just got here hello hi hey can you have just like a regular black coffee think it is that’s it Hey [Music] so we’re gonna be using today coffee like a regular black coffee and it’s gonna smell nice and after that you can take vanilla pure vanilla from your mom’s kitchen and then use it for really specific places for dark tones after that is gonna be a matter of just like maybe two color pencils and one marker and after that we should be done it’s gonna be nice it’s good so we’re gonna start the drawing we’re just gonna treat the coffee like we would treat ink and if you see the coffee is giving already a tone which is actually nice just like a sepia now one thing is I know the animal the Fox is gonna be in with markers so I’m not gonna paint in that area you can just dry here then paint it doesn’t matter if you go on top of the sketch it’s fine because we’re just doing it to relax and have fun so you know what I’m gonna cover the Hat as well that’s the nice thing of working on your own drawings you can make decisions as you go you don’t have any pressure and you should just experiment then we can just wait a little bit to dry and then go again the coffee is drying but to actually make it faster now these we’re just gonna put it in here so so now this is gonna at least it’s gonna speed a little bit a drying of the coffee so we can continue with the second pass which it should be really fast I love how these texture looks all the paper bends I love that [Music] okay so now we’re gonna do our second pass basically it’s the same we’re just gonna go over for now thinking on a specific areas that we want it to look darker so think about a shadow places the coffee it’s gonna work like a watercolor so every time you do a new pass is gonna get darker and so on in the hair where the hat goes so for the next step we’re gonna dip them in the coffee and this is just to give accents to specific areas of the drawing I’m going to use this color to color di and for that I need to be careful there you go I’m gonna use the red to cover the cheeks and the tip of that years [Music] I’m gonna use this pencil that I got so it has blue and red I’m gonna use these for the shirt so it’s gonna give me sometimes that little red sometimes a little bit of blue see there you go there’s red there no you can see it I’m just gonna make sure the line falls and then the shirt is done so the next step we’re gonna be using a marker now as I was painting it I was thinking of red I’m gonna be using with this micro it’s really fast to paint with so let’s start doing that I’m gonna start painting and following the sketch of the Fox and this could be really fast again it’s your drawing so you should just have fun doing it doesn’t matter the final result so I’m just gonna follow the sketch then there’s details I need to finish but I’m gonna be using the same color for the girls skirt so I just go to the next drawing this should be really fast so now we’re done with the red okay so for the details of the face I’m just gonna take I think this one is good just like a darker red we’re gonna create the details which is just the two eyes in a bit of shadow so you’re gonna create the two eyes it’s gonna be just two dots and then I’m gonna paint a little bit inside the ears then I’m gonna paint a little bit of shadow under girl’s skirt under arm then it sound – now the Fox is done so now the next step to finalize the drawing is gonna use van Devyn Ella the pure vanilla so this is gonna allow us to make darker places so it’s a dark tone on top of the coffee so let’s use it I’m gonna put it inside a cup and I just gonna smells really nice it’s the same as the coffee we’re just gonna use some brush I’m gonna put it to the ground shadow and then the stripe on the Hat I’m just gonna go entire stripe right now might be tricky to see the actual tone but once it dries it’s gonna be dyed and then we keep here so while we paint this area the other stuff it’s going dry maybe let’s add a little bit of vanilla to the hair it’s a shadow from the Hat I’m not thinking a specific way of painting this because the rock it’s really random so I’m just doing needle stains that eventually is going to look like a texture I hope you guys liked it and if you try it at home please take us with hashtag draw like a kid or find me on Instagram I’m really excited to see your creations always remember to have fun while drawing thank you and we’ll see you in the next episode [Music]

21 thoughts on “PAINTING WITH COFFEE

  1. great video Luis!
    it will also be great if you show the sketching process. I know that this makes the video longer, but it's worth it.

  2. Increible se un poco de ingles pero con tan solo ver el proceso puedo entender lo que haces muy padre 😀 ¡Pura Vida!

  3. Love the music and you did a great job explaining the process. I feel like when the camera is focusing on the drawing it moves a little too much and it is a little distracting. Overall great video. Keep up the awesome work.

    ¡Pura Vida!

  4. I love your artwork, but the lighting was too bright and way too many camera movements making the drawing blurry. can you not just have a camera still over the drawing ? your Instagram videos are actually better

  5. Coffee and vanilla? Your painting must smell heavenly XD have you ever painted with instant coffee? I found that when I use regular coffee it's hard to get that nice strong dark tone like I do with instant, just wondering!

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