Powered by Bulb: Talk of Tea

Powered by Bulb: Talk of Tea

My name is Miriam and I am an ex pastry chef,
but now I am a business owner so I stepped up my game a little bit. [Laughs] I have a little business here in Brighton
which is a tea room, we have 50 to 60 different kinds of tea, and I do all of my sweets and
cakes as well as the classic afternoon tea. When you’re on the Brighton seaside you can
see the wind farms so I was like, there is a possibility that I can use renewable energy.
I found Bulb for business and I was like “Argh finally” If I can do one of my main expenses
the right way, why not? We are environmentally conscious, we are not
saviour of the planet but we try to do our part, and the tea is delicious as well [laughs]

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  1. Great to see a business taking ownership of their energy and emissions. Bulb is leading the way with business energy – https://bulb.co.uk/business/

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