¡Hi Polynesians! Well today we are going to make a challenging very funny that is called “The hands of soda” this challenge is to stick a soda in this way with tape, let’s see paste it, Rafita. It is necessary to entangle it thus in all the hand with the bottle in this part. Let’s see. For my hand, everything is gone. Exactly and we have to do it with both hands, one on this side and the other, obviously on the other … That’s not the best, but both sodas, we have to take them at the same time and it does not have to … Win … you just invented that. Win the least dirty. Lesslie has just invented that. This is how we will take, but I did something to you, brothers so they do not get dirty. Go. I will suffer? I made you some shirts so you do not get dirty. Let’s see, Rafa, I think it’s your size, to see, or those little arms what do you want? I already broke it. Hands up! Like that. Yes, it was your size, I knew it would fit. Let’s see. It’s like a cooking bib. Let’s see your hands up, Lesslie. There it is, put here. Now, now raise them. Raise your arms It looks like a gotcha vest, a little tight, I think I did not buy it from its size, it stayed on tap. Will you help me put it on? I can not. You the biggest protector, we are these bags and she buys herself a super big one. Ay does not go down either. I mean, it’s broken from here … You broke it Oh yes, it hurts, does not it? Yes, it hurts. I kind of squeezed it a lot. Polynesians I am the last one, I need to tie my hands and as we love to complicate our lives, see what we did. In other words, it was not enough for us to have them like that because we said it was very easy, so we had to … as it was not enough with one hand, now the two are tied and who will win? The one that reaches half of the two drinks. Ok, then it will win the one that reaches half of the two sodas. Have you seen my leg? Ok, it starts 1,2,3! No! Ah, I know, I know. If we open our mouths, like this? Waterfall! Show them your waterfall! Wow! Oh, she is an engineer. Let’s see, I’ll do it I’m a graduate, it’ll have to work too. I will teach the Polynesians. Why does not the waterfall come to me? Because you are silly. They moved me! Let’s see there I go, see Polynesians as I do my waterfall. Rafaeeel, just because you can not. I think I already got dirty Why do I try this? Has anyone won? Nobody has finished their halves, I’m missing half of them only. No Yiyo! Do not cheat That’s cheating Do not cheat. Lesslie! For trickster I can not even drink, I’m seeing what they do. There I go, there I go, oh, the soda went to my nose. I’m done, I already have half, both of them! And you did not get dirty! How is that you did not get dirty? How does he do it? Like this. Look at Lesslie and me. That you have not done in to the half. What is happening? it’s an intense, to see That is an intense one. There it is, my technique worked better than that of the engineer this girl. I won already! I won! And well, Polynesians in this challenge Rafa won for his desperation of not being able to make the waterfall, he had to take another method for … is that I did not leave … to achieve it. Who lost? I believe that I. Lesslie lost! Because it’s wetter. He threw himself like that. Very aggressive, it was worth it. If you will do this challenge, I recommend that you wear these clothes that do not help anything. No, it does help you, it did not help me, it got me everywhere. It gets stuck there. Well, but a turtle neck can serve to not get dirty and also put plastic on the floor so it do not get dirty because here we made a mess. And well, Polynesians I hope you liked the challenge this week. Like it for the waterfall and for the bottle sucked by Rafael. I tried and if I got to half I would have done that, yes already accept it works, even if you fill your mouth with gas just like … You can not breathe then it’s good. And see you in the next video Polynesians. Goodbye! I love you! Now tear the shirts. Look! I’m like… Wait, like this, look… Let’s see! Very strong… Oh, I got stuck! I got stuck! my neck!


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