Petit Tea Party 2 – Tiny Wedding Cake (You can eat) Mini Sweets

Petit Tea Party 2 – Tiny Wedding Cake (You can eat) Mini Sweets

Coat the mold with vegetable oil. Pour the batter up to the line inside the mold. Get the air bubbles out of the cake batter. Large Medium Small Turntable, Cake stand Turntable Cake stand Whipped cream Spatula Strawberry blueberry Wedding cake cutting ceremony Failed..

100 thoughts on “Petit Tea Party 2 – Tiny Wedding Cake (You can eat) Mini Sweets

  1. Olá eu sou brasileira meu nome é Laura eu adoro assistir seus vídeos quando era criança eu assistia e agora que eu tenho 18 anos eu adoro assistir seus vídeos porque me lembra🇧🇷

  2. I love when you use rements and your other collections in videos. That cake would be right at home in a Twin Peaks wedding.

  3. the little extras you add to the basic toy are always so nice. あなたが追加する小さなエキストラはいつもとても素敵です。

  4. your channel is one of my favorites, since I first knew YouTube, I guess
    love it sooo much!!!
    this video is amazing as always, thank you! ❤️

  5. the editing cracked me up : D when it was speeding up when you were turning the cake X"D

    it would be a great det for all the little girls that like to make tea partis for dolls :>>

  6. イチゴのカッティングに感動🍓ああすれば小さいケーキにも載りますね。

  7. クリーム塗るの上手〜♡几帳面なんですね⁽⁽ ◝(´꒵ `◍)◟ ₎₎入刀の時っケーキがブルンッ!って吹っ飛びやしないかとハラハラしましたよwww 最後の失敗…RR様可愛いっ( ຶཽ ˙̫̮ ຶཽ )♡

  8. If only this were 100x bigger than it’s original size, then it would be perfect for weddings as well. It looks so fucking tasty.

  9. lovely upload as usual! i do wish you would tell us if it tasted good or not, i remember you used to on some videos.

  10. 生クリーム塗るとか器用過ぎる!!★

  11. 型から外す時音下げてる?所とか

  12. this is a very odd and tall cake

    i feel like you could use a toothpick or the spatula to indent the ridges of the medium and large cake, so it doesnt just become a plain ol' round cake 🙂

    or maybe put those tiny edible beads! XD

  13. You're the only channel that I think of when I open the YouTube app. Thank you for this happy video. Your hands look beautiful by the way ❤

  14. Hey RR, how you been? It’s been a while since the last time I’ve visited you, with the last time being early 2016, but I’ve seen you’ve grown! You’ve always been a important staple of my childhood in 2013, and it’s nice to see that you’re still continuing. Stay this way.

    With many thanks….

    – Helen

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