Pret Reusable Coffee Cup | Rich Projects

It’s like an emoji in real life. When
tasked with this project I had already been really involved in all the Pret
single-use packaging – including many iterations of their paper cup, so it was
really interesting to look at this reusable incarnation. Being something
that we wanted customers to use again and again, I think the key was to make it timeless. I explored quite a few options that look
to tell the story of Pret’s organic coffee, like we do in shops using
typography and playing around with interest in ways to apply the brand, but
they all seemed overly fussy and something that would quite quickly
show it’s age. For me the Pret cup is already quite iconic, with its red lid, so the
design was really about celebrating its simplicity. And around this word “icon”,
within the world of Pret we use this style of iconography which involves these
simplified shapes that all incorporate a single star and these can be seen on our
website, in print and all around our shops and we
actually already have this cup with the star on it in illustration form so it
was really about bringing this 2D form to life. The final cup is made of this
super sustainable bamboo, which has a really pleasing matte feel to it, and the off-white gives a depth – separating it from the overly glossy plastics. So we’ve got
this iconic form with a red lid finished off with a block red band with
the subtly debossed brand mark that sits directly on top of the star and usefully stops your hands from getting burnt. I like this not shouting the Pret brand,
more subtly whispering it and I think if Pret was symbolized as an emoji, it
would look a little something like this.

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