Oreo Cold Coffee | ओरिओ कोल्ड कॉफ़ी

Hello friends! Welcome to rashmichahar.com We are using chocolaty biscuits to make cold coffee today I have used Oreo biscuits here Lets start this recipe For cold coffee, we have taken 1 glass full cream chilled milk Chocolate for garnishing, 2 tsp coffee powder of any brand 1 tsp sugar 2-3 ice cubes 2 Oreo chocolaty biscuits You use any biscuit but it should be chocolaty 2 tsp coffee Warm water to dissolve the coffee Use warm water only to dissolve it easily Keep aside Take a blending jar 1 tsp sugar or as per taste 2 Oreo biscuits Grated Add chilled milk If milk is chilled then foam is formed in more quantity Add ice cubes Coffee Blend for a minute or so Serve in serving glass after it is blended Decorate with chocolate syrup Like this pour coffee in the glass Garnish with grated chocolate Chilled Oreo cold coffee is ready to drink Cold coffee is ready using chocolaty biscuits You too try it, give a like if you like my video… … and do subscribe to my channel, thank you!

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