Photoshoot, work outs & putting YOURSELF first | week vlog

Photoshoot, work outs & putting YOURSELF first | week vlog

I don’t do this for every day
that i shoot Instagram photos but my eyes are so tired and i didn’t get a lot of sleep so I
need these today! hi guys happy Monday so here.. are we in
focus good morning I’m bout to go to the gym I
just have a simple sweater on and just some workout leggings I think I’m just
gonna go on the treadmill for a while so this is easy new hair this morning wow I
was thinking to myself that I was like you know what you guys asked for vlog so
I’m gonna vlog my week I’ve been feeling really good so I figured this can be
kind of like a routine healthy day in my life
vlog I’ve already made my water before the gym and my headphones yeah sorry you
don’t have air pots okay don’t hate on me I’m gonna finish this I left out some
frozen pineapple for my smoothie when we come back also I went grocery shopping
the other day and while it was grocery shopping look at my flowers I got aren’t
they beautiful I said this is the best freaking dressing of all time I just
made some brown rice with cilantro and green onion and use this dressing and
whoo oh yeah I don’t know how the the lighting is on this or now should I put
you here I know how this looks but we’re going to the gym again I’m very excited
and I’m just in the mood to go to zzm y’all I finished doing a video today
gonna miss say hi hi mama I finished filming a video and editing
that so that’s uploading and it’s Monday right now and not just until Thursday so
I’m excited because that Tuesday and Thursday then yeah I just need to figure
out what to do for Saturday but now I’m changing and going to the gym and that’s
what my life is right now gym and working in Woking literally but I like
it you know I think it’s good I’m feeling how
being good so that’s all that matters like I can’t talk right now I’ve had so
much coffee hi mama hi cutie good morning you guys so right now it’s
very quiet and hearing it just what does it give you a moment of what like a
peaceful morning looks like baby girls on the couch we have some windows open
so there’s a breeze coming through everything is clean look at my beautiful
flowers it’s just silent in here planned my day out planning videos drinking a
coffee was answering some emails it’s just quiet in here and this is one of
the moments in the day that I appreciate so much because just gives me that sense
of peace everything’s planned out and this moment is so good for Mike my
mental that it’s just a quiet morning it’s really really essential to my day
and then when I’m ready to get the day started that’s what I need music blowing
and everything pumping and loud and noisy and just like going for it all so
you guys so this is on my fridge looks like right now it’s very healthy I have
tons of greens I’ve kale their spinach down here my favorite coffee of all time
I like being humus guacamole I have some rice apples there’s like more veggies
whatever but I just organized this drawer and you know it’s not perfect but
putting things in little containers and having them perfectly organized there’s
green onion in here I have green onion with everything peppers cucumber this is
full of cilantro it just feels so much nicer and cleaner and better and I’m
obsessed with it I’m adding some cayenne pepper nice little detox water it’s so
so good for you it’s basically like a diluted lemon cayenne shot and then once
one is done I do my hot lemon water because that one makes my skin just
absolutely glow and I went back a bit squeeze this in here I do half of a
lemon here we go you guys there have been so many moments where it’s like
eyes like I’m the Energy’s down or I’m hungry or something’s going on where I
feel off and then I realize oh I haven’t had my water and then it’s like I just
eat more or I have more coffee or something and then I still feel off it’s
always like oh wait have I have my water today no you need to drink your water
people it’s so important for you so I’m obsessed with candles and like
setting a vibe so there’s this this is one of my favorite parts of the day
Golden Hour you guys know this if you follow me on Instagram also this photo
was made by lisrel FP on Instagram isn’t it pretty I love
it my parents framed it for me Christmas or two ago and so it just it’s appear I
love it I look just like my god wait this
morning hey we’re back now from the pool read a little I read you can heal your
life this is the book that I talk about constantly it’s my favorite book of all
time I just like to reread it so but now that we’re back from the pool my face
was getting hot in the Sun it’s like cold here right now but when you’re in
the Sun for a while it was like burning my face I was like I’m gonna come inside
and I want a little snack so I’m actually gonna show you guys my green
smoothie that I have and having my green cleansing elixir I love this 22
superfoods and probiotics it’s a pineapple flavor natural body cleanse
immune system support my tablets and support it’s all pure plant-based which
is awesome literally guys look at that list organic apple matcha pineapple
wheatgrass cranberry spirulina acai berry barley grass chlorella parsley
broccoli spinach kale be true alfalfa so basically any good green that you need
is in this I love this I have this a few times a week if not almost daily I’m
obsessed with it you guys know me on my greens it’s my favorite thing so let’s
make this into a smoothie right now oh I start off with some frozen berries and
then we’re gonna dip in here oh my gosh see I’m running low oh hey that smell
good there you go I’m just gonna add water to this just because I want
something light but healthy and giving me the nutrients that I need I shake it
up a little I love this just because it gives me all the greens and the goodies
that I need while still being delicious good little afternoon treat love it
again the skinny MIT cleansing elixir greens it’s literally all greens in here
I will have this linked below if you would like to get your hands on some
this is probably what my second or third bag of it I’m obsessed and after
spending a little time in the sunshine which is me and my mind is always really
nice reading that book coming back healing my body so I filled my my mind
and my body just now my soul I was reading a really positive
book yes it’s these little things that you want to add into your day I’ll show
you guys because today’s a work day for me I actually deleted oh hi do you wanna
play another thing you guys I actually deleted my Instagram and Twitter app
from my phone today while I’ve been filming just because I noticed that
social media is a very big distraction for me even though it’s my job and I do
need to be online I think that it’s very important to use social media with
intention at least for me when it’s my job and I really want to limit my use on
it and just use it for posting and interacting with you guys and replying
to people rather than just scrolling aimlessly because they realize how much
time like passes me by when I do that so actually having those apps deleted today
I have gotten so much work done it’s 3 p.m. right now I went and sat outside
for what 20 minutes just to read the fact that I was able to do that in the
middle of the day was so refreshing where normally it would be like 5
o’clock and since it’s winter it’s already too dark out of it maybe they
can’t go do that today it just felt so nice to be able to get my work done and
have even just about 20 minutes for me even though I know that I’m gonna get
back to work now because such as Who I am it just felt so nice to do something
just for myself and that’s something that I want to get across to you guys in
this video is the importance of taking care of yourself first before anything
in anyone else the only other person that is number 1 X me right now is Ellie
other than that it’s just me and I really really love that and I think it’s
important because when you take care of you first then you are able to take care
of the other people or creatures that you love which is really important so
when you take care of you first and you’re able to be your best self then
you are able to be your best self for others so don’t forget that because I
know I have always been someone that’s kind of a people pleaser and want to put
everyone else before themselves but then I realize I was always leaving myself in
the dust but now that it put me first I realized I’m able to be there for others
on a completely different level that I didn’t know that I
was capable of doing before

23 thoughts on “Photoshoot, work outs & putting YOURSELF first | week vlog

  1. Really needed to hear this, because I’ve had not an amazing start to 2020 and I’ve been blaming myself and beating myself up over it, but I need to just uplift myself and grow from my experiences, so I can then share and reflect on them with others! Seeing this really helped me realize this ❤️

  2. Hey Lyss, I would love to see your workout routine for a video! Unless you've already done one and I've missed it lol

  3. Lovee itt. I really needed to hear all this todayy and your video just.lifted up my energyy! Love you so so so muchh❤. And yes this year is def the one i want to dedicate to building the best version of myself,and getting a positive mindset,you always give me motivation to carry on,love you and thank you❤💞

  4. Yeeeessssss I loved this video!💕💕💕 You’re so positive and inspirational! And a health queen!👸🏼💕

  5. Hello gorgeous! I just want to say that I am SO proud of you! Wow, really freaking proud. You look so healthy and happy! You're literally glowing sis! That makes me happy because you are a sunshine! Really needed! Great vibes to start my week! Love you! Sending love from my beautiful country, Honduras! ❤️ xoxo

  6. I love this video so much! Especially this casual vlog type style 😁 super realistic and fun. Hope you and Ellie are having an amazing weekend

  7. Lyss thank you so much for replying to my comments. When I say you are best youtuber ever I mean it. You are so kind and have good videos and good hair and looks. And you are positive and happy all the time.. I'm so happy I found your channel a while ago and you are the most positive youtuber I ever met on youtube. Lov you lyss ryann 🧡🧡🧡

  8. Hello I’m new to this channel on YouTube it was in my recommendations and I looked at your old vid and then I saw a beanie style that said I watched and then I remembered I watched it but also I wanted to ask what’s the song on the intro on that video? Also imma new sub!

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