Raspberry Iced Tea Recipe, Recipe for Raspberry Iced Tea, How to Make Raspberry Tea

Raspberry Iced Tea Recipe, Recipe for Raspberry Iced Tea, How to Make Raspberry Tea

Jan: I am a Southern girl, and as a Southern
girl, we love sweet tea around my house. I’m going to show you how I make a raspberry sweet
tea. This stuff is awesome. Over here, I’ve got about 3 or 4 cups of water;
that’s all you need. Four family-size teabags, and you can get this all over the place, look
for the ones that say they’re specially bended. Over here I have 2 cups of water and 2 cups
of sugar, which is the makings of simple syrup. It’s a 1:1 ratio of sugar and water. I have
1½ cup of raspberries. If you happen to have a good inexpensive source
of fresh raspberries, knock yourself out. Where we live, they’re hideously expensive.
For this, you’re going kick the fire out of them anyways so it doesn’t really matter.
What we’re doing here is making a raspberry simple syrup. I’ve got this on medium heat.
I’m going to bring this up to a boil and I’m going to let it simmer for and probably 5
minutes or so. We’re going to get the raspberries nice and squishy; we’re going to dissolve
all the sugar. Over here, all I’m doing to these teabags is I’m going to bring these
up to a boil and let them sit. I know that’s a lot of tea for that amount of water, but
don’t forget, you got a lot more water over here. Then we’re going to add ice to the whole
thing. Bring this to a boil, cut it off, let it just sit there and steam. Bring this tool
boil; give it 5 minutes. I’ll show you what looks like after that. I brought my teabags tool boil and I let them
come off of the heat immediately, but I let them steep for about 5 minutes or so. You
can see that’s some pretty dark tea. You don’t want to steep any longer than that because
then your tea gets bitter, but you do want a nice strong base for this, and that is.
I don’t know why I poured that through the strainer, but I did. This is what you need
to pour . . . get out of here. This is what you need to pour through the strain. I’ll
start smacking you. That’s what mamas do with wooden spoons. This is our raspberry simple syrup. If you
don’t like tea very, very sweet, cut the sugar in half, cut it down to 1 cup. Like I said
we’re super Southerners, you can get more sugar in there for us, enough sugar in there
for us. Now I’m going to make a mess. This part you do want to strain. Look at the . . . can
you see what’s floating on the top of the liquid? Those are the raspberry seeds. You
really don’t want those in there. They’re not going to hurt you; they might get in your
teeth and drive you nuts. If I had a dental floss sponsor, we could promote the ingestion
of raspberry seeds. Actually, there are a couple of illnesses or conditions where you
don’t want to eat those. Not many. You think you can stand over there and whisper,
and nobody’s going to hear you trying to get my attention? Male: I about ruined your video when I smacked
my hip on the doorknob. Jan: I’m glad you didn’t cuss camera. That
was my oldest trying to let me know he should be commended for not cussing on camera. He
was trying to sneak the laundry in. Male: I smacked my hipbone. Jan: Pardon me. All you do here is run that
through the strainer. You want every last drop of raspberry goodness. You really do
want to work it through. Raspberries are . . . they’re so good. We’re getting down to the . . . it
doesn’t have a whole lot more to give up. Have you fogged up the camera yet? That was
smooth. Give me half a second. Let me do a little cleanup and I will be back. Male: We’re on film. Jan: All right, fine. Thank you. Male: You can cut it out. Jan: Now can I go? Male: Yeah. Jan: Normally, I would tell you to fill the
rest of the container up with ice and stir it, and then you can serve it, except we use
all of the ice a little while ago and I didn’t realize it. We’re down to that much, which
is probably not enough. Anyways, I put cold water in here to bring it up to about a gallon,
because you’re going to end up with a gallon. Normally you would fill it up part with ice.
This is great. Watch this. It’s nice to have relatives two doors down. Normally you would
fill that up with ice. It’s still pretty warm so it’s going to melt our ice. I don’t care
because I’m going to have it anyway. Watch me spill it because I don’t have the lid on.
Yep, that’s all pretty. Child: Can I get that glass? Jan: You might want to make 2 gallons because
it goes pretty fast. That’s how you make raspberry ice tea.

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  1. http://www.ThrillbillyGourmet.com  Raspberry Iced Tea Recipe, Recipe for Raspberry Iced Tea, How to Make Raspberry Iced Tea   As a Southern Girl, sweet tea runs in my veins. This recipe for raspberry iced tea is over the top good. This video shows how to make the real Southern deal – check it out!

  2. I was tired of using raspberry "flavored" tea, and this is my answer!  Going to make a gallon tomorrow and hide it in the back of the refrigerator, behind the veggies, where no one but me can find it!  🙂  So glad Raspberries are in season!!

  3. Raspberry is my favorite flavor for tea. Thank you so much, I can't wait til morning so I can try making a batch for me and my hubby!

  4. Jan…I just discovered your channel and I love it!  I'm marathon watching and can't wait to start cooking (and eating of course) all of these fantastic recipes, thank you!!!

  5. Looks delicious and refreshing!!! Thanks so much for sharing, can't wait to make this tea for myself and family.

  6. I live in Canada so finding Sweet Tea here is impossible since I'm nowhere near the south, so I had to learn how to make it myself. It doesn't last in my fridge. I just made a Regular batch and a raspberry batch.

  7. I do not pour hot liquid in any plastic especially crap plastic from china I use glass all plastics are created equal all are not made for hot liquid

  8. Just made it and I have no regrets. Absolutely love it and the good thing is I’m the only one who likes sweet tea anything .

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