh, it has an aftertaste, it tastes like Coca Cola! Any other tastes that you’re able to taste out of that? A little bit like Brisk? Tastes like Brisk? Yeah! I don’t know, it doesn’t really taste like nothing but iced tea and Coca Cola! It’s ice cold! Oh great! And it’s called uh… It’s called Teh Botol Very good! So what it is is a type of tea Do you drink tea beverages or anything like that? Yeah I don’t think so, not normally But I want to try it! [Xiaoma:] Alright, try it man!
[Man:] Have to be brave! And where are you from? I’m from Spain! Cool [Xiaoma:] Alright, check it out and let us know what you think about it!
[Man:] Thank you very much! Mmm, very good flavor! Yeah? Sweet, nice Yeah, I like it! The taste is like… Maybe… Nestea? Similar to Nestea? [Xiaoma:] Oh, cool cool cool!
[Man:] But I like it! Try it! Try it! No, it’s okay! Alright, cool thank you guys! Have a good one! Bye, see you! Bye bye! Alright! So guys, today we have a really special tea…from Indonesia Alright, let’s see what’s up! Is it any kind of tea, like green tea, regular tea…? Uhh, jasmine tea Okay Yeah, have you ever had jasmine tea before? Nope Cool, first time! Yeah! I like that it comes in a juice box! Yeah! Already like that! Yeah, I like it! It’s sweet but not crazy sweet You wanna try this? It’s tea, he likes tea I like it Oh yeah, that’s good! I would drink that on the regular Tastes like a lemon tea! Lemon tea! Lemon? Or maybe like rasp… Maybe raspberry? Raspberry? [Girl:] Yeah, like sweet
[Guy:] I don’t know, it’s something different But it’s good though! You said I get to keep this? Yeah, yours! Sweet, thank you guys so much! Thank you for the free drink! Do you guys like tea? Yeah Alright cool It’s not bad! Yeah? See, she… Let me get it! Is it bad? No it’s not bad! It’s like… …different! You don’t like it? I don’t like it! What do you think about the flavor? It’s like matcha It reminds me of like milk teas Yeah, like a matcha milk tea Yeah [Left:] It’s just like a sweet tea with milk in it, basically [there’s no milk in it]
[Right:] Yeah So today… It’s good??? This? It is good It’s called Teh Botol Yeah? It’s a very famous drink in Indonesia I’m from Uruguay Uruguay, cool South America Sweet And let us know what you think about it! It’s great! You like it? Yeah, it’s great! What’s the flavor like to you? It’s fresh! Yeah, yeah Yeah, I don’t know how to tell in English, but it’s… It’s good! Sweet! Cheers! Cheers! Sweet! Have a good time in New York guys! Thank you! Do you like tea, or like…? I like iced tea, so… This is iced tea, so there we go! Iced tea from Indonesia, something special about it? It’s a unique flavor Unique flavor? Yeah I think it’s good! Yeah? Yeah It’s got like a floral kind of vibe to it as well… Yeah! What’s unique about the flavor? I just can’t put my finger on exactly what it is… But I like it! What do you think it is? Yeah, I think this would be nice for a very hot day! Yeah, it would be! So today…we have a really special tea from Indonesia Called Teh Botol [literally “tea bottle”] And we want to see what people here would think about it Have you had it? I have had it [Guy:] Did you like it?
[Xiaoma:] I quite like it, yes Yeah, so this is not a prank or anything like that… What is that? Definitely different but I like it! Yeah? Yeah definitely like it! [Xiaoma:] What’s different about it relative to what you’ve had before?
[Guy:] It’s probably like horse piss or something… It’s like…not super sweet But just sweet enough Yeah No I like it I definitely… I’d give it… You know… 8.7? Yeah, about an 8.7 Cool! Thank you, I’m gonna finish this off! Thank you, awesome! Can I try it? It’s not bad, it’s pretty good, yeah! Cool, sweet, thank you guys! Thank you, have a good one! Wow! Wow, that was so much fun Abraham! But you know what? We’re actually… …wait, is the microphone on? Yes! Alright, now! We’re actually not done with this because We have one more person who needs to try [Abraham:] We should share! You know what? We actually somehow managed to… The straw for this one… And today… Abraham is gonna try This Indonesian guy is gonna try this Indonesia tea for the first time ever! No we’re kidding, you’ve had it before Yeah, it’s been a while though! Now here’s the question, how do you drink this without the… We’re gonna figure it out bro, so… I think… I don’t know how, but… You know what? Maybe you could just… Click it open? And then… Now… The moment of truth! Now you gotta go for it! How is it dude? Oh wow It tastes super different than before! [Xiaoma:] Really? Why?
[Abraham:] Yes… I don’t know, it’s kind of like… I can say sweeter? But now it’s really perfect Now he’s gonna try! Let me try some of this Teh Botol! Chug chug chug! Are you going to do slow motion? That was amazing! Wow! What a delicious drink! Thank you guys all for watching Thank you also to Indo Java Groceries (@indojavagroceries) Oh yeah, Indo Java Groceries Right, thanks to Indo Java Groceries For umm… Selling us these… Did they sponsor you? No I paid them money to buy these… No, but they actually did give me a free, delicious Indonesian meal, which I actually really liked So thank you guys for that! Thank you to Abraham for helping me film this video You guys can go check him out on Instagram at @abraham.kantono Really amazing Instagram And you guys can subscribe to this channel if you want to see more videos like this! And leave a comment letting us know what other foods you would like to see us feature! In New York City! And with that said… And you should say… [Speaking Indonesian] Oh, yeah, Abraham’s been teaching me some Indonesian, so what was it? [Speaking Indonesian] Thank you all! Bye bye!

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