Sagittarius, Aries, Leo Coffee Cup Reading with Celia – May

Sagittarius, Aries, Leo Coffee Cup Reading with Celia – May

Hello my lovelies, it’s Elia Once again with a Marisol on channel and I’m here to do the coffee cup reading Cuban coffee cup reading for my fire signs, Sagittarius, Leo and Aries Let me fix my hold on hold on guys I had to fix My earbud, okay. So Sagittarius Leo Aries, let’s get started. Let’s go so I saw a Few things here. One of them was kind of like, what the heck? Okay, I had a what the heck moment again. So the main thing that I saw was something very nice very nurturing very motherly as in some of you may be pregnant at the moment and the baby is due now in May and you’re thinking about Breastfeeding I saw something very motherly. There’s a woman with dark hair This is her face right here as I’m looking down as a baby right over here This may be an arm, but I see that she may be ready to breastfeed I got the feeling of nurturing motherly and it’s something that you’ve wanted for a very very long time and this baby is coming along big healthy and beautiful so congratulations to any of you fire sign women that are gonna have a baby now or You know err are anticipating a beautiful little human being okay, so I also saw like I saw arrows and the main thing that I thought of here I Saw fire also, but of course it’s coffee grinds and people are gonna be like kind of skeptic sometimes but what I saw was arrows and I thought about the energy of You are Trying to throw that arrow of love per se You got it, and you got it Sorry, you got it, like trying to throw that arrow of love To the one you love. I’m sorry. My allergies start driving me crazy when I start doing readings So you’re shooting this arrow? Of love to somebody I feel like it’s a work situation and that you’re really liking this person And They’re making you feel like this on fire This is really something that you’re even enjoying going to work You love going to work because this person comes along and your heart goes pitter-patter. So that’s cute These are arrows of love that are shooting towards. Let’s see what happens here Which one of you when I throw each card for each individual sign? We’ll see let’s see if one of you have the What is it like the shooting arrows of love? Alright, so then this is the of the other thing that I saw That was kind of like, huh? I felt something Negative here. You see that it looks like an animal it seems like if it’s an animal and they hear the two legs like really low right the body and Then there’s like two arms sticking out. That’s why I was thinking oh my gosh, it looks like a zombie animal and I’m thinking this has to do with dreams you guys you’re having some of you are having strange dreams most probably This mind you is spiritual These are things that have nothing to do with the real world When your spiritual you can grab anything from anything anywhere? alright meaning dark entities will attach to you meaning You may not understand some of the dreams that you’re having It may be so strange that you wake up and you’re like wait a minute Did I just dream about I don’t know maybe zombies or? sasquatch or You never know. You can dream about different things. Trust me. I have dreamt but dreamt about the weirdest thing And I really should have a journal like they say you have a journal next to your bed But who in the world has time to do that? It’s the material world that we live in you know, Madonna Material world you got to wake up hear the alarm wake up and then who has time to write in a journal? and most of those people that do, um they’re not so much on the spiritual world realm I Don’t know. I don’t want to like sound bad, but it’s it’s usually true. You know, those people who are really I Don’t know maybe materialistic. Let’s say like, I don’t know one of these TV reality show people you get what I mean? I hope you get what I mean. I’m not trying to be mean Alrighty, so let’s keep on going. So this one is funny. I saw here Like if it was birds, but look at this one how funny it is and actually today at work. It’s hilarious I’m not a fire sign, but there was a bird that was caught in my job like inside I mean it’s a showroom, but regardless it was caught inside and it would keep on flying around the poor, baby But maybe it does mean something, you know, but regardless it reminded me of Angry Birds this one here. It’s so funny Look, it looks like Angry Birds. It’s hilarious the two little feet there and the other ones are like hiding or perched So, you know but this could be also your spirit animal or it could just be something that you’ve seen Birds a lot of birds flying around they do have a meaning and They’re bringing in some kind of spiritual message So pay attention guys Pay attention. I saw just a few things For you guys. I mean not very bad, but just those dreams Make sure that those dreams if you’re seeing like entities or stuff like that that You know you remember you remember these kinds of dreams and when they’re dreams like that you’re like, whoa What’s going on? You can get scared you can get scared but don’t get scared because those dreams usually They really don’t mean anything. It could be also messages that come in or energies from other people that you have seen during the day and Then they come in to bother you in your sleep. You just have to adjust it off with a little bit of a meditate and a cleansing like with your Cologne whatever you use and a Candle, I’m pray to your spirit guides pray to the universe pray to the God that you believe in. You know, it’s all good It’s all good. And you ask them you ask whoever’s in charge in your face All right, ask them that you do not want those dreams to come in anymore All right guys, so thank you universe Thank You spirit guides. Give me one card for Sagittarius one for Leo and one for Aries Thank you so much. I’m sorry that my hands are in your face guys Hey but This is like a short little stand that I have from my phone All right. So thank you universe. Thank you for giving me the opportunity. Oh, all right. Hold on. Hold on. Is that one? Okay, yeah sad I got it I get it I get it I understand it and then look at the bottom of the deck wow it’s a broken heart because of a king of cups Scorpio cancer Pisces and Yep It resonates it resonates, this is crazy. Okay Leo one for Leo. Thank you universe Thank you. Spirit guides. I’m sorry I’m sorry viewers. Oh My gosh, okay. No other cards fell out so I’ll just cut the deck over here And go from there my love’s Okay, so Leo nine of cups your wishes are coming in they’re going to be fulfilled Whatever wishes you’ve been wanting expecting Desiring manifesting keep on doing it. It’s gonna come in four days. All right Aries you’re working with the king of Pentacles somehow This is the energy that’s coming in now in May and it seems pretty good because I just turned the cards around and ASA cups boom There you go Happiness abundance and love and emotions. It’s overflowing So Wow Aries king of Pentacles Capricorn Virgo and Taurus coming in for you sounds pretty exciting, huh? And This one you’ll get over it Sagittarius Mind you you will get over it. I know exactly what this is nine of cups nine of cups Happiness coming in Leo your wishes are going to be fulfilled. So Stop like stop worrying. Stop worrying about it But you’re very positive usually all the time leo, but just you know, stay in that positive high vibration mood Okay, my love and then king of Pentacles for aries. That’s the energy that’s coming in. This is how I feel This is how I see it Please leave your amazing positive comments below and you can order your reading for only $30 my beautiful fire signs very Economic and you can click on the description box below and then go ahead and order your own Personal reading for the month of May. All right. Let’s see how it’s going for you So, I love you guys. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you

9 thoughts on “Sagittarius, Aries, Leo Coffee Cup Reading with Celia – May

  1. These readings are so interesting. I see the mother kk d of living underneath the tree in the roots and there are other animals with her. There animal is kind of digging away at the trunk of the tree trying to get where she is.

    Sorry for my input, I found the ground to be very intriguing this reading . Thank you

  2. Interesting reading.. somehow it all tied up to my situation in a way. In love, I guess you can say I left a "king of cups" for an "aries" in my work place and "the mom and child" I want kids lol

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