The Future Of ReactiveCocoa by Justin Spahr-Summers • GitHub Reactive Cocoa Developer Conference

Hello… Before we actually get really into it, I’m kind of curious, like how many people are completely new to RAC? Okay, a few hands. On the flipside of the spectrum, how many people have experience using RAC in real projects? Oh, that’s actually way more than I expected. Okay. Continue Reading

Double Chicken Tea – Ultimate Chicken Broth – Food Wishes

– Hello, this is Chef John from with double chicken tea. That’s right, all this time you’ve been drinking tea made of dried twigs and leaves, while you could have been drinking a tea made out of bones and meat, which is exactly what I’m going to show you Continue Reading


can I get more ice you please just get back instead of doing an outfit video this week I wanted to do something that one of my longtime followers requested which was a handbag review the longest time I just thought like oh I just need a few handbags all Continue Reading

[SUBS] ASMR | 10가지 마음이 가라앉고 차분해지는 분위기의 팅글 (ft. Water)

Hi Welcome to the ASMR Ouvir tea-house. Isn’t it too cold outside? I’ll make you some warm tea for you. How was it? The tea I just gave to you is called Fox-tea. It’s good for swelling and dieting. I used to eat pumpkin porridge sometimes for meal to reduce Continue Reading

ট্রেনে ঢাকা থেকে শ্রীমঙ্গল | Dhaka to Srimangal by train

Usually, I share electronics DIY build videos on YouTube. I like electronics so much and also to build new Bluetooth speakers. But, today I am sharing totally different content. This video is specially intended for subscribers without whose help I couldn’t reach 1K subs ever. You guys are really awesome, Continue Reading