Pen Ondru Kandein – Tamil Short Film (2014)

Pen Ondru Kandein – Tamil Short Film (2014)

Dude, I am very scared Arun, listen to me carefully This is a very risky proposition Even if there is a small mistake, your life will end That’s the reason why I am nervous. Simi, you need to help me. Aaaiyee…. There’s no prOblem. We’ll figure it out! Finding a girl to marry is a very interesting topic After registering for free in matrimony sites and uploading multiple selfies of yourself and after expressing interest to all the beautiful girls on the site .. and without a single girl responding to it.. .. and then escaping from all the ‘attu’ figures that our relatives show us.. .. and by chance if you get a good looking girls, your horoscope won’t match.. .. and then when you become a paid member.. some okay girl’s father will call you.. And once they talk to you and complete your background verification, you’d start getting white hair Dude, girls like guys who show off you try to show off too.. don’t start talking to her try to be a show-off.. -Arun -Swathi He’ll probably start looking here and there.. Once we say ‘Hi’, he’ll start talking non-stop Hi Hi I wanted to talk a lot, but I don’t know what to say. How are you? Why are you talking to me with respect? Just call me Swathi. Oh.. I won’t feel too comfortable doing that. Oh.. why? No.. I am just used to calling people that way. First point. Make sure that he gives preference to your wishes than to his. You work for CTS, right? How’s work? Work is fine, but I travel for 2 hours daily. Why do you need to strain yourself? You can, probably, quit. Don’t rush. You should never tell a girl to do or not do something. If you patiently tell her that everything that she says is right, she will listen to you. No.. Ofcourse, it’s your wish. Guys normally start like this. they’ll say that working after marriage is your wish Later, they will slowly start to dominate you. Don’t give in. No.. I don’t know to cook. Mom said that you cook well. That’s the only reason why I accepted this alliance. Cooking is very easy, buddy you shouldn’t expect only the girl to do it. You shouldn’t force them either Infact, atleast if we make it, we can eat it. Nice. So, what are your likes and dislikes? Do you remember everything that I told you? Girls like each one of those This is your chance to score some points. yeah, I remember it well. What? I mean, I have a lot of hobbies. I like Kurosova’s films Sidney Sheldon novels Italian Food. long drives on ECR Eminem, Big Bang Theory .. what else did he tell me.. Ah, Dogs.. babies having ice cream during the rain You see, I like all of this. Kurosova? Is he a telugu director? Don’t you know Kurosova? you should see his movies comedy, sentiment, action, camera angle he is such an amazing artist. I don’t know all that. I love Shivakarthikeyan’s movies I’ll watch the premiere show If Visu’s film is on Sun TV, I will definitely watch it. When mom makes briyani, I’ll bunk office and have it. I am a fan of ‘Vani Rani’ on Sun TV and ‘Saravanan Meenakshi’ on Vijay TV Now since I have some time, I have also started watching *En Kanavan En Thozhan* (My husband is my friend) If nothing is going to plan, just surrender. Even I don’t know any of the people that I mentioned Rajni’s movies, AR Rahman’s songs, Beach, Kothu Parota, loafing on the bike Alcohol on Saturday and naps on Sunday Wait Wait.. Do you drink? Don’t screw things up By Alcohol, I just meant Beer.. That too, only some times. Only beer or do you have other habits too? No No No.. I don’t have any other bad habits.. I don’t even have girls on my facebook list! If the guy is promising you something, you can trust him Hmm.. Okay, I believe you. Actually, even I tried beer when I went out with my friends.. It tasted horrible. How do you guys drink this? Try vodka next time. You’ll like it! Alright, have you had relationships in the past? Well, this is a hypothetical question. If you tell her that no girl liked this face and that’s why I am talking to you, she won’t believe it. Try telling her that you were in a relationship for three years and that she dumped you. Were you in any relationships before? No No. Many guys asked me out, but I didn’t like any of them. Why? It’s okay to fell sorry for the guy. But make sure you don’t blabber your stories to him Guys just appear to be broad minded. If you tell them you were in a relationship, that’s the end of it. Umm. I didn’t like them. How many guys approached you? around 20 to 25. Girls include all their male friends, guys who added them on facebook, the guy who smiled at them in the bus to the list. Ofcourse, no girl approached us.. Why, don’t you believe me? Not like that. Even after so many approaches, fate has brought you to me. No .. I didn’t mean it that way.. I am just blabbering some thing. sorry. Guys are like that.. They’ll keep blabbering things. we can adjust to most of the things provided their salary cOmpensates for everything so, find his salary. So, how much do you earn? **what did he ask me to say** You see, on the matrimony site, I had mentioned a low salary. See, I didn’t want a gold digger ok… That’s why I had mentioned my salary to be 30,000 on the site So, what’s your real salary? 33000 Nice.. very nice.. I have some questions and conditions. Do you own a house? Dad owns one. I want one in my name. Do you have a car? -I have an Ambassador diesel So, you don’t have a car either Onsite opportunities? I don’t have a passport I need to go. DOT. I don’t like it when people don’t give me respect. But don’t expect me to give you any respect though. I don’t want people ordering me at your place Important point Don’t ask me what I am doing with the money that I earn and don’t ask me what I am doing with your money either Monthly once I will get threading, waxing, facial, hair straightening done. No one should stop me from doing that. What’s all this? When your parents come home…. Oh, can they come? If they come, they can’t stay more than two days Your relatives can’t stay for more than two hours What about my friends? They can’t come at all. Only then can we run our family smoothly. Which family? Our family So, do you like me? If you are okay with my conditions, I am fine, let’s proceed. My wife asked me for a pre-nup All girls are like that.. Don’t worry, go for it. Its okay with me Alright, then let your relatives know I mean, let your folks know that I have agreed to marry you So, can we leave now? I need to ask something what? What was it about me that you liked the most? you’ll soon know if the guy has agreed to everything that you have asked from him there’s nothing to think about you have a slave for life Exchange garlands and get married the guy is in your grasp Mom, it’s me. I liked the girl She’s apt for our family Dad, I spoke to him He’s exactly like you Dude, you are a genius All the questions that you told me to prepare for, she asked me. Simmi, he told me exactly the same things that you said he’d say Oh yeah? Then he has asked for advice from a complete nut case Hari, are you ready? Dude, my wife wants to go out and she’s shouting at me We’ll talk later Catch you later, all the best Hey.. it’s late. are you not ready as yet? I was searching for the phone..

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  1. Cute dialogues 🙂 all 4 performed naturally..
    Your writing s ur big plus Balaji !!! Keep it up ..
    Sensible Editing .Kudos team
    All t best for ur future endeavors 🙂 🙂

  2. Wowww… Brilliant portrayal of reality… Guys n gals who elusively wait for d perfect match to fall in love with …finally end up like this with a sub-optimal pair.. This is d hard reality now . Not every one are lucky enough to find d near perfect match.. Life is always .. muddling through d differences.

  3. sir nanga yellam ….yedhavadhu seiyanum sir   la irundhu ungala pathutu irukaen …. ha glad to meet u once again with uh bang…. seriously u guys updated yourselves so happy to see u all once again in thiz movie ..     I do knw wheathr u guys noted my commet on tat    short film in youtube…(Here i can tel u a thing….   (OUR  studio OFFICIAL PAGE) … i knw the value of young creators …  now uh days post productions gonuh be like a big  buisness ,,,    so many creators having lot of stuffs inside their to project their dreams  but only huge ppl only hav uh perfect team … we dont need money from short film makers … we are uh group of ppls to help the ppls who r passionate on film making … so we always welcome young creators …….(MY official page )

  4. Boss!!!.. Pindringa ponga!!.. Original a kalyaname agidicha?.. Adu irukattu, what about the conditions in real life? 😛

  5. Awesome! I've been watching some ridiculously stupid attempts at filming on YouTube, but this one brought a big smile to face. Beautiful attempt, innovative, and needless to say, very cute! 🙂

    I wish them both a happy married life!

  6. ஆரம்பம் முதல் ,முடிவு வரை அழகாக படமாக்கி இருக்கிறீர்கள்… வாழ்த்துகள்…

  7. hahaha..i..lik..the..flm….but..i..hav..a..question . ella pennugalum ippadiyaa..?
    actually..i..don't..think..soo.. een..amma..ippidi..illayei..she is such a nice person. anyway… . funny climx…!!

  8. Kanne kaniye brought me here 😀 😛
    Balaji na and team, super :). My Husband My Friend (subtitle ke subtitle), Surrender aaidu nu sonnona vandha music changeover, fridge kulla irundha oru shot. Anni condition sollum podhu irundha shot ellaam standouts from my eyes. Keep it up and going. Cheers!!!

  9. dai arun naye…..short film nalla irrruku but praktiakl lifla sossaptiye machan………kaiyla mattathe ………pichuduven……

  10. this is really too much girls will not be so dominating and guys will not be so loyal as you showed,dont give such irrelevant messages to youngsters..

  11. deii…. machaaaaan 😀😀😀suuuuperrr semmmaaa film semma acting hero semma handsome yaa l like that

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