Peep This: Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker | Ep. #23

Peep This: Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker | Ep. #23

100 thoughts on “Peep This: Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker | Ep. #23

  1. Which do you like better, this Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker or the Sweet Spot Ice Cream Sandwich Maker? Decisions, decisions.😋

  2. gelato its just the translation for ice cream, i know somepeople dont get upset by this error but i FUCKING do

  3. Not trying to be negative cause I know the product is actually probably good, but you guys can’t not say it’s good. Cause your advertising

  4. "does that mean we're a creamery?" Me: You do know a "creamery" incinerates dead bodies, right??

  5. My mom works at a gelato plase in Estonia🇪🇪 i cat get free gelato every day and we have been to Italy as well the ice-cream there teasted the same than here in Estonia 🇪🇪😄

  6. Im no Expert But Its Like for making rolled ice cream.
    Buuutt Since youre not making Rolled ice cream I Can Say its Fine.
    You Should actually try Mixing the Ice cream WITH the Toppings

  7. Um. Another thing the said u dog and where I live is on campus of a collage named Millikan and hey have a reastraunt named u dogs

  8. Why is Gelato considered fancy? It literally translates to ice cream, can someone explain this, because I always here "Gelato, so fancy" and I don't get it 😅❤️

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