Poached Salmon with Ginger and Green Tea

Poached Salmon with Ginger and Green Tea

Hey whats up guys? Danny from Danny Mac’s
kitchen Great to see you as always! I’m really excited
tonight because I’m showing you guys A totally different cooking method
That I have not introduced to you before In this episode I’m going to show
you how to poach a product I know I have shown you guys how
To poach pears in the past but were going to be poaching protein tonight
Especially fish were going to be doing salmon tonight you can do
chicken you know mix and match but I specifically want to show you how
To poach salmon It’s one of the most Delicate ways of actually preparing
A product there is a little bit of A learning curve I’m here for you
To help you guys out but I want to show you And what were going to do is pair it
With this amazing broth thats made with garlic and lots of ginger
Oyster mushrooms tomatoes it goes On and on and on were just gonna
make a crazy awesome presentation and I’m so stoked to show you!
Rockin! Lets do it!
So much fun guys What are we working with today?
Were gonna need some fish stock i’m gonna use about 3 cups you can buy this at
your local supermarket I have some oyster mushrooms here I really wanted to use
Enoki mushrooms but I went to three different stores I can’t find them!
They’re just non exisctent anymore I don’t know whats going on not a big
deal these will work just fine Got some sliced grape tomatoes about
Ten to twelve Were gonna use 1 green tea bag We have some sprouts which were going to
Use for garnish I have some delicious Fresh cilantro chopped up about
a tablespoon tablespoon and a half Two tablespoons chopped ginger
One Tablespoon galic chopped were gonns Use sake about two ounces roughly
Some chili oil and I have this beautiful Salmon filet which is ten ounces
Were gonna be working with a little Chili oil so I want you to get a pan on
Medium medium low heat chili oil has a really high smoke point It’ll tend to like burn
And you don’t want that we do not want that Were gonna cook the garlic and ginger
We don’t want it like brown We just want it sauteed a little bit
So don’t get it really hot If it starts smoking your gonna have
to start over Lets create a rockin broth add the garlic
add all that ginger It’s gonna smell
so fragrant and delicious Look at that wow beautiful
We want to cook this for about 30-45 seconds I don’t want any browning no browning or
Anything associated with this going on I just really want to extract the flavors
From the garlic and the ginger Wow you can really smell that
Oh my God amazing! At this point guys add your mushrooms
I’m using oysters like I said you Can use whatever you want
Get em good and coated toss em We are gonna cook these guys for a minute
and a half Alright guys at this point we are going
to add a little bit of sake about 2 oz. Sake adds a really amazing flavor to it
We want to burn out the alcohol so we are going to cook this for about a minute
All that alcohol has been reduced unfortunately But whatever add the stock about three cups
Fish stock like I said you can buy this at your local supermarket
Bring this up to a boil now all we need to do
is season this up a little bit Add a little salt I’m not adding any additional
Pepper because we used the really spicy chili oil
And I’m going to add the fresh cilantro And really what I want to do with this sauce
is I want to reduce it maybe for 3-4 minutes I just really want the flavors to coalesce
and condense and then we will start poaching So guys at this point were gonna take the
salmon I still have the skin on as you can see
You want to leave this on and I’m gonn tell you why
Because as we are poaching this is very delicate It will fall apart the skin really holds it
together But we are going to remove it at the end
But during the poaching process leave it on So gently press it in the liquid Ok so
you see that were boiling right now that’s not what we want I want you to reduce the
flame tl low Ok because poaching a protein like this basically falls in the range
Of 160 -180 degrees OK so we don’t want boiling We don’t want the fish to fall apart
So Iv’e reduced the flame to low and we Are just going to let it sit here and
We are going to continue basting it With the liquid It’s going to cook really
slowly as you can see it’s already changing color
It’s turning from this beautiful orangish color
To a pale orangish color this is what we want It’s a delicate process like I said
So be patient keep basting it It’s gonna take abou 5 minutes
It’s gonna be the most laky delicious thing Ever I’m tellin you and this broth is so
full of flavor your gonna love it Oops guys I almost forgot
I have the green tea bag here which you want To put in here get it nice and covered
This will also impart a really amazing escence to this broth thats going to
Go with this poached fish It’s gonna be sick your gonna love it!
So it’s really important that you need to Baste this while it’s cooking slowly
Because you need both side to cook And you don’t want it to dry out
So just keep doing that keep the liquid going on top keep it moist
Yeah it’s gonna be awesome So guys were looking at 4 or 5 minutes
I want you to if you have a fish spatula As so use that because look at the holes in
it It’s really gonna release the liquid and
It’s curved to to really allow you to pick the fish up If you don’t have that that’s
fine Use whatever best you have
We are just going to allw this to cool for a second on a cutting board
Allow it too cool for about 30 seconds then We are going to flip it over and remove the
skin Turn off your flame while the fish is cooling
Add teh tomatoes these beautiful vibrant sliced grape tomatoes add the chives
Really mix that around I’m adding them at The end because I want to keep their
color I want to keep their firmness And we are going to let this sit for a
Second as our fish cools And then we are ready for presentaion baby
Now I told you guys I want you to remove the skin
Very carefully turn the fish over And the skin is just going to peel right off
Look at that absolutely amazing You can keep the skin if you want it’s fine
It’s protein it’s delicious For my presentation I’m taking it off
Now I’m going to flip this back over Very carefully and I’m going to start
To flake it apart because I want to make a really nice presentation you see
How it flakes like that into segments Absolutely beautiful look at the color of
That it’s a perfect medium rare this took 4 1/2 minutes to cook absolutely perfect!
So lets plate this up move over to Our plate grab our spatula and move
This over And just start making a little Mound of it really getting a little height
to this presentation I’m going to Start adding a little bit of sauce now
Witht he mushrooms and these beautiful tomatoes Yeah this is gonna be really fantastic
Add the last piece right on top A little bit more of this delicious broth
we have created Right on top Beautiful mushrooms wow so excited
And we are just going to garnish with additional cilantro leaves right around
The plate some chives just hanging out And I have some really great sprouts
That I really want to top off this presentation with It’s gonna look sensational
I’m telling ya look at that how amazing is that!! Enjoy guys!!
So did you guys have fun with this? I certainly did I showed you a new technique
You can do this with fish don’t do this with Like flounder or flat fish because it’s really
just going to break apart Definitely do it with this typ of fish
or Halibut or a steaky knid of fish It’s gonna work really really well
Hope you enjoyed this the flavors came out sbsolutely amazing I was beside myself
when we tasted it Brian and I blown away So stoked always guys experiment
Be your own chef!! Add your own ingredients just don’t go
by what I’m doing if you don’t like Something omit it if you want something
else add it If you want to leave a comment leave a comment I’m always there
to answer your questions enjoyed showing you this presentation and as always if you
liked it give us a thumbs up give us a like give us a shout out on your facebook guys
Thank you so much for watching Till next time Danny from Danny Mac’s Kitchen
Good seeing you!!

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  1. Wow, step aside Four Seasons, this super elegant dish is not only pleasing to the eye but also heart healthy, with delicious mushrooms and green tea👍👍👍

  2. I love the easy recipes that look super impressive for company and you nailed it good job!! I am trying this for supper tomorrow!

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